that time I met Albert Einstein

I took a lot of pictures when I was in Washington, DC, but I think this one is my favorite:

Wil Wheaton and Albert Einstein

“…and I want a Higgs Boson, and a unified field theory, and the solution to Maxwell’s last equation…”

It’s important to be easily amused, everyone.

31 thoughts on “that time I met Albert Einstein”

  1. Yes, easily amused is a big plus because when I saw this picture on your twitter feed I laughed for about five minutes straight. Perfect caption is perfect…

  2. Wow, that is super cool! We love posing with statues, but that one’s definitely cooler than any we’ve managed so far.

  3. Just… don’t blink. (Statues like that have always given me the heebie-jeebies. Thanks Moffat for enforcing that idea.)

  4. I met the artist, Robert Berks, 30 years ago when he came to my high school (NCSSM). In the school library is a small copy of the memorial that he gave to us during the visit. It was his working model.

    There is so much to this artwork. For example, note that he is seated on three “steps” and the universe is spread out around his feet. The three steps match three deep furrows in his brow – the idea is that the monument itself is a view into Einstein’s mind. Pretty meta and pretty cool at the same time, and not bad for the 80s, eh?

  5. I lived in DC for 4 years way back in the 90s (OMG, did I just say “way back”? eeek!) out of all the monuments in the entire area, this one was my favorite.

  6. Being the nerd that I am, I have to ask if you knew there was a virtual Geocache there? Love geocaching, and like a wise man once said, “being a nerd is not about what you love; it’s about how you love it.”

  7. Proof of a unifying theory! About 15 minutes after watching an old episode of Numbers that you guest starred in I was checking my email and saw the twitter post leading to this blog entry. Awesome Pic!

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