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Hazy shade of Winter

One of the things I love about my new job is that I can sit at my desk, and look out across Century City, and see the Hollywood sign and Griffith observatory. Then I can get up, walk for 15 feet, and look out across Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean…on a beautiful day like today, when we have lots of little fluffy clouds (to borrow a phrase from The Orb, who borrowed it from Rickie Lee Jones, from a conversation she was having with LeVar Burton on Reading Rainbow), it looks magical, like an animated movie. On days like today, I am insanely envious of my friends who live in Northern California, who get to have days like this all the time.
Now that the sun is low in the sky, and just about to sink into the ocean, the sky has darkened, and the clouds have lost that friendly look, in favor of a sinister, brooding, stormy look. In the time it has taken me to write this paragraph, the sun has lit of the reflective sides of the buildings in Century City, and there are these beautiful pillars of fire and ice reaching into the indigo January sky.
It would seem that Winter has at last decided to come to Southern California. It’s about time!

Wil and FARK, sitting in a tree…

It has just come to my attention that I haven’t given up the love for FARK recently.
I really need to take a second out of my day, stop cleaning the house, and give up the farkin’ love for FARK!
FARK voted for me to be entertainer of the year, before lowtax and I were squeezed out by The Man!
FARK provides the world with boobies, weeners, and beer!
FARK may even have a Los Angeles FARKFest this year!
Fb- is the father, France surrenders, and Wil Wheaton sucks. Long live FARK!

Rumble in the Jungle

Over at FARK, they are discussing who would win in a fight if it was Wesley vs. Annikin Skywalker.
The debate started here.
I spent some time thinking about it…read more to see what I came up with…

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Satan is my motor

Good morning, everyone.
Boy, I’m still getting used to the new Moveable Type interface. It’s crazy. Cool, but crazy.
I just have a few announcements this morning:
1. Cake is playing a live concert on the internet, today. It starts at 11AM PST, which means I’ll miss most of it, because I’ll be on an audition.
2. I wrote another story for BBSpot a few weeks ago, and completely forgot to post about it here.
3. I saw this really cool story all about the history of video games, from 1889 to the present, at Gamespot.
4. I have some very exciting and fairly major news about some live shows that you can see me in, provided you’re in Los Angeles. I’ll make the announcement in the next few days.
5. Have you checked out the new crap^H^H^H^H cool stuff I added to the stores, just for Valentine’s day? Can you think of a better way to tell your sweetie you love her than with a WFS box of candy? Mmmm…Classy!
6. I got an email over the weekend, that I am a pre-finalist for several Bloggies