120 thoughts on “Blowing the lead, 101”

  1. Rob,
    With a name like “Matsushita” I would have sworn that you were Bolivian.
    Or maybe just Canadian.

  2. isn’t “great Viking food” defined as a particularly pungent piece of lutefisk? With an extra dash of lye on the side?
    and I use the term “piece” loosely, since I’m not sure what unit you use for something that’s roughly equivalent to a spooge of toothpaste.
    maybe it’s spooge.
    signed “edgar” or something

  3. I’m a french-dutch-german-irish mongrel. That, and I’m down in SC right now. Next time I’m up in WI (end of october for my brother’s wedding) I’ll probably hit Madison…

  4. It wasn’t a pun.
    It was an ono-mata-pee-yah.
    Or simile.
    It was a limerick.
    An adverb.
    Future present past participle.
    Red Dog, this is mother hen, over.
    Go ahead, Red Dog.
    The rooster’s in the toolshed. Over.
    Rooster’s in the toolshed.
    Copy that. Return to base. Over.
    I love pretzels and peanut butter.
    Is this my “special place?”
    Don’t touch my “special place.”

  5. When I press “post” my comment does not appear at the END of the thread but rather a few spots up.
    That ain’t right.
    Oh, I see what it’s doing…
    The posting time is off so it sticks my posts before the last four thinking they were made six hours ago.

  6. personally, i have a team of professionals hired especially to grease me up and touch my special place.
    i call them all ‘corey.’ that’s because i only employ certified, fully trained greasers by the name of ‘corey.’ it adds an air of authenticity to the experience.

  7. “Or ODB.”
    Hey, ODB is the personal savior of the MU Golden Eagles. Gotta love Odartay.
    ….or did you mean the rap artist? 😉

  8. okay, now this is weird.
    at least before we had a semblance of linearity.
    let’s see if this works. i think some random, unconnected thoughts, and then you try to reply to them before i post them.
    who am i talking to?
    you. i’m talking to you.
    you there, with the han solo haircut and the can of cold baconpop.

  9. hey!
    how come i can still post a comment even though the thread is archived?!
    i feel like stalin.
    retroactively altering historical records, i mean.
    not the moustache.
    don’t forget, it was me you loved.
    it was me that started the revolution.

    look over there.

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