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Anne and I are getting ready to leave. Our plane to Vancouver departs in just a few hours, and we’re finishing up the last-minute packing, and cleaning up our house, because it’s so nice to come home from a vacation to a house that’s not a mess.
Our house is usually a mess. I say it’s the hallmark of a family who works a lot…Anne says it’s because I’m lazy…I think the truth is somewhere in the middle.
So the last 2 weeks have been crazy, as we get ready for CruiseTrek. I’ve been working on 2 shows for G4, finishing all my sketch comedy writing class assignments( we have a show the day after I get back from Alaska), and re-writing my sketches for the ACME show. I also enlisted the help of my friend Sean to help me design some cool T-shirts for our sketch comedy group, which we are calling Earnest Borg 9.
Get it? Who’s with me?! Yeah!!
So the point of all this is, I’ve been really busy, just getting ready to go, and I sat down here about 10 minutes ago, just to check the weather in Alaska, and take a quick look at the website, and I thought to myself, “Hey, I think I’ll check out my walk-a-thon sponsorships, and see how I’m doing.”
You people RULE!! It’s been less than a week, and already we’re at $1,875.00!!
I am so ecstatic, and so proud. I don’t think I’m going to have a problem reaching my goal of $5,000. As a matter of fact, if I hit that goal by the end of July, I’m going to reset my goal and aim even higher.
Thank you, most sincerely, to everyone who has donated to sponsor me.
I will attempt to update from Alaska, so keep watching this space.
Have you checked out my Message Board yet? It’s a fun place to hang out while Uncle Willie’s out of town.
Thought for Today:

“Our doubts are traitors,
And make us lose the good we oft might win
By fearing to attempt.”
-William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure


I slept on the couch last night, and set my alarm to 415 am so I could watch the game without waking up my wife.
Nolan slept on the floor in front of me, and ordered me to wake him when the game started.
When the alarm went off, we both sat up, and watched USA take on Germany…

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In October, Anne and I are participating in the AVON Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk from Santa Barbara to Malibu.
It’s a 3 day, 60 mile walkathon. All the money raised goes to Breast Cancer Research, and to support women and their families who are affected by the disease.
We are walking for a friend of ours who is a survivor. Even though she survived, her bills and lost income are still affecting her and her family.
I’ve set my goal at 5,000 dollars. I think we can easily do that. Please take a look at my walk homepage, and give whatever you can, no matter how small, and sleep well tonight, knowing that you’ve made a difference.
Thank you :-)
Thought for today:

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”

Mexico v. USA

I’ve been staying up well past midnight the last couple of weeks, to watch the World Cup.
I’m one of those rare people in the US who actually LOVES international soccer. I’m not a huge fan of MLS, because the level of play just isn’t very good, but I watch English Premiere League all the time, and I never miss a USA Cup qualifier if I can help it.
So I get pretty damn excited every 4 years, even though I have absolutely nobody in my circle of friends with whom I can discuss the matches.
Last night, I watched Team USA (who is actually pretty good for the first time in my lifetime) take on Team Mexico (who has been a VERY good team since about 1997, I guess). You can read more if you’d like to hear my ramblings on the match. If you’re planning on watching the delayed match, don’t click it. :)

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Mosquito Bites

Yesterday morning, I had to run some errands. I had to go to the bank, put some bills in the mail, and stuff.
Ryan was working in the Snack Shack at the little league field, so I asked Nolan if he wanted to come with me.
Nolan never wants to come with me, because he’s the kind of kid who’d rather hang at home and watch TV or play PS2, or do just about anything except ride in the car.
But I ask him each time, because I really do enjoy his company, and there’s always a chance he could say yes.
Yesterday, he said yes. I think it had something to do with the fact that I have a new car (turned in my Passat for a Golf since my lease was up) and I suggested that I may be stopping at 7-11 for a slurpee on the way home.
Hey, a little bribe never hurt anyone.
Well, that’s not even remotely true, but the point is, he agreed. :)
I was surprised, but happy, and we headed out to do our errands.
We had a great time, listening to Cake and Save Ferris, Nolan asking me all the technical specs of the new car, recalling drives we had in the old car, and talking about the coming summer vacation.
The bank I go to has this new security thingy, where they make you walk through this chamber where both doors must close before you can get in or out.
Nolan wants to go through by himself, but I told him that I wanted to go through together to save time. He agreed too quickly, and I could tell that he was scheming.
So we conduct our business in the bank, and as we’re getting ready to leave, Nolan races ahed of me, and into the exit chamber. He lets the door close in my face, and crosses to the outer door, which he opens, and then holds open, pointing and giggling at me, because now I can’t get out.
I laughed with him, and told him to close the door, so he lets it go, but catches it with his foot, so it’s held open about 3 inches. He continues to giggle and point, and finally lets the door close.
We hit the post office, got our slurpees, and headed home. I went to an ACME workshop while he stayed with Anne and Ryan and played in the pool next door.
When I got home, we barbecued turkey burgers and went for a walk all around our neighborhood, the 4 of us laughing about all sorts of things, chasing each other, and enjoying the beginning of summer. When we got home, Anne took out the hose to water the lawn, and we stayed out front with her, watching Ferris jump through the water and tear around the yard.
When Anne was nearly done, the kids decided to limbo under the stream of water, which of course led to the 4 of us having a massive water fight at 9PM last night.
I can’t remember the last time we had a day in this family where we just played, and enjoyed each other, and felt free of the burdens that have hung over us for nearly 3 years. Let me tell you, we needed it. Things have been extremely tough for Nolan and Ryan, Nolan especially, with their father the last couple of months. He often puts his interests ahead of theirs, with really upsetting results for the boys. It’s been killing me to see these two little people, who I love so dearly, be constantly hurt by someone who they love. Not being able to really do anything about it sucks, too. They’ve both been really unhappy, Nolan especially, and seeing them both giggle and play and laugh and just relax for a whole day was really wonderful.
We ended the night eating ice cream and sitting on the living room floor listening to the radio.
When I put the kids into bed, I said to Nolan, “I really had fun with you today. I really enjoyed your company.”
He lifted his head off his pillow and replied, “Me too, Wil. I want to spend LOTS of time together this summer.”
I hope they’re all days like yesterday.


Today is Ryan and Nolan’s last day of school.
I can’t believe that it’s here. The end of elementary school for Nolan, and the end of 7th grade for Ryan.
I recall those days when time was measured in terms of school years, but when I look back at my childhood, the only times I remember with any clarity are the summer vacations.
I remember the oppressive heat and still, smoggy air in the San Fernando Valley where I grew up.
I remember the sense of accomplishment I felt when I forced myself to stay awake nearly all night the day I got out of school in 5th or 6th grade, watching VHS tapes of wrestling on the top-loading VCR, just because summer had started, and I could sleep in.
I remember the progression of water-themed toys: The hose, the thing with the clown hat that spun atop the stream of water that you jumped through, the slip-n-slide, and finally the swimming pool.
The Sunland of my elementary and early middle school days only exists in those summertime memories of ice cream trucks and afternoon naps underneath the wall-unit air conditioner.
Back when the livin’ was easy.

Zoom Zip

Before I say anything, I should point out that, yes, the last entry should be titled TAKE THAT, Comic Book Guy.
It is a glowing, shining, permanent example of just how totally over-extended I am in my life right now.
I actually woke up last week, and realized with great horror that I was simply…empty. I was totally out of ideas, and didn’t have anything interesting to write about here. I think I’m being pulled in too many creative directions all at once, which is A Very Good Thing(tm)…but I’m more than just a little bit bummed that I’m not living up to my own standards here, recently…I mean, come on, reruns?! That shit is played, y0.
Anyway, since last time I wrote, I’ve actually been out in the real world doing stuff: I hiked to the top of Henninger Flats with Anne and found a geocache, went to Sacramento to collect on my bet with Boomer and The Dave at KWOD 106.5, and signed 200 pictures for the Star Trek Cruise.
There’s some other very exciting stuff, but I can’t talk about it yet. :-(
I’ve been up since 4AM on 5 hours of sleep, so I’m going to slllllllmmzzxxlxpxhghgxxxxxxx

That THAT, Comic Book Guy!

eBay is auctioning tons of really cool TNG things. They have original scripts, some props, and some stuff from some other shows.
Included in this huge lot of stuff is a series of memos written by Bob Justman, one of the main creative producers and a very cool guy, to Gene Roddenberry. In the memos, Bob gives notes on the various scripts and story ideas.
This memo is about the episode “Code of Honor”:

“Next problem. No Wes. We have Will Wheaton on a 13 out of 13 deal — just like our other regulars. We pay him whether we photograph him or not. If we don’t use him, all his teenybopper fans are going to be disappointed and we won’t be taking advantage of one of our new show’s greatest assets. I’m told we’re not using him because our writers don

J Keith van Ferris

The show last night ranks in my top 10 JKvS shows of all time.
Keith and I were in perfect synch, the audience was totally on our side, and Save Ferris simply RAWKED!
I can not believe that I got to sit on the stage while one of my favorite bands of ALL FREAKING TIME played three songs.
There is ONE JKvS Show left this year, in two weeks…so make your plans now, kids.
OH! I totally forgot: Tomorrow (Sunday) is Wesley Crusher day on TNN!!
Okay, so I know that the little guy is totally gone and all…but there’s something infinitely cool about TNN devoting a whole day to that silly little freak.

You need pants

I hope everyone had a nice weekend…mine was spent with the boys, because Anne headed up to Portland to visit one of her friends for her birthday.
I was really looking forward to a cool “just us guys” weekend, but the boys were really in a lousy mood most of the weekend. They just wouldn’t stop bickering with each other, and Ryan had on his “I’m 12 and you’re an idiot” pants most of the time. I bet he found them in my box of stuff from my parent’s house…I think I’ll go burn the “I’m 14 and you’re an asshole” pants before he can find them. Nostalgia be damned!
We did do some cool things this weekend, though.
Nolan had a soccer game on Saturday, and I thought I was going to miss it because I have a class on Saturdays, but the teacher gave me the OK to come late, so I could watch the game. Nolan’s playing indoor soccer in a different league than the evil AYSO league he played in last year here. It is really non-competitive, with the focus put 100% on the kids having fun and goofing off. The parents and the coaches were really cool, except for one parent who was sitting next to the kids and me while we were waiting for Nolan’s game to start. This guy’s kid must have been, oh, five, maybe six years old, and his dad thought it was extremely important that he scream at the kid to “ATTACK THE GODDAM BALL, JUSTIN!”
Yeah. He’s lucky I wasn’t wearing my “I’m 29 and you’re a shitty parent” pants, because I’d have let him have it.
The coolest thing happened at this game, though. Nolan had invited my parents to come and watch, as well as two of my friends. My friends never showed up, but my folks did, and I wish I could recreate for everyone the look of pride and joy that filled Nolan’s face when he saw that they’d come to watch him.
They walked past the goal where he was standing, and he just lit up, and came running over to us, and threw his arms around my mom and then my dad, and said, “You made it! Thank you for coming to my game!”
He’s seemed a little unhappy recently (I think there’s some stuff going on with his dad), and it was really awesome to see him so joyful for a change.
He played a great game, in pretty much every position. He did not allow a goal when he was in the net, and nearly scored three different times. The game was a total blowout, but I could tell that all the kids, on both teams, were having a great time. I guess it makes a difference when parents aren’t wearing their “I’m middle-aged and unhappy with my own life so I’ll try to get some vicarious glory through my kids who just want to play and have fun” pants.
Saturday night, Ryan spent the night at his friend’s house…he told me that they spent the evening singing karaoke with his parents.
I’m not too sure I’m so comfortable that. ;-)
So Sunday came, and I took Ryan and Nolan geocaching.
We started out looking for this one, but it just didn’t want to be found, so we headed off to another one, which Ryan found really easily.
Filled with the flush of success, we headed up to this one, which was my favorite of the day…what a beautiful hike, where we saw some deer, and a spectacular view of where I grew up in La Crescenta!
We were all feeling tired, and thinking of heading home, but the kids insisted that we go try one final cache, which Nolan found, much to his delight.
I realized that the best part of it for me was not the actual finding (although we were pretty frustrated to not find the one at the bridges), but the spending time with the boys (oh, how I wish I could call them “my boys,” but that’s another story) and discovering new places that we had never seen before.
We’ve gone looking for 5 different caches here in the last week, and each cache has been in a place that I’ve driven past about three hundred times a year, but never bothered to look at closely.
For example, I drive over the Colorado street bridge at least 4 times a week, and I’ve never been down into the Arroyo before. If any of you live in Pasadena, I strongly suggest heading down and walking the path that leads beneath the two bridges. It’s really beautiful, and great for dogs. Just watch out for the poison oak!
I thought back to the metaphor about ignoring things which are right in front of us, and I was really greatful to the people who placed the caches for giving my an excuse to explore these areas, and spend the time discovering them with the kids.
Anne came home late last night, after numerous flight delays, and all was right with the world. It was a good weekend, indeed.
Thought for today:

“People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their happiness or satisfaction. Yet true happiness comes from a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.”