I just love this picture of Seamus

While I was making breakfast this morning, Seamus was trying very hard to convince me that I should let him have bacon.

I can has bacon?
I can has bacon?

I really like the way this shot turned out. I just held my camera out, fired a few frames, and got lucky.


30 thoughts on “I just love this picture of Seamus”

    1. ^ THIS…
      I need to know if this “worked” for him…was Seamus successful in obtaining bacon?
      (His name is very Pink Floydian…)

  1. I find the empty dog bowl in the background adds to poor Seamus’s drama. Of course I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full dog bowl, well not for more than a few microseconds anyway.

  2. Love that photo! We just adopted a dog, and I understand your wanting to wait until Marlowe really became part of the family. We’ll introduce her to the public in a few months.

  3. This morning my “doggy” Henry was looking at me like “What? You’re up? Are you CRAZY? It’s not even double-digits yet, go to sleep, stupid human!”
    He’s an “ancient” Rottweiler and he loves his naps between the REM phases :)

  4. Oh Seamus you are a cutie patootie! You’ll get your bacon someday. One day your dad or mom will just not be able to resist the cuteness that is you.
    Nice photo.

  5. I get that face along with some talking. She’s very serious in her talking as well, as though she’s trying to logically explain why I’m being mean by withholding the human food.

  6. Wil, I know this is not the place but I have been curios about you for many years. You and Ben Afleck (Voyage of the Mimi) are of my two favorite young people, as a parent and as a science teacher. After you went with the Travelor, I had anticipated a wonderful, futuristic new series continuing the prime directive, being technologically creative and constantly intriguing. . I had hoped Ben would get a degree. I am happy for your and the peace you many have found, but disappointed personally being of the same faith, as Jesus, who’s Bible was exclusively The Old Testament. If one truly is a follower, they are Conservative devout Jews. The problem lies with individual man’s general inability to follow concepts but needing a human figure like Jesus, a king, a president etc. Other’s are running from guilt. That is just my opinion. I am glad to see you are back in the limelight. Best of luck and wishesfor great success in your new ventures.
    Carl H Trachtenberg
    Did you know there are hundreds of children living in downtown Miami, who’s homes have not had electric for years?(not going to get reconnected till the bills are paid. Just an idea for a cause where there is real need.

  7. I’m convinced that all dogs develop this face towards their owners. The three previous dogs in my life all gave me this look, a mixture of hope, anxiousness and question.
    The rescue dog we got in January has begun to do this. It’s actually an honour to be a target of her begging – it means she’s home.
    And everything is better with bacon.

    1. Falcon heart punched…”The rescue dog we got in January has begun to do this. It’s actually an honour to be a target of her begging – it means she’s home.”…………………………………………………………………………….
      What are these feels I am feeling?
      Heaps of good things upon you for being a rescuer.

  8. Gee, does this mean you are no longer vegan/vegetarian? (can’t remember which) I hope you’re not eating pork of all things!

    I’ve really been enjoying your blog Wil, and great to see you doing so well! You deserve it space kiddo.

    1. Hey Wil-

      Dog is adorable, let him have the bacon.
      With that face, he has EARNED IT.
      Also, am I off “perma banned status” because I am able to post this?
      I’m good, I swear!

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