the friendship web

I loved the recent Big Bang Theory where everyone imagined what their lives would be like without Sheldon.

I was completely surprised to see that I was on the friendship web that Amy made, though, and when this came up on the screen, there was much rejoicing and squeeing in Castle Wheaton.

Wil Wheaton Big Bang Theory Friendship Web Big Bang Theory Friendship Webclose Wil Wheaton Big Bang Theory Friendship Web

I’m such a lucky human, I can’t even

16 thoughts on “the friendship web”

  1. I noticed two things when I first saw the chart; 1) You (and Brent) are on it, which is awesome. 2) Stuart is a pretty big deal! You’re one of his SIX connections, the most connections of anyone we can see on the chart. #TeamStuart

  2. So I am catching up on all things Wil Wheaton. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me in my old age. I mean, mid 40’s, eyesight going, etc., etc. I see things moving on this site.

    So Wil, what’s up with the little white dots on your site?

  3. The most interesting part is that all other names except Brent Spiner are only fictional characters – you’re there with your real name :)

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