If you wanted to get your hands on some of my #homebrew, well, now you can.

Wil Wheaton joins Northern Brewer

I’m super excited to announce this today, because it’s one of those things that’s been in the works for almost a year, but I had to keep secret.

I’ve partnered with Northern Brewer to design and release some homebrew recipe kits this year (and hopefully beyond, if people like them enough). I don’t get into business partnerships with just anyone, but I’ve been a fan and customer of Northern Brewer for almost two years, and I am delighted to partner with them because they have high quality ingredients, incredible customer service, and genuinely love the homebrewing community.

Some of the marketing language in the announcement is a little much (I don’t think I’m a master brewer, yet), but I love how excited and enthusiastic everyone at Northern Brewer is to work together with me.

Our first kit is the #VandalEyesPA that I designed for my wife,  about a year ago. It’s a big IPA with lots of hops aroma, but a big caramel malt backbone to balance it out. Think of it as an IPA that drinks like a double IPA, I guess. It’s available in extract and all-grain versions.

As the year goes on, I’ll release more kits. I’m thinking about doing a sage saison, a coffee stout, a nice pale ale, and maybe a #w00tstout clone.

I’ll be blogging about my homebrewing adventures at devilsgatebrewing.com, and when you make these for yourself, you can even check in on Untappd because I’ve been entering Devil’s Gate brews there since I started almost three years ago.

20 thoughts on “If you wanted to get your hands on some of my #homebrew, well, now you can.”

  1. Oh jeez! We’ve been wanting to try our hand at home brewing, and I feel like this is the perfect motivator for that! I am so excited for this and future kits.

  2. Awesome! I live 15-20 minutes from the Northern Brewer stores in MN. Any chance you will be coming to either of the stores?

  3. I live 15-20 minutes from the Northern Brewer stores in MN. Any chance you will be visiting either of the stores in MN?

  4. Congratulations on your new brewing venture! I was wondering if you’ve ever tried brewing your own mead (i.e., honey wine) or possibly hard cider, Both of these have a LOT of history behind them, and I really think you’d find it worth your time to try them out! Take care!

  5. Pretty freaking awesome! My question is why don’t you start your own Brewery? Not many in LA. I am on vacation here and you need to start a brewery.

  6. This is great!! I have been neglecting making a new brew for a long time but i just put in my order for the kit. I can’t clearly express how exciting I am to drink some of this and play Ticket to Ride.

    1. Excellent! I’ve ordered the kit, and when it’s finished I plan on putting it on tap in the Client Lounge at my office — we do celebrity endorsement deals for our advertising clients, so as a joke I have celebs fake-endorse my beer on the tap handle. This month it’s Willford Brimley “Drink your damn Oatmeal Stout”. Next month you. When it goes on tap I’ll invite you out for a drink to our office in Woodland Hills.

  7. This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to get in to homebrewing for a while but space and $$ considerations are a limitation. In the mean time, is the beer itself available for purchase? Because it sounds epic.

  8. When can we expect a BrewingTV episode with you and the guys brewing up a batch? That would be an instant classic! See if you can get John Palmer to join you!

      1. That is awesome! Their brew equipment is soooo nice, you’re not going to want to go back to the Denny Conn blue cooler mash tun and the patio fryer boil set-up.

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