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If you’re a FARKer or Something Awful reader, you probably know about The Photoshop Contest, which I was asked to judge.
Over the weekend, I finally found time to judge and comment on the entries, and Something Awful has posted the results.
If you’re not a regular SA reader, you should just be prepared: it’s not intended for kids, or the easily offended. I, however, think it is hilarious.
However, if you are a kid, or easily offended, dispair not! For while I was at FARK this morning, I stole for you, and now present to you, The Best. Picture. EVER!
Have a great day! My kids have the day off from school, so we’re hanging out together.

A question

Morning everyone.
Over at ThinkGeek, they have this option for you to see their products “in action”. Basically, what people do is send in creative pictures of themselves wearing a T-shirt, or drinking from a glass, or something showing a mousepad, or something.
I’m wondering, when I get the gallery fixed, would anyone be interested in, and willing to send in jpegs of some of the WWDN schwag “in action”?
I think we could have some fun with it.

Dr. Benway

I have no idea why the site was down for a little bit this morning…but Loren fixed it, and we’re back in business, as they say.
There is a really funny contest going on at featuring an image of yours truly. You should take a look. It made me laugh out loud.
Some people have emailed me, asking about the earthquakes we had here last night. I didn’t feel them, at all, which is weird. In our old house, if a truck drove by a half-mile away, it shook the whole thing, but in our current house, we never feel anything. I was watching the news at 10 last night, and they were talking about this 4.2 or something that had just happened, and the newscaster says, “Woah! We’re having an aftershock!” so I waited to feel it, and I never did. I’m not too upset, though, because there are much worse things than living in a house where you don’t feel earthquakes. Trust me.
Today, at work, we turn in our pilot for my show. I am so excited! We’ve worked really, really hard on it, and we’ve created something that I am extremely proud of. I’ll post details, as soon as I get the “OK” from the Big Bosses(tm).
One last thing before I leave for work: Today is the last day that you can vote in the 2002 Bloggies, and WWDN is a finalist in a few categories. If you have some time today, you should check out the finalists, and cast your votes. I guess the results will be posted late tonight. Wouldn’t it be cool if we won something?
I’ve spent all my spare time in the last three days reading up on CSS (and getting some very valuable help from my friend Roughy), and I’m getting a very good understanding of the whole beast. Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions for books and websites. I realize now that I’m going to have to re-write the entire site, which will be a bear, but really worth it in the long run. I sense great things in the future…stay tuned!


I got an email last night that described the current state of styles on WWDN perfectly: it said that the styles were “wonky”.
My feelings exactly. I hope to have some time to work on it today.
If you happen to know of a really useful book about CSS, please let me know in the comments. I’m looking for something really useful, like an O’reilly or Peachpit Press-style book. Something that will teach me the underlying theory behind CSS, and how to set up div.classes (or however you say it) and the like. Moveable Type makes extensive use of the [div] tag, and I think I’m going to re-write the site to follow that guide…Imagine a world where the navigation menu looks cool! Someday, you may even be able to skin this site, like you can at domesticat’s.
I must confess, I never really fully understood how CSS worked…I was just able to make it go. Sort of like having a cool old car, and knowing how to do limited things like change the oil and stuff…now I have to rebuild the engine, and I don’t know how.
I think this is as close as I get to asking for help…unless you’re roughy or loren. Then you really get to hear me whine.
Thanks for the help :)

A (not so) small victory

Well, it’s been most of the night, and I’m still working it all out, but I’ve gotten Moveable Type to work!
I exported all the old entries, from the old website at geocities, from the original Greymatter weblog, and from the more recent blogger weblog.
One of the cool features of MT is that you can assign categories to everything, so you can look for the category title, and it will tell you where the entry was originally posted.
I know that the archive pages don’t quite look correct, yet. I’m going to worry about the styles later on.
Now I’m going to work on the Soapbox, and the Gallery.
Sheesh. What a night.