True Facts About the Octopus

Two video posts in one day? I must be going craaaaaaaaaaazzzyyy!!!!1

Alright, settle down.

So earlier today when I was avoiding doing something productive, I came across a video on Reddit of an octopus escaping from a boat. I adore octopuses (I have a large tattoo of one on my arm), so I watched it. Then I read the comments and came across this fantastic video called True Facts About The Octopus. If you have five-ish free minutes, I highly recommend watching it. In fact, when people ask me why I have an octopus tattoo, I’m just going to tell them to watch this video, because it covers how fucking hardcore and amazing the octopus is.

Oh, and get this: I didn’t know until I went to YouTube to grab the embed code that this was made by internet legend and Ur-vlogger Ze Frank! Now I have to do actual work so I can reward myself with viewings of his other True Facts videos.

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  1. I rewatch True Facts About The Tarsier on a pretty regular basis, and have tears streaming down my face by the end every damn time.

  2. True Facts about the Mantis Shrimp is my favorite, probably because it was my first. So funny!

    1. The Mantis Shrimp one is my favorite, too – my husband and I are constantly quoting it, much to the confusion of anyone listening. :)
      Did that guy just hand him his own arm?! That’s crazy!

  3. There must be an octopus in the air today… earlier this morning, I watched the same two videos. But, I came upon them because I am making an octopus art project and wanted to see pictures of real octopuses for inspiration.

  4. Most of his videos are frikkin’ amazing. A few are just meh, but overall, definitely binge-watch his whole collection, preferably with a loved one who shares you sense of humor. (:

  5. Trust Facts About the Seahorse was my first, and probably my favorite. The Mantis Shrimp one is great too.

  6. Can we be octopus-buddies for life? Because I love those things!! And cuttlefish… you know what, let’s just say all cephalopods!

    I have watched so many of his True Facts episodes (PS the one about the Mantis Shrimp always makes me laugh). As a pet lover/haver, you’ll also probably like his Sad Cat and Sad Dog diaries. You know, for after you’re done being productive.

  7. That is halarious! It’s like…well…if Morgan Freeman got high, this is what he would sound like. And it’s funny, interesting and educational.

  8. I know the plural “octopi” isn’t a real word, but I do like how it sounds and looks. I also love “octopodes” for the same reason. Basically, everything about these guys is awesome.

  9. In my silversmithing group we had a challenge last quarter and it was the octopus. We had this video and lots of others PLUS lots of things which had the octopus theme – watches, sculptures, bowls, vases. You names it someone found it. I made a silver cuff that was a tentacle with the suckers so it looked like it was coiled around the wearers wrist.

    WELCOME to the club.

  10. omg, thank you so much for sharing! I had seen the octopus video you mentioned about the one escaping from a boat, but Zefrank is biology nerd candy! I couldn’t stop laughing. “Just remember, clams are as dumb as hell.”

  11. Hmm, your tattoo always looked Cthulhu to me. Is every octopus Cthulhu? I think they probably are. Maybe I should go watch the true facts video. I’m sure it mentions Cthulhu.

  12. I also have an octopus tattoo on my arm/shoulder. Thanks for this! They are totally hardcore and this video didn’t even talk about how amazing their eyes are.

  13. Love all his True Facts videos! The first one I ever watched was about the Sea Pig. For the first minute I thought, “this is really stupid” and then suddenly I was laughing so hard I was weeping.

  14. Funny I just introduced my husband to these videos this week too. Try True Facts about the Naked Mole Rat because the phrase testicle skin is used to describe them…….so funny.

  15. He also recently(?) got a job as voiceover on a pet food commercial, being the older cat that instructs the younger cat how to interface with the humans. Might have been Friskies. It was entertaining, despite being a commercial.

  16. True the octopus is pretty bad ass…we are only saved by the fact they are can’t breath for long on land or they would have been our overlords long ago…but…the mantis shrimp…now that is a bad ass individual.

  17. I saw the very same video just the other day. Octopi are very interesting, though I confess a certain lofecraftian loathing for sea life

  18. My husband and I have been fans of those videos for awhile now. One of our most “quoted phrases” is “Cause that’s how ______ do”.

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