Save the wave from The Reckoning!

I really love this shirt that I helped design, which is at shirt.woot:

the great game by wil wheaton

I’ve wanted to do something like this, which combines the Great Wave of Kanagawa with gaming, and I was super excited when the artists at shirt.woot helped take the idea I had in my head and make it a thing you can wear.


It’s currently #16 in The Reckoning at shirt.woot. This means that it’s likely going to go live on a farm upstate where it can play in a field with other T-shirts.


Unless it sells more before Monday, and climbs back up the pack to a single digit ranking, where it’ll be safe for at least a few weeks.


If you’re interested in having this design on a t-shirt, a hoodie, or a tote bag, this may be your last chance to get it, before it is swept away by a great wave of reckoning.


I’m not sure why I thought I needed to do bold slug lines in this post. It probably has something to do with the coffee in my otherwise empty stomach.

10 thoughts on “Save the wave from The Reckoning!”

  1. When I saw the headline, I thought Wil was going to perform ancient demonic, afterlife rituals on a Bacon Wave. Was I the only one?

  2. If this worked I now own this shirt. I will pack it in my suitcase to take on the JoCo Cruise in February. Wil, will you be there to see me wear it?

  3. I want to buy the tote, but can’t seem to find it on the site. :(

    I bought the journal during the woot! Wil Wheaton sale. 😀

  4. I’d like to both thank and curse you for this! Forced me to buy myself something right before Christmas. 😛

  5. Mine’s already on the way… ordered it instantly when you first posted it (LOVE the design). Just waiting for woot’s delivery to get through Canadian customs at Christmas time… a daunting task! :)

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