i forget the secret knock

I’m pretty busy with a few projects that I can’t talk about, including two Really Awesome Things that I’m dying to announce.

My little pocket notebook is filling up with words that I hope will get assembled into something here when I slow down a little bit, so I’m still writing every day, just not in public.

And now I want to share something really neat, before I get back to work:

Stand by Me 1986 ( FILMING LOCATION ) from Herve Attia on Vimeo.

This was shared with me by a reader, who notes that this guy makes lots of videos showing the current state of classic film locations. I doubt you’ll have the same emotional reaction to it that I did, but still think you’ll dig it.

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  1. That’s pretty cool to see before and after… I forgot how that movie actually made me feel until reliving it now.

    Time to get my kids together and watch it again – for the first time.

  2. Oh wow. That was excellent. And the music made me choke up a bit.

    I have to confess to being rather curious as to your thoughts and memories for the different locations.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure it didn’t evoke the same emotion in me as it did in you, but I may have a little dust in my eyes.

    I grew up watching Stand By Me. To this day it remains one of my top 10 movies.


  4. I cannot begin to express what that film (and book) have meant to me and continue to mean to me. While I’m sure my emotional reaction was nothing like yours, I definitely had an intense reaction. No words…

  5. Heh. I’d forgotten that line. “You could be a real writer one day, Gordy.” “F writing! I don’t want to be a writer! It’s stupid! Just a stupid waste of time!” Oddly prescient for your real life.

  6. Wow. Very cool. I’m sure it doesn’t mean nearly what it does to you as it does to me, but it certainly takes me back. I love the Movie Stand By Me. I’m thinking it’s time to rent it for the kids :)

  7. If by “emotional reaction” you mean “bawled through the whole thing, blew my nose several times, and was openly sobbing by the end”, then, yeah, you weren’t alone.

    My mom introduced me to Stand By Me when I was a kid. It was one of our favorite movies. She’s been gone over a year now, but I miss her every day.

  8. “Stand by Me” spoke to me when I read it as King’s short story “The Body,” but the movie, oh the movie, was like an emotional gut-shot. I was one of 4 BFFs (girls). I was the quiet writer. I was closest to the “leader.” We stayed friends while the 4 of us drifted apart. It was like my life on film.

  9. Thought it was great Wil. I know it has to make you feel old but it makes me feel ancient!! Thanks for sharing!! Rick Waters

  10. I had a very emotional response coming from several different places. First, there’s the obvious “Stand By Me” response that so many have mentioned here. Second, as a film fanatic/addict. Thirdly, and most strongly, as someone who admires and appreciates great passion. The person who made this video (and apparently many similar ones) certainly exemplifies great passion. I love it when someone brings something like this person’s passion to my attention. Thanks for sharing this share, Mr. Wheaton. It’s one of the reasons I follow you.

  11. Thank you for sharing that. Even though I grew up not far from where that was shot, I’ve never tried to walk the path in the movie – very cool to see that long stretches of it are still available for movie fans or just people who want to be outside. I can’t imagine what that’s like for you to see the places where you spent so much time, and to see River, yourself, and the rest of the cast as you were at the time. Truly an exceptional movie, from the story to the cast to the setting, and I am always glad to have a reason to revisit it.

  12. I am certain my reactions are different than yours, but each scene has a memory to me from watching it on my own to with friends and then my kids . I identified with the idea of the friends, I had my own group in a similar town but far away from there. What a wonderful thing to relive for you and see how this movie has effected yet another creative person!

  13. Thank you for sharing that. Now, I need to go find who’s cutting onions in here this early in the morning. And then share this with my 2 best friends from when we were 13 and this was our favorite movie ever.
    All the feels, Wil, all the feels.

  14. I had a pretty visceral reaction to the video. Stand by me was one of my favorite movies growing up. I wonder if this guy did a Goonies version.

  15. Wil,

    I would like to thank you first for sharing this video on your site. I would not have see this video otherwise. Watching this video was very emotional for me so I can only imagine who watching this video would have affected you. I watched this movie for the first time 2 or 3 years after it released when it first broadcast on one of the major broadcast channels. I’m only 2 years younger than you are so watching this moving was like living through the experiences with you. Of course living in a small community may have help immerse in the world along side you.

    So again thank you for bringing back all of those emotions. As Jasonth stated its about time I set down with my children and experience this wonderful movie for the first time, again.


  16. It still amazes me to this day just how perfect the roles were cast for this movie. Whoever put this video together did an outstanding job with it. Even after all these years, I still want to kick Kiefer’s ass for taking the hat….lol

  17. Best Movie Ever!! Sad to see the changes, then again nothing last forever. I have seen Herve’s other Now and Then film’s, he does a wonderful job putting you the viewer right there. You should be proud to be apart of that project. It has touched so many including myself. I’m honored to live during this time.

  18. Thank you for sharing. My grandmother lives in Crawfordsville so we drive through the area all the time. I may or may not have teared up a bit while watching this. So many memories!

  19. That was awesome. Very well done. It’s interesting how it feels watching it from an adult perspective… yet still remembering it from when I was a young one, the juxtaposition & whatnot. I can only imagine it is even more so for you, Wil! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Can’t wait to hear what you are bursting to tell us. :-)

  20. I’m very glad that Herve got excited and made something. This is super cool. I’m impressed by how much is the same, though of course things have changed, too. And yes, I, too, got something in my eyes. I’m blaming it on the very, very long night at work. 😉

    Oh, and I’m tickled to see a spay/neuter clinic making an appearance, given your support for that sort of thing.

    Finally, oh, look, wabbit! A log-in button to let you use your WordPress account here, like before. Why don’t you use that? *facepalm*

    Thanks for sharing, Herve, reader, and Wil. I enjoyed this.

  21. Hello Will, I just found this page today, and just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I have enjoyed work. I still watch reruns of Star Trek that you played in. I also enjoyed you very much in Stand By Me. I lived in Brownsville and grew up there and get back there when ever I can. Hope you continue your acting career with much success ! A life long fan !

  22. Wil,

    That was really cool!

    There are truly only 2 movies that, in one way or another, “hit home” with me — Stand By Me and The War (Kevin Costner, Elijah Wood). To this day, I look forward to when my son gets old enough so that we could enjoy these movies together.

    Anyhow, I wanted to simply say “Thank you for sharing this.”

  23. wil i just thought i’d share with you i’m Not sure if you saw the News Report From isla Vista we had a Little Riot Here they used Tear Gas and Flash Bangs you can see it on keyt News check it out.

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