Escape From Waterdeep

When we’re in production on Tabletop, we shoot two episodes a day. Each episode takes around five hours to film, and by the end of the fourth or fifth day in a week, we all get a little silly from sleep deprivation.

Before they leave for the day, we ask all the players to sign a few copies of the game they played. We keep these signed games in a vault at Geek and Sundry, and give them out as prizes, or offer them for select charity auctions.

Last season, when we were shooting Lords of Waterdeep, I went to sign the cover of the game, and thought that the artwork sort of looked like Escape From New York. I was feeling a little silly, so this happened:

Lords of Waterdeep

Escape from Waterdeep

This copy of the game lives in the Geek and Sundry offices, and will remain part of our permanent collection.

Speaking of Tabletop, here’s what’s coming up for the rest of this season. If you own a game shop, you may want to talk to your distributor about getting extra copies of these upcoming games, if you experience what I’m told is called The Tabletop Effect:

  • December 26th – Carcassonne
  • January 9th – Tsuro of the Seas
  • January 23rd – Ticket to Ride Europe
  • February 6th – Fortune and Glory
  • February 20th – Lords of Vegas

Oh! And speaking of Lords of Waterdeep, which is one of my very favourite games of this year, the iOS version is really great.

15 thoughts on “Escape From Waterdeep”

  1. I’m curious what you will be doing with Tsuro, since it was featured on a previous TT. WIll you be doing a different version of the game? Or will i just have to wait and see?

  2. sweet mother of jeebus, just delete that comment. I am at work. with students. helps to read thoroughly. derp. AAAAAAAnywayzzzzzzzzzz can’t wait until it comes out…*slinks away*

  3. Can we assume that Anne will not be allowed near the table for “Ticket to Ride Europe”? Or will this be her chance for redemption?

  4. So, Wil says he never win in TableTop. Well he’s right, but as with most statistics a bit of interesting data shows up
    With 30 games thus far (I’m looking so much forward to the last 5) Wil have won 4 games. That is a 13% victory chance, not exactly pretty numbers, with 4-5 players his victories should atleast be around 20-25% right ;).
    HOWEVER, The two games where there have been a traitor (not counting Resistance), congratulations! Wil have a 100% win rate, as traitor that is. Unfortunately afaik there is no traitors in the following games, so i guess we have to see him on the losers couch again. hehe 😀

    Thanks for a great show Wil, hoping to see another season

    btw if Wil have lost all 5 of the last games he’ll be down to 11% victory chance, Mr Wheaton that’s starting to get embarrassing 😀

    tl:dr Wil are good at roleplaying, not dice rolling.

  5. Every time I walk by the game shelves, I see more and more games in main stream shops that were featured on Tabletop that I NEVER saw there before they were on Tabletop. Tabletop seems to be doing what it set out to accomplish.

  6. I have Fortune and Glory with a web expansion. Love the game planning on getting the new expansion after the new year.

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