Tabletop Season Three Will Be A Full 20 Episodes!!

After my very long day yesterday, I slept for 12 hours last night (and felt like I earned it, for a change).

When I woke up, Anne told me that Tabletop Season Three had it its first stretch goal, and we have the budget for a full 20 episode season.

I’m still pretty gobsmacked, and I’ve been struggling for a couple of hours to find the words to express my gratitude. As I often do when I find myself stuck for words, I began wasting time on the Internet. We had a really fun and magnificently creative #photoshopwilwheaton experience on Twitter yesterday, so I went to the Photoshop Wil Wheaton Tumblr to see if any of them had been submitted there, and I found the perfect way to express my joy and gratitude to everyone who has supported Tabletop Season 3:

750K and 20 Episodes of Tabletop Season 3 by jprakath
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My thanks and epic high fives to jprakath, who made this amazing work of creative genius, and also to everyone who has helped us get here for Tabletop. If you’d like to help us get to the RPG show I’m dying to make, we need $250K in the next 15 days. I know it’s a ways to go, but I’m beginning to believe that we may just get to do that RPG show, after all!

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  1. You, sir, are a fucking legend! 😀 Expected no less from TableTop Season 3, can’t wait to watch Jesse Cox lose again 😀 (as promised at Int.TT Day)

  2. Congratulations, Wil. Tabletop reintroduced me to gaming and that has resulted in some awesome times with family, friends and the local gaming club we started to bring gamers together and introduce new people to the hobby.

    I hope you guys get to the $1m mark as I’d love to see that RPG project come to fruition. Here’s hoping for a late surge! In the event that you don’t make it to a million, would G&S consider running a separate crowdfunding project for the new show somewhere down the line?

  3. If the RPG show doesn’t quite get the funding (and I’m really hoping it does!), think about giving it its own Indiegogo run in six months or so. A lot of project funding (at least on Kickstarter) comes from the $20-25 level, and people are usually more willing and able to kick in $25 twice than $50 once.

    Also, I love you Wil! Keep being awesome!

  4. This is my first time on your site. I am an die-hard, 60-year-old Star Trek fan. Wanted to find out what you are doing in real life now. Have to say, am still inspired by Wesley Crusher. If our American kids were as focused now, our country would have a fine future. You portrayed our best hope.

  5. I have no other place to put this that I can think of I just hope you see this sir acquisitions obv is what got me into d&d and table top gaming in general which has enriched my life beyond what I can put into words it it my sincerest hope you come back to pax as it just wasn’t the same wothout you pease join them again best wishes and looking forward to season three of table top sorry for my lack of punctuation

  6. Last night the OH and I found and pulled out the old Ludo game I used to play with my sister as kids, and we had a game with my mum. Much laughing and joking ensued and she got to win. That’s a very good example of what Tabletop means to me!

    Woohoo on the goal! Now, for my RPG hubby’s sake, can we make up the rest?

  7. Will you had mentioned on Youtube about getting the gang from Big Bang on TableTop but scheduling seems to be a big issue. How about TableTop on Big Bang? The guys go to a gaming tournament, Sheldon makes it to the final table and so do you under maybe an allias and when you two see other you know “curse you Will Weaton.” That would make a pretty funny show.

  8. Oh my god!!! Yes!

    I can’t wait to see Will Wheaton in an RPG again. (We’ve missed Aeofel.) And Will, I know you’ve heard this from so many people, but I will add our story to your list of lives you’ve changed. I married someone who was a GM in high school and thought he would never play again. Because of you and Tabletop, we’ve found a group of friends who love table top board games and who wanted to join an RPG. My husband started a campaign and everyone except him was a total RPG newbie, but now we’re all level 4 warriors, druids and rogues. We sit at tables with no iPhones, look each other in the eyes, and tell stories. Thank you! What you’re doing is SO important.

  9. Awesome! I love TT, and have been blown away time and again by the high production values. If ESPN is paying attention, there have got to be way more people who want to watch this than the world series of poker.

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