interlude: from a family dinner

Ryan and Nolan came over for dinner last night, and for the first time in far too long, I ate dinner with my entire family.

While we sat at the table and ate, Anne told us that she is thinking about getting a Mini Countryman when she pays off her Cooper S.

“I like the way it handles, and I like the extra space that it has. It sort of feels like my Mini, but there’s just more room inside,” She said.

I said, “Oh! So that means that maybe I can get the little two-seater Mini when my lease is up?”

“Isn’t that a mid-life crisis car?” Ryan said.

“No,” I said, “A mid-life crisis car is something you buy so you can drive around and try to pick up twenty year-old girls.”

Without missing a beat, Nolan said, “Oh! Can I have a mid-life crisis car? That sounds like something I could use.”

He’s twenty-two, and clearly has my sense of humor.


8 thoughts on “interlude: from a family dinner”

  1. I thought they were still kids, and for one troubling minute thought you guys had split up and were living in separate households :(. Glad to hear all is well in Wheatonville!

  2. My son’s response on who he get’s his height from has always been “the mailman, because the milkman was short”. It started when he was 12 – and 6’4″. I dunno exactly where he gets gets his sense of humour from! *whistles as I aimlessly wander away*

  3. Ohhhh, you walked right into that one! On another note, didn’t the Scalzi’s get a Mini Countryman?

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