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Calling all bloggers

Check it out:

My thesis is an attempt to fill in the void in academic work about blogs. Previously in articles and commercial books published about blogs (Rebecca Blood’s books and the O’Reilly book, for example), why we blog has been researched using personal experience, with a few indepth interviews, or by analyzing websites. None of these three ways can come close to providing as accurate a depiction of the blogging population – who we all really are, why we blog, and how we’re using our blogs – as a survey.

So how about it? We’ve all taken the “what robot are you” and “what type of hat do you keep behind your toilet” tests, so why not take a few minutes and help this kid out?
Oh, and if you think it’s a cool thing to do, maybe you could trackback in your own blog, and help spread the word? That’d be cool. :)