everyone needs more marlowe wheaton

"...but I was playing with the toys."

“…but but but I was playing with the toys.”

Seamus is really patient with Marlowe, but she’s 19 months and he’s 5 years-old, so for the last few days, she’s been pushing him, and testing her position in the pack.

Today, he finally decided that he’d had enough, and in addition to holding her down and reminding her that when he doesn’t want to play, it means he does not want to play, he took her toys away from her and made her wait about an hour before he let her take one of them back.

I let him correct her, because that’s really important for her socialization, and it’s really important to maintain pack status… but I did have to take this picture of her looking at me like it was the most unfair thing in the world that he took her toys away.

I Will NOT Apologize for Making Another Stupid Rick Grimes Dad Joke Meme.

This is one of Anne’s very favorite dad jokes.

In other news, I think I figured out how to make fonts look snazzy in GIMP.

marlowe is happy that we’re home

One of the best things about having dogs is how they make me feel like I’m the greatest thing in the world, just because I walked in the door.

We were up in Portland for a few days to celebrate my godson’s first birthday and have a Wheaton family reunion, and when we came home, Marlowe ran laps around the house.

She did a wall ride off our couch, resulting in this:

2013-07-29 16.28.50

If I were better at math, I’d write out the equation that expresses the transference of puppy’s exuberance into actual force energy with a variable for how long it’s been since the puppy last saw the human, and I’d put it here.

Edit: This is from Chuck, in comments:


Pe=puppy exuberance
Ta=Time away
Wh=Wheaton awesome factor.
Mf= Marlowe force energy.
Pe*(Ta+Wh^2)=Mf or moving furniture in a single bound.

Oh, and this is, according to WordPress, an image post. With six types of potential posts, it seems silly that I only make standard posts.