I am in an undisclosed location on the East Coast for something very important, so I had to go to sleep last night before the Kings game was over. Just before I turned off the lights and shut down my laptop, I saw the great Anze Kopitar score what would become the game winning goal, to lead the LA Kings to an historic comeback against the San Jose Chokes Sharks. (They are now just the fourth team in NHL history to come back from a 3-0 game deficit in the playoffs and advance to the next round).

Had I been at home, I would have reposted this vine to celebrate the occasion:

Now, I’m not saying that I called it on April 17, but … maybe I called it on April 17.

All good-natured ribbing aside, what an incredible series this was. I’m looking forward to the next round, because it’s Duck Season.


  1. Being from Boston (where have some experience watching our local teams win) I feel the need to reply thusly….BROOOOOOONS!

  2. Quick correction:

    I believe this is only the 4th time in ALL sports that use a 7-game series playoff structure (NHL, NBA, MLB combined, not just NHL) that a team was up 3-0 and lost the series (or down 0-3 and came back and won).

    I watch (pointy) football, but–go Kings!

    1. fourth time in the nhl. 42 leafs, 75 isles, 2010 flyers, and now 2014 kings. if you include the nba and mlb, that brings up the 2004 bosox.

  3. Anže Kopitar and Goran Dragić – how to get the whole of Slovenia very much interested in American sports 😀

  4. I usually have my morning coffee and catch up on tweets that were posted after I’ve gone to bed. When you’re on east coast time, there’s no tweets, Wheaton. What am I supposed to do now? Coffee without twitter?
    I hope your East Coast thing is great and your sports hockey wins the pennant cup championship belt.

  5. You know what, when the tabletop season 3 campaign hits 1 million, you should do the exact same thing again, only with you wearing a Tabletop t-shirt instead yelling ‘TABLETOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!’

    I’d happily accept that as the next update video as well as a vine :-)

  6. As a Sharks fan, I say congrats to the Kings. They earned that advancement to the next round. Go Kings!

  7. Yay Kings!!! Wil, I hope you are having better weather on the East coast than we are in the Midwest, this bites!! When are you going to be on Big Bang next???

  8. 1,000,000 dollllllaaaarssss raised for Tabletop….

    Welcome oh King of the board game nerds! :)

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