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question for Charlie Parker fans

I’m looking to add a Charlie Parker record to my Jazz collection. I already have The Essential Charlie Parker, and Diz ‘N Bird at Carnegie Hall.

Anyone have a suggestion? Bonus points if I can get it on iTunes Music Store, for instant gratificiation.

Lakeside Shadow

‘m not sure how many people are listening to Radio Free Burrito, but a bunch of you wrote in asking for a stand-alone MP3 of my ambient tune Lakeside Shadow.

Look, you’re totally not the boss of me, but I did sort of say that if enough people asked for it, I’d put it here on its own.  I’m proud of the composition, and I’m happy to put it out there for anyone to listen to, or use in a creative way.

If you like it, you’ll probably like some of the artists who influenced me over the years: Woob (especially 1194, and especially the track strange air) Dedicated (especially Global Communication, also called 76 14), and Solitaire (especially Ritual Ground). Also, Instinct Records (still alive) and Silent Records (sadly, tragically, defunct since 1996) released an amazing number of genre-defining ambient discs in the 90s. And now, just to prove how hardcore I am, I’m going to throw out Pete Namlook, and the FAX Label, but their stuff is far more experimental than the rest of my list, and isn’t what I’d use to introduce a new listener to Ambient music.

Finally, if you can find it, Silent Records put out an incredible record called Earth to Infinity (I think in 1994) which was pulled shortly after it was released, due to some sampling issues. I think it’s one of the greatest ambient recordings of all time, and don’t ask me for it because I’m not going to jail for you, Chachi.

Anyway, here it is. The file is 4.9MB, and is a 192kbps MP3, at 44.1kHz. It’s 3:30:  Download lakeside_shadow.mp3

Lakeside Shadow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. If you decide to do something cool with it, let me know and I may just
link it up. If you want to pretend we’re really in the radio business,
you can send me some money and a hooker to help influence my decision.

The photo in this entry, which is the photo I’d use if I’d made this into an actual record or whatever, was taken by jpmatth. I found it at flickr (using the tags winter and lake) and is used according to his Creative Commons license. Pretty cool, huh?

The Dresden Dolls

fter reading my post about the Ditty Bops, jwz (yes, that jwz. Because I am totally that cool. Shut up! I am! Jeeze!) pointed me toward videos by The Dresden Dolls, specifically Coin-Operated Boy and Girl Anachronism.

Holy shit. I immediately went to the iTunes Music Store and bought their album.

This is another reason I’m so happy to be living in this age, with access to this technology. As recently as five years ago, I never would have heard of this band on my own, and even if I was fortunate enough to accidentally stumble upon them, I’d have to drive to a music store that not only carried their album, but would let me preview the album before I bought it. Instead, Jamie told me, "they’re your new favorite videos ever, you just don’t know it yet." and he was totally right. [I could put a huge rambling dissertation about the Long Tail and the
value of word-of-mouth marketing here, but I’ll spare you.] The thing is, the Dresden Dolls and the Ditty Bops sound nothing alike, and the only thing they really have in common (in this instance) is the visual style of their videos.But the music they make together, and the passion in Amanda’s lyrics grabbed me by the cerebellum and wouldn’t let go. The last album I had this sort of visceral oh-my-god-i-have-to-listen-to-it-over-and-over-and-over-again reaction to was Mike Doughty’s Skittish / Rockity Roll.

You’ve got to go to their website right now and read Amanda’s bio. Wow.

This is not music for everyone, but if it hits you, holy shit will it hit you.

girls in corsets juggling knives

If you like:

and you’re not on dial-up, you simply must go watch this video from The Ditty Bops.

(via grapeJuiceplus)

dust off that accordion

I discovered Jonathan Coulton when he was memed around last week with his brilliant folksy cover of Baby Got Back.

I listened to some of his other music, and liked enough of it to add him to bloglines. Each week, he releases a new song to The Internets, and this week, he gives us a terriffic little ditty called Someone Is Crazy.

This one comes from a verse that’s been floating around in my head
for about 10 years. I think that originally it came from an argument
with some girl about something, but I can’t remember anymore. I can
still find the disdain in my heart though, that hasn’t left me. The
amazing Cynthia Hopkins
stuff on Wednesday night inspired me to dust off the old accordion and
give it a whirl. Man that thing is hard to play. But that’s what Thing
a Week is about. Dusting off old accordions. Hard to play. Rough weeks.

Here is the song: link

If you share my musical tastes, or just want to spend a moment with something new, check it out.

gems among the alibis

Since the release of Haughty Melodic, I’ve been on a major Doughty kick. Go listen to The Only Answer, and then read the lyrics. Jeebus H. Menendez, man. I read things like this and wonder how I can call myself a
writer. I’ve got a long way to go before I truly believe I’ve earned it.
Skittish and Rockity Roll have totally fucked up the rating curve in my
iTunes library. Mike Doughty writes and plays music that I don’t just hear; it’s music that I feel.

I was so sad when Soul Coughing broke up, but if it had to happen, so
Mike Doughty could head out on his own, and create music like this . .
. well, the Ruby Vroom CD is just a bookshelf away.

True story: years ago, Mike Doughty mentioned me on his message board.
Somehow, word got back to him that I was a fan. He sent me a really
cool e-mail, and I was so star struck, and so afraid that I would come
off like a drooling fanboy dipshit, I never got the courage to reply. I
wonder if he remembers . . . maybe I’ll finally send him an e-mail of
my own, and save all my drooling fanboy dipshittery for a nice public
forum like my blog.

little by little

Harvey Danger, who had a hit song in the mid-90s with Flagpole Sitta, have a new album out, called Little by Little. It’s their first studio album in five years, and boy is it worth the wait! I’ve been listening to it all morning, and I really like it. If you’ve read WWdN for any amount of time, and you like the same kind of music that I do, you should pick it up.

. . . which you can do right now, for free, because Harvey Danger has released the entire album using Bittorrent:

We’re not streaming, or offering 30-second song samples, or annoying
you with digital rights management software; we’re putting up the whole
record, for free, forever. Full stop. Please help yourself; if you like
it, please share with friends.

Well, I like it, so I’m doing my little part to share it. If you like it, you can order the album from their website.

I think this is a great idea. Thanks, Harvey Danger!


Arena is kicking my ass right now, because we are doing a special episode featuring the HALO National Championship on Friday…so I haven’t had time to recap my amazing time in San Francisco with the EFF…but it’s coming as soon as I get some spare time.
However, I just got an email from my friend Gabe, letting me know that tomorrow morning at 7AM PDT, he will be interviewing WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER on radio station KNRK.
KIRK on KNRK? Is that a goocher or what? Does it get any better than this? How many more rhetorical questions can I ask? Will I stop? Who knows?!
Well, this news is too great to pass up, and I think the world should know.
So if you happen to run into the world, would you please pass this along?
Thanks so much.
Love you.
Mean it.