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Check it out: I’m the “Blog of the day” at feeling listless.
Boy, now I really feel the pressure to not suck!

Shitty News

Just got off the phone with my agent, while I was making this entry. The casting director for Rules Of Attraction called this morning, and told us that “It’s between Wil and another guy”.
What the fuck? I wonder how I went from, “I want you in my movie” to “It’s between you and another guy.” I do know one thing, though, this isn’t Roger’s call. It’s some fucking executive at some fucking studio.
Wow, the Universe sure does like balance, doesn’t it?

6 Degrees of Memepool

Six Degrees Of Memepool

This morning, I got an email from my friend who lives in Boston. It said:

Dear Wil,
Is this yours? I came across it linked to a very strange site called

How about that, eh? Six degrees of memepool.

Audition Update

Audition Update

If you’ve read the old weblog, you may remember an entry I made about some auditions. Here is the status of those auditions:
The Young Person’s Guide To Being A Rockstar: I was “in the mix”, which is Hollywoodspeak for “we’re considering you until someone bigger comes along”. Apparently, someone bigger came along.
Waiting…: I had the audition for this last week, and the casting director told me that the director has someone in mind, but she thought I did such a great job, she was going to send the director my tape, and try to change his mind. Since it’s been a week, I guess he was pretty committed. However, this is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever read. Ever. I really hope the guy they cast gets gangrene (and recovers, of course), so that they call me and put me in it.
Rules of Attraction: This is my friend Roger Avary’s movie, based on Brett Easton Ellis’ novel. Roger and I have been friends since I worked on Mr. Stitch with him. We talked about three weeks ago, and Roger offered me the COOLEST ROLE EVER in the film, A Junkie Named Marc.
So Tuesday, I went in to read the part, I guess because the producers of the film are making everyone read (or, more likely, Roger wanted to be sure that I didn’t suck, and is too nice a guy to say that to me).
Anyway, I went in a read, and I still haven’t heard anything back…so….I dunno…guess I shouldn’t be shopping for that PS2 just yet.



So now that the site is launched, I can talk about the horror of getting it all done, and stuff.
The past 6 weeks have been really fun, and really hard, too. My family has grown to lothe my computer, and I can’t even mention IM to my poor wife…
My step-kids and I have this deal: whenever I curse, I give them a quarter. So if I’m walking into the house and stub my toe, and say, “Ow! Monkeyfucker!”, and they hear me, they just chime, in unison, “Quarter, Wil!”.
Let me tell you something, I’ve just tallied up how much I owe them for the past 6 weeks of site building…the little creeps are going to be able to buy a car!
So far, I haven’t been overwhelmed with emails, but the ones that I have gotten have been SO COOL!
Everyone has had really nice things to say, and lots of people have offered help, and advice. So to you guys, and you know who you are, Thank you!!
A note on the Email situation: we’ve been able to set it up so that it gets delivered right to me, but right now it’s working as a relay, so I can’t reply to anyone. But I’m talking with the cool guys who host me, and we’re gonna fix it.
In the mean time, please enjoy the autoresponse. :)

Bowling for Booty

Bowling for Booty

Last night, my brother’s fiancee had a party for him at this REALLY cool bowling alley, near where we grew up. The place only has 8 lanes, and you have to keep score yourself on little sheets of acetate, which get projected up onto the wall…Jeremy decided that he wanted to have a pirate theme, so he called his party “Bowling for Booty”, and made everyone wear eye patches. He also played the ride music from “Pirates of the Carribbean” over and over. And over.
It was really fun. Jeremy’s 25 now.

Where is my mind?

This site was last updated on Wednesday, 28 November 2001 at 6:21 PM PST.

If this is your first time here, please read this.

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you’d probably like the saga of SpongeBob Vega$Pants.
I had an old weblog, that I kept at the old site. If you want to read that, it’s here. I even left the old, ugly styles, so you can see how far I’ve, er, come, or something.

Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away

Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away

I have completed every section of the new site, except the online store.
I’ll be sending out an Email to everyone in my address book (if you’ve mailed me before, you’re there) when it opens…
Truth: I am really excited.
I am going to leave this site up, so new people can see the evolution of my skills between the two sites, and so I never forget how lame I am when I start to think I know a thing or two about scripting.
Now I just have to learn how to make the old index page say “we’ve moved” and automatically push you to the new site…but not now. Now, I sleep.

Cool Emails Since I got

Cool Emails

Since I got listed on memepool, I’ve gotten lots of emails.
Surprisingly, all of them were cool. I was really expecting people to be shitty to me.
Here are a couple of them, that made me smile:

so. i randomly found your blog on blogger. i like
burritos. i clicked on it. i found no burritos. i was
somewhat disappointed.
are you the actual wil wheaton? i think you may
be…because i clicked around your site for a while.
it was sort of surreal. because i used to have
pictures of you on my wall when i was in junior high
school. my dad was a total trekkie, and always used to
force me to watch it with him all the time. your
presence was the only redeeming quality. not to
mention the fact that “stand by me” is still one of my
favorite movies of all time. i haven’t seen it on tbs
in quite some time; but thankfully i have it on video.
do you get this sort of thing all the time? i
apologize. this is probably quite annoying.
this has been a very, very odd afternoon.
my name is sharon, by the way. hi. :)


Hi Wil,
I saw your site linked up on Memepool. I wanted to
let you know that you were a great role model for me
about ten years ago when I was a young thirteen year
old geek who didn’t fit in too well. I tuned in to
Star Trek every Friday evening and the reruns too so
that I could watch a geek who was actually celebrated
and not picked on for it.
I’m now a technical writer at a software company and
am very happy to be who I am – a geek. :)
I was really glad to see your site. I looked for it
about ten years ago when I first got online with a
modem measured in bps (hee hee). I wish you the best
of luck in comedy and whatever your future endevors
may be.


Dear Wil,
I’ve always wanted to somehow tell you how much I enjoyed your work in the
movie Stand by Me and what that movie meant to me while I was growing up.
When I was a teenager, life in high school was not that fun. In many ways, I
was like Chris Chambers. One of the things Gordie says to Chris is “You can
do anything you want to man.” I always took that to heart and now I’ m
working my way through college and look forward to a career in political
science. Stand by Me taught me to look beyond where I was and look at what
could be. It gave me hope and got me through those turbulent teen years.
I just wanted to thank you for your sensitive portrayal of Gordie and how he
knew Chris could be better than everyone thought he was.
I also enjoyed your work on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wesley was a good
example of what young people could do if given the chance. Would you ever
reprise your role in a Star Trek movie?
Since I don’t live in L.A. and can’t enjoy your current endevour, do you have
anything coming out on a national scale soon?
Finally, happy belated birthday from a fellow Leo (August 11,1972)!
Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.
Vanessa Penick
P.S. Great bio on the website. Pretty funny. :)

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