I’m coming soon to a TV near you

At MegaCon, I announced that I’ve been developing a television show that I host, write, and produce. Here’s a little bit more about that show.

I can’t say which network it will be on, but the network picked us up for 12 episodes, and we’ll start airing in May. If everything goes according to plan, and they make a full order, I’ll be on your television almost every week for the rest of the year. This show is really funny, and I can’t wait to get permission from the network to talk about it in more detail. I heard today, though, that the network plans to make a formal announcement next week sometime.

Wednesday, I met with my entire staff of writers and producers, and I was blown away by the talent and brilliance of the team I’m going to be working with for the next three months (and hopefully the next few years). I wish I could talk about this in more detail, but until I get the go-ahead from the network, know this: For at least 12 weeks this summer, I’ll be coming into your home to share some funny and awesome stuff with you, and I’m really super excited for you to share the experience with me.

102 thoughts on “I’m coming soon to a TV near you”

  1. Fuck and yes! The world needs more Wheaton :)

    Congratz dude!!! You have done a lot for me without even knowing it. Encouraging me to find some official chemical help and recommending badass games to play with my friends. You can count on me watching this show every week.

  2. So I guess that means you won’t be in _Redshirts_? (Because I was kind of hoping you’d play “Wil Wheaton” in that. Which, now that I think of it, could mean that it could be in the same universe as _The Big Bang Theory_.)

  3. So cool! Since getting to see you on BBT I’ve hoped this would happen. Get the word out everyone so we can get the ratings up to keep Wil on the air.

  4. Congrats, Will! Can’t wait to hear more!

    (Hopefully it will make its way to other countries…? I’m in NZ.)

  5. I am glad for you, but at the same time I’m kinda cheesed off I probably won’t get to see it over here in europe anyway… :-(

  6. Congratulations! Am I right to be worried that this means Tabletop won’t be coming back? It’s just that Tabletop managed to bring my family together without arguments, for once.

  7. That’s awesome news! I can’t wait to watch the show and see wht it’s all about. I know it will be great!

  8. Congrats, Wil!!! I first saw you on BBT and have become a huge fan (Maybe, if I cut the daily chocolate from my diet….) But, no one deserves this recognition more than you. I can’t wait for all the details! If there was ever a convincing reason to get me to start watching TV (other than BBT, which I watch online) again, your new show Wil do that.

    (I’m also eagerly waiting for the BBT you did a couple of weeks ago to air.)

  9. So, are you going to be too busy for Phoenix Comicon this year? Cuz…you know…we’ll have to cancel it. Seriously, congratulations. (But, really, are you going to be at Phoenix Comicon?)

  10. “I’ll be coming into your home to share some funny and awesome stuff with you…”
    America’s Funniest Home Videos?

  11. w0000000t!

    More double-W on the air… if my viewing habits would count even a bit to the TV producers, I’d support you with enthusiastically tuning in every run and re-run even deep in the night or in the dawn of time… erm… dawn of the new day…

    But unfortunately that privilege falls exclusively to the US customers, all the other people around the world don’t count (for the TV studios). So… US citizens, illegal aliens, legal aliens… if you’re near a TV and Wil’s show is running… turn the TV on! Skip the boring channels and watch the bearded master’s genius unfold! Keep that show running, so the whole world will one day participate in the ideas spawned from The Geek’s mind.

    I’m a selfish bastard, I want to be able to watch this here in Germany, maybe in 5-10 years when our studios here are out of dumb reality shows (please, o Lord, make it happen! PLEASE!)

    1. I made sure that this wouldn’t interfere with Tabletop in any way, so if we can secure the funding we need for Season 3, it will still happen this year!

      1. Any chance you will also still be able to fit in an occasional BBT guest appearance? (i hope!) Sheldon would miss you, now that you are friends.

  12. Brilliant!! That you are making time for Tabletop even more Brilliant!! Good luck with this new project my family and I will be looking for it. Go fourth and Create!
    Oh yeah, for the love of Grabthars Hammer will you play 7 Wonders in Season 3?

  13. Oops.. Not fourth as in you should go first, second,… and so on. I meant forth as in to go onward and outward. Auto correct stupid piece of shoot!

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