there are four things

We taped a great episode of The Wil Wheaton Project yesterday, that I’m super excited to see tonight. We wrote some stuff that I think is really funny, and I had all kinds of fun when we were in front of the audience. Tonight’s Wil Wheaton Project is on at 9pm Eastern on Syfy. Next week, the network is moving us back to 10pm, after Face Off, which I was disappointed to learn is not a show where puppets reenact the classic Nic Cage / John Travolta film.

Starting today, I’m working on the audiobook for John Scalzi’s Lock In, which is a really fantastic story, until the end of the week, when I get three days to prepare for everything I’m doing at Comicon next week, including W00tstock and Hop-Con.

Speaking of Hop-Con, Anne and I got our hands on a case of w00tstout 2.0 yesterday, and I’m happy to report that it’s just as good as we knew it would be. It also is a great way to ensure you don’t feel your face, if you’re not careful.

Finally, Anne wrote and produced a wonderful video for the Pasadena Humane Society, starring Marlowe and Seamus, which I think you’ll enjoy:




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  1. Will W00tstout get a national distribution this year? The last one was one of the best beers I ever had. I’m stuck in Florida and am excited to hopefully try 2.0.

  2. “,,, I’m working on the audiobook for John Scalzi’s Lock In, which is a really fantastic story, until the end of the week,…”

    I wonder why it isn’t a really fantastic story after the end of the week.

    Like watching what I can online of The Wil Wheaton Project.

  3. I’m really enjoying your show. I have to DVR it, so I hope that counts for your ratings in some way. Just watched last week’s episode last night, and I have to say the “How will they bite it?” game is my favorite of the games you play with guests. Hilarious!

  4. @Matthew McNutt: There is indeed an audience. Wil had mentioned a month ago, on one of the social media forms, about open spots in the studio audience for those local to the Los Angeles area on Monday mornings when taping happens for the next evening’s show. Being a show shot entirely against a chromakey green screen though, I’m not entirely sure how well panning to the audience then panning back would work.

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