it’s a christmas miracle.

Anne loves puns more than anything else in the world. She is so easily amused, she’ll spend hours trying to craft the best pun, and always has something ready for any situation. She’s like the Wayne Gretzky of dad jokes, too.

Being as easily amused as I am*, I’m a great audience for all of her humor, which is delightful for both of us.

She’s also incredibly creative, and loves to make cute, clever things.

Yesterday, she came home from the craft store with a bag of, well, elf parts.

“What are you going to do with a bag of elf parts?” I asked, not sure I wanted to hear the answer.

“You know how people take selfies?” She said.


“Well, if an elf did that, it would be called an elfie, so I’m going to make dioramas of an elf and his friends having a night out, and I’m going to use my cell phone to take pictures of them that he took himself.”

“That’s brilliant,” I said.

“Guess how much this bag of stuff cost?” She said.

I looked at the bag. It was fairly full of elf parts, and it looked like there were some googly eyes, reindeer parts, and a few other Christmas items inside.

“Um … thirty dollars?”

“You’d think so, right? And if it was thirty dollars, you’d think ‘wow, that’s totally worth thirty dollars.'”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking, yes.”

“Well, it was actually …” she paused dramatically, “eight dollars and eleven cents.”

“BAM!” I said. “You you got thirty dollars of elf in an eight dollar bag, is what you’re saying.”


She took the elf parts out of the bag, and got to work assembling them. A little while later, she brought an assembled elf into my office to show it to me.

“So I can put his little hand out like this,” she demonstrated, “and hold the camera out like this,” she held it up, “and it totally looks like he’s taking an elfie.”

“That’s rad,” I said.

I didn’t see her for close to four hours while she built more figures, set up construction paper for a backdrop, and took about a dozen elfies.

When she was all finished, she put them on her blog in a gallery that I think you will find as delightful as I did.

anne wheaton's elfie

You can see the whole set at her blog. Happy Christmas Eve!


*(again, kids, being easily amused is the best because when you are easily amused, it is easy to amuse you.)

14 thoughts on “it’s a christmas miracle.”

  1. Know how to catch a polar bear ?

    Cut a hole in the ice.
    Put peas all around the hole.
    When the polar bear goes over to take a pea,
    kick him right in the ice hole.


    Now, you have a very punny dad joke to tell her. 😉
    That one is courtesy of my dad.

  2. Those were brilliant. I never knew Anne was so into the Puns, its a shame you didn’t make it to the party in Tulsa, Thor is extremely Punny and the cheesier the better. Merry Christmas to you and Anne and the boys. Love Neph

  3. I have read your blog for years and have commented maybe once or twice. Today I had to take the time to thank you. Not only do you share the wonderful moments of your life with us, you always mange to remind me of how lucky I am as well. You inspire me to really look at my life and be grateful for my family and the small terrific things that happen every day. I am truly grateful. I wish you and your family all the best this Christmas and I will have a drink to you tomorrow.


  4. “O holy night, the stars are brightly shining,
    It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth.”

    To you, Anne and the boys, merry Christmas,
    live long and prosper. \\ // _

  5. I love your wife. I’ve not yet met her, but nevertheless, I have a deep and abiding long-distance love.

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