Marian Call’s new album is out!

My friend Marian has released her new album, Sketchbook!

This is a collection of new songs from Marian Call — and it comes from the heart, from home, from the road. These are not fancy polished studio tracks, they are simple, clean, imperfect, transparent, all about the music and the words. ‘Sketchbook’ is very small and focused in scope, deep like diving.

The songs are about love, lightning, time, birds, and hope.

This album was recorded all across the country, mostly in homes, in the bedrooms of friends, neighbors, and house concert hosts — people who probably never anticipated that they would be producing part of an album in the back room for a wandering musician.

Sometimes the art comes and seizes you and shakes you and demands to be let out. So you let it out. “Sketchbook” is a collection of little sketches from the road, pieces that would not wait any longer, pieces that have blessed me and left me raw from the honesty. I’ve ripped pages from my journal because I thought you needed to see them.

I hope you enjoy these songs, I hope the simplicity is refreshing, I hope one of them speaks to you sometime when you need it.

Remember — you can make music and art anywhere, anytime. Just do it.

Give it a listen, and then give her your money so she keeps making records:

And while you’re at Bandcamp, you can download the first chapter of the audio version of Just A Geek for the low price of free! Yay!

7 thoughts on “Marian Call’s new album is out!”

    1. It’s likely, Tara…according to my dad’s research, nearly everyone in the US with that last name has a single common ancestor dating back to the mid-1600s. Go figure!

  1. I am so proud to have helped arrange Marian’s house concert in Maine during the Fifty States Tour, back before I moved back to Texas. I love that woman! Her spirit amazes me. Plus, she recognized one of my more esoteric yet most favorite cosplays. Gotta love that. :)

    And yes, so much love for her music, too.

  2. I read that title fast and thought it said “Mariah Carey”. So I thought, meh. Then I read it again. Woot!

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