GABBO — i mean tabletopday — IS COMING!

Tomorrow is the second annual International Tabletop Day! It’s TableTop Day 2: The Tabeleoppening Return of the Gamers Tabletop Harder Electric Boogaloo!

As I write this, our fellow gamers in those parts of the world where it’s already tomorrow are playing more games, and I’m so excited to join them when we finally catch up, here in California.

There are thousands of events all over the world, and you can find one close to you by going to Also, if you’re able to attend an event at one of the friendly local game shops who have partnered with us, you’ll have a chance to get some truly epic limited edition expansions to some of our favorite tabletop games.

If you’re going to be playing games at home, or you’re stuck at work and still want to get in on the action, you can watch our livestream, which begins at noon Pacific time, and you can follow the #TableTopDay hashtag on Twitter, for cool pictures and stories and big news all about Tabletop.

Also, I would love it if you would share your stories and pictures to the Tabletop Tumblr I run, As Seen On TableTop, so I can share your games with the world.

Also also, if you want to tell me what you’re planning to play tomorrow, or let me know what games you’d like to see on future episodes of Tabletop, use the comments here, for great justice.

52 thoughts on “GABBO — i mean tabletopday — IS COMING!”

  1. Hey Wil Wheaton, long time Wil Wheaton fan here. Also long time fan of Arkham Horror, which I think would be a splendiferous game for a 2-part season finale, like Dragon Age was. Also I’ve been hoping to see 7 Wonders make an appearance on the show!

  2. We will be playing Ticket to Ride, DC Universe Deck Builder and Risk:Legacy and drinking good Boulevard beer hear in KC.

  3. Looking forward to hosting a TableTop Day at my place tomorrow, Wil. Here is the confirmed line-up:

    Betrayal at the House on the Hill
    Dice Town / Take a Gamble

    We’re also talking about:

    Axis and Allies
    Arkham Horror

  4. On tap for us is some combo of Fluxx, MTG, Eldritch Horror, The Doom that Came to Atlantic City if my FLGS gets it in tonight, and possibly Wrath of Ashardalon.

  5. definitely Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, and possibly Munchkin. Depending on the attention span of kids, maybe a few smaller games mixed in. But those are family favorites.

  6. Hey Will, I am stupid excited too. Being working weeks on my event here. Being fabricating a Giant Carcassonne. It is done and stupid cool if I can say so myself. Cant wait for people to play. Tommorrow is going to be a great day. Thanks for all you and Geekand Sundry do to make this big day. I will be in bed tonight with visions of boardgames and meeples dancing in my anticipation of what the next day brings. We will be streaming your event broadcast on a wall at our event. Lookin to catch some derps okay?
    Piece and Board games, Dave

  7. I totally lost track of this! It’s been a while since we’ve played Ticket to Ride, so maybe we’ll pull that out. My wife and I were also talking about introducing the kids to Guillotine (I think their reading skills are up to the challenge). If you haven’t seen it, imagine the cheekiness of Munchkin in a card game based on lopping off people’s heads =)

  8. I’d love to see you show Mind Your Marbles and/or Balderdash. My wife and I found Mind Your Marbles at a place called “Marbles – The Brain Store”, and it’s became a fast favorite of ours.

  9. Hi Wil,

    Dragon’s Hoard Games & Collectibles in Silverdale, Washington, here. Tomorrow we’ll have all sorts of games ranging from Boss Monster to Love Letters, Rivet Wars to STAR WARS X-Wing Minatures. And, and, and!

    Looking forward to sharing some pictures with you.

  10. We’ll be playing Ticket To Ride and Mice and Mystics. Got my Trophy of Awesome Standee ready to present to my wife when she beats me.

    Would love to see Killer Bunnies on the show.

  11. Hi! Didn’t even realize it would be Tabletop Day tomorrow, but coincidentally had a tabletop day planned anyways. Going to be playing Mansions Of Madness (which I’d love to see on your show), also 7 Wonders, possibly Dominion, probably some Zombie Dice, maybe a little Fluxx, etc, etc…

  12. I have Word Yahtzee and Scrabble. that’s it. since my kids and grandkids have grown up, not much board game action goin’ on.

  13. I am super excited for tomorrow. I’ve been working with my local comic shop owner to create a schedule for people to find others to play specific games with, and we didn’t have a schedule last year, so we’re hoping this is going to make it easier for people who want to play a specific game to find others who want to play that game too. Of course we’re still going to have free-for-all gaming everywhere ;D We are featuring a lot of the games seen on TableTop, like The Resistance, Ticket to Ride, Tsuro, Pandemic, Carcassonne, Takenoko, and we’re even having a King of Tokyo tournament.

    I really love Quarriors!, and I think it would make a pretty fun game for you to feature on TableTop.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  14. We’ll be playing Last Night On Earth, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Love Letters, and Cards Against Humanity, and our gracious hosts, Tricia and Nate, have asked everyone to bring some non-perishable goods to donate to our local food bank, this combining a night of awesome games and friends with a chance to help out our community. I think that means we are all winners, no matter how the games play out.

    Big love to you from a group of gamers here in Kansas City!

  15. Hey Wil,

    Just put two and two together and figured out that my best friend’s leaving do (he is moving to Ireland to be with his wife) is tomorrow and he is, compleatly by coincidence, holding a board game get together to say good bye. Not sure what I’ll be playing (the plan is to set aside sunday for twilight imperium) but I think cosmic encouters and battlestar galactica will be played. I hope you don’t mind if we imagine that the entire world is joining us for the leaving do? Having thousands of people saying farewell would be cool……

  16. Oooh, the last time I checked the TableTopDay website, the nearest event to me was something like a 2.5 hour drive. I see that it has been updated with many, many more locations near me – and it turns out that there is a GAMERS CLUB in my town that I didn’t even know about. What the everloving hell, best day ever.

  17. Good day, sir. Tomorrow we will be playing whatever the players choose. Were it up to me we will play Euphoria and Tales of the Arabian Nights and sometime today I will be taking receipt of the Ticket to Ride Asia map pack just in case my TtR nemesis says, “oh, lets play and I will crush you with my northern route.”

    As to next season I would love to see a game of Tales of the Arabian Nights, specifically with any of your friends that are really good at the facepalm, as that seems to happen to each player, at least once every other turn.

    Cheers and have fun tomorrow. (and good luck with the show)

  18. No time for boardgaming today, but last night’s Eldritch Horror was tense and exciting as usual. We were about to win by a long shot, then were suddenly losing when we got hit for 6 doom off a single Mythos card, then squeaked through on the Final Mystery. Great stuff.

  19. We are having 30-40 people over – a little nervous about coordinating games for that many. The kids are going to be playing Munchkin, King of Tokyo, and Rampage. The grownups are going to be playing… everything?

  20. We’re going to try to make it to our local gaming store (since our gaming friends are celebrating their wedding anniversary this weekend)… But if we can’t make it, do you have any recommendations for two-player games? Thanks!

  21. Two friends are coming over to my house and we will play Nations and hopefully Madeira. Really depends how long Nations will be with four players. So far I only played it with my wife.

  22. We had to cancel our party (injured – and now recovering – dog is on kennel rest and isn’t really up for 15+ visitors yet), so we’re going to hit up a FLGS and maybe a friend’s house. I am hoping to play King of Tokyo and the Firefly game and at least one new game. . . and reschedule a belated event at our house for next month. :)

    And if we do not leave the house, my husband and I will play some games together and enjoy the livestream.

  23. My four children LOVE watching TableTop so much that last year we had a board-game Christmas :) We have registered our official event for tomorrow and will be playing Tsuro of the Seas, Catan, Zombie Dice, Alahabra, Pathfinders rpg, Ticket to Ride and many others at our family business, Merritt’s Bakery, in Tulsa, OK. (

  24. Just me and my son tomorrow (wife and daughter out of town), but we will be playing Ticket to Ride, Zombie Dice, and maybe Settlers of Catan. If I am feeling inspired, I might have to Anne Wheaton the TTR board…still BY FAR my favorite TableTop moment! The look on her face when she realized what she had done is priceless! 😉

  25. I plan on going to GAME NIGHT GAMES here in Salt Lake City, Utah! (Yes, people do more than go to church and oppress gay people here.) I’m having my 2 friends take me, so they’ll get to see the awesomeness for themselves, too!

  26. I had planned on going to my local gaming café (THIRSTY MEEPLES in Oxford) but my pet guinea pig got sick and I had to take her to the doctors.
    So instead im playing some single player games and she is watching over and giving me advice.
    So even a sick guinea pig can PLAY MORE GAMES.

  27. I apologize if the apparent partnership with Amazon’s deal of the day was not willing, but if it was, and I’m assuming it is since they’re using your logos, I am sorely disappointed. You encourage people to go out to friendly local game stores and play for free, getting promos that the store has to pay for, and then encouraging them to not buy from said store, but from Amazon instead since the discounts are way too good for any store to match. It seems like a real slap in the face for small business owners.

    In any case, I will be playing Krosmaster and 7 Wonders, hopefully.

  28. We played Life here at home, but also discovered a game shop near us that does a family gaming day once a month, so hoping to check that out sometime soon!

  29. My husbandwife and I played Innovation and Rampage today. Tomorrow we’re having some family over to play both games again, and also Village and Boss Monster.

    Wil, you should play Boss Monster on Tabletop (or really just play it at all)!! it’s short though, you could play a bunch of smaller card games in one episode – just a thought!

  30. Didn’t get to play today, but did get roundly beat at Ticket to Ride Europe a few days ago while visiting in-laws. They’re usually a Parcheesi and canasta crowd, so spinning them off to board games is really fun. I even successfully explained what Magic was. Totally cool.

  31. I played T’zolkin yesterday with my husband. It was our first try.

    I’d love to see you play Space Alert. Great game, great fun, although maybe a bit on the difficult side in comparisson to the other games you have played on your show.

    And I would like to see a special about two-player-games, with for example the new Catan cardgame, Jaipur, Morrels, Lost City, Jambo and 2-player Agricola.

  32. Hey Wil, I was lucky enough to share Tabletop day here in Australia with my housemates, where we have a huge cabinet full of games. We warmed up with Blokus and Labyrinth (using modified rules for adults), threw ourselves head on into Munckin Cthulu followed by Smallworld and wrapped up our day with some shinanigans playing Quelf and a finally a brilliant card/boardgame I backed on kickstarter called “Machine of Death” which is a house favourite and was only finished a couple of months ago.

    I can’t wait for the next season of Tabletop as well as any future DnD escapades you might find yourself a part of, I’ll make sure to keep up to date. Have a good one!

  33. Hey Wil, I tried to leave a comment before. I must have messed up;-). Tabletop Day was the most amazing day for me. Instead of playing games I spend weeks (ok actually months) planning an event for my small town PA at our awesome community center.
    With permission from Zman Games (Ummm they rock) I worked on a giant scale Carcassonne to be the feature part of the event. Over 50 hrs of work on my part and double the budget (sigh) it came out amazingly. I just thought that was it….. the end result. In fact what happened on tabletop day was magical. I had many things going on for people in this event and we had all ages show up. Teaching tables to instruct and lead games. Two games in development so they could see that. Food, Drink and game giveaways. A projection on the wall of the live tweet feed of #tabletopday. It all was awesome. However, I was blown away how by making Carcassonne “Large” it made it accessable to so many people. It was easy to grasp “literally”! I had young kids that had never played that got so excited to play. I had people interacting with each other and having fun. You could see the roads and the towns and fields so easily. Sometimes it got a little like twister meets Carcassonne to step around and place Meeples. People had to interact physically and move around. I had never seen people of so many different ages and perspectives interact with a boardgame like on Saturday. I did not play one game myself all day but had the best time. In our little town this event was busy all day.
    In the first hurried moments when we opened our doors at 11am no one came in. I had that little fear that all this work would be for naught or for not much. In fact it became everything I could imagine plus some things so much more.

    Piece and Boardgames,

  34. I had been hoping to do a bit more, but what with swimming lessons in the morning, and a birthday party in the afternoon, I didn’t manage to get along to an official event here in Glasgow, UK.

    Still – managed games of Catan and Buccaneer Bones with my kids during the day, then went round to a (poorly attended) games night at a friends house for a couple of rounds of Sushi Go, an hilarious game of Gloom* and a quick look at Mr Jack Pocket.

    All-in-all – could have been a lot worse!

    * Got completely owned by over 100 points by my friend Gary. His master-stroke/story was when the weasels that had previously devoured my twins mischievously disturbed a wasps-nest and hid. Said wasps flew into the prison cell currently holding his grave digger (imprisoned for selling dodgy meat) and wounded him (cancelling his “no event” action). Not content, the wasps then stung the aforementioned weasels, who regurgitated the twins out. The weasels then escaped into the prison, and devoured the grave digger…..

  35. Recently, I purchased a copy of “Just a Geek” (actually on Friday April 4th) and couldn’t put it down until I finished it. You’re such an amazing writer. I love how blatantly honest you are with your audience. I have a question for you.

    When did you switch from writing your own HTML and stuff for your website to using WordPress?

  36. Just did a quick check in on Tabletop Season 3 on Indiegogo… it now stands at just over $349,000!!! In two bloody days!! This is sooooo awesome! Look at what happens whens Geeks unite!

  37. I celebrated my birthday on TableTop Day – what better excuse to force your family to sity down and play a round of Munchkin? Hell, even my dad (who find boardgames a waste of time) I managed to convince to play with us. So it was a success, and I’m glad I got to celeberate TableTop Day and my birthday all together.

    Oh and as a birthday present for myself today, dear wil, I jumped on Kindle and bought myself a copy of your “Just a geek”. After reading the sample I was dragged in – so here, take my money!

  38. I spontaneously purchased Tokaido last Saturday at a local event. I really enjoy it. Players are travelers journeying from Kyoto to Edo, seeing the sights, eating delicious meals, donating to temples, and collecting souvenirs. The game has a relaxed pace. For instance, whoever has progressed least along the road takes the next turn, so it is more about enjoying the trip than racing ahead. It has beautiful artwork too. My casual gaming girlfriend loves it, and so do I.

    I’d be interested in seeing it in a future episode of TableTop. Y’all typically make great fun with themed games.

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