I just found out that Foreign Correspondents is available at!
I’ll put it up on the right in a week or two, but I’m pretty excited about it being available at the evil amazon, and I wanted to share that with everyone. :-)
Bloggie results have not yet been revealed to me…so I don’t know if we should be getting tanked to celebrate, or to drown our sorrows… 😉

74 thoughts on “ForCor”

  1. Hi it’s Mark, the guy who made “Foreign Correspondents.” First off, thanks Wil for the plug! And yes Amazon is a “necessary evil.” I’m glad they are stocking the film but they take 55% off each sale! Ouch! If you want 100% of your money to go to the filmmakers (i.e. me) you can also buy the VHS or DVD for the same price from my Yahoo store – that’s – you’ll also get a video faster because at the moment Amazon has back-ordered the videos (they’re selling fast!) so it will take them a few days longer to get you one than it will me. Anyway, I will say no more. I’m just thankful people want to buy our film. It really is good and Wil is really great in it, a very different role for him.

  2. Undertoad and Rob, chalk me up to be another Parker Lewis fan. That show was superb and nothing like anything I had seen before.
    I guess Fox’s new “Parker Lewis” is “Malcolm in the Middle”. Kinda.
    So who’s *really* tanked?

  3. Yay!!! ForCor sounds like such an awesome movie I have been dying to see it for so long.!!!! I cant wait to buy it…ok now anyone got any money for me to buy it LOL, god being unemployed in NYC sucks ass! I need a job!!!
    Oh and as for geting tanked…I say get tanked, either way. I’m sure you had to win something this site rocks!!! Hell, you better cuz I freaggin voted man!n If you dont, ITS RIGGED I TELL YOU!! RIGGED!! RIGGED!!

  4. “So who’s *really* tanked?”
    Last night, I *really* was. Not for any reason in particular, except that I was board and listening to music, and well….music’s so much better that way.
    And no…..I’m not an alcoholic. :)

  5. All that really matters is that we’re geting tanked together, right? WWDN will always be, just as long as we have we…..

  6. Kuddos to Wil! (I’ve been using the word, ‘kuddos’ for the last week and a half….don’t ask me why) Also, lets not forget to give it up, old school, to William Fucking Shatner!

  7. Not to detract from the accomplishment, but I think the ballot box was a bit over stuffed. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he won best asian or computer and technology blogs. Anyway congrats all the same.

  8. congratulations on the bloggie wins, boyo….
    and though i still think that wesley was used far too often as a deus ex machina for underdeveloped cliffhanger plots, your re-emergence into pop culture makes me grin. thanks… and keep it up.

  9. Yay, you swept the bloggies. And much, much, much
    mojo to you today at 3:00 pst time.
    And if the producers know what’s good for them,
    they’ll “harvest the wheat.” That’s right, the qoute of the day is “harvest the wheat.”
    Brought to you in part by, my brother and the letters h and w.

  10. I want to know if you’re going to donate the prize money to charity, or just have it changed into singles & head out for one of those titty bars out by LAX.
    signed edgar, or something.

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