Rhymes with News

Today, I present to you, the faceless internet monkey, a short collection of news items featuring me, or my friends.
Enjoy them in moderation. (+1, Interesting…I hope):

58 thoughts on “Rhymes with News”

  1. how did you add the comments before the comment screen? in straight html?
    I know this is off topi, but could you help me out, I’m trying to set up several blogs right now and am having headaches.
    ps… when did you move to moveable type?

  2. spiffy Elvis thing . . . that is so cool—I haven’t seen the word `spiffy’ used in a long time. It is one of my more favorite words when describing something neat or gear (and this isn’t me being ironic—honest!). I dunno—maybe I read too many Archie comics as a kid. Have a luverly dinner with your wife, wil!

  3. Awesome news on the award – best actor – too cool. This is better than academy award because it’s underground film – films by folks with more than two iq points to rub together.

  4. Best Actor *AND* the opportunity to knock He Of The One Tooth on his purple ass?
    Yours is the life of Reilly, my friend.
    ‘Grats on all good things!

  5. While “Best Actor” is obviously a good start, you must be disappointed you missed out on some of the more prestigious awards MUFF was offering, like “Most Gratuitous Sex”, or “Best Use of the Guerilla Aesthetic”

  6. Sweet looking GPS.
    I’d never seen one that took external memory cards but it was just a matter of of time.
    I do hope you’re treating yourself to a 64 meg SD card and the US Maps CD too.
    Is your old one for sale?

  7. hey wil your last message entry thing, whatever you want to call it, made me want to go see “Jane white is Sick and Twisted” It looks good, hope you enjoyed your dinner!!!!

  8. Wil wrote:
    > Enjoy them in moderation. (+1, Interesting…I hope)
    LOL! Having just come here from Slashdot, I found that rather amusing. Or perhaps it’s just that I’m a bit tired, and everything seems slightly amusing.
    As Wil once said, I don’t like to post unless I have something I think is worth +5. (Of course, I’m paraphrasing… was that in the /. interview?)
    I guess this post would have to be an exception to that rule.
    Ah well, back to lurker mode.

  9. Hey Wil, why didn’t you say earlier that your movie was on at MUFF? I woulda gone and seen it!! Now I’ve missed my chance, curse it.

  10. Wil,
    Say no more, say no more..
    nudge nudge, wink wink..
    and speaking of Elvis things…
    the other day I saw this picture on the telly
    then thought, “What the picture of Wil Wheaton
    doin on the screen?”
    turns out, and I hope others will agree…
    I see a strong look of a young Elvis looking
    Wil Wheaton… (with STNG Hair style)
    even in Stand By Me… just look at old pictures
    of Elvis in his pre-teen and teen years…
    forgive me if I’m wrong Wil…
    your are the “King” of “STNG”

  11. Wil,
    I can’t thank you enough for defending my right to commit parody on the Internet. Without it, I’d hardly be able to leave any comments on your blog page.
    It just kinda gets me right _here_. *sniff*
    Sheesh, gotta follow all those links now … Later!

  12. Wil.
    Well done. I can’t wait to see Jane White is Sick and Twisted. I’m a big fan of Colin Mochrie and Kim Little is gorgeous.
    Nice work on the award…etc.

  13. Ooooh… Magellan Meridian… I introduced my parents to caching in April, and that’s the one they got… In 4 months they’ve found 220+ geocaches, and are ranked second in Australia!
    Glad to read you’re still having fun – have you made any travelbugs yet?

  14. Yeah Yeah, the Meridian Platinum. When you introduced us to GeoCaching, that’s what I went out and bought for myself so I could play too. Excellent device, never had a problem with it.

  15. Damn, I haven’t been to the DNA Lounge in ages. Heck, it seems I haven’t been out of my house in ages.
    But…for free speech on the internet & to see you kicking the purple ass out of Barney it’ll be worth digging up a couple of bucks.
    Hope you’re training like Rocky by running up & down lots of steps in LA.
    I pity da fool named Barney.

  16. Now, why did they have to bring Dino into it? Poor, innocent, stone age pet. Jeez, the Barney folks need to loosen up! I wuold love to see ol’ Wesley kick some purple dinosaur ass (just not Dino, I have a fond childhood attachment to the Flintstoes).
    (ok, ignore me, its late & I’m tired & weird)

  17. Yay Mr Wheaton on the best actor thingy. Australia loves you….apparently.
    Does anybody know how difficult it is to buy the JWS&T Game. My god, im surprised you dont have to provide a DNA sample. Security is fine but this is excessive…going off topic, never mind. Anyway, one day it will arrive.
    Enjoy your meal Mr Wheaton…

  18. Hi everyone.
    I am a complete and utter asshole.
    I have no life, I am a loser, and I hope to someday be able to find my own dick.

  19. WELLLLLLLL we are busy little bee’s aren’t we?
    But you see kids when he links all this stuff and then WE take the time to read it and check it out
    etc…THAT means he can have even MORE time between HIS blog entries..MORE time for romantic
    dinners..”so there.”
    but in a good way…After that “cut” from “THAT
    movie” you MORE than deserve a break..
    it’s just that I/we miss ya when you are gone..
    AND what EVER happened in ALASKA anyway?
    No report or a GAG order????

  20. Ok, this is off topic, but I think there are three types of regulars here (and no, Spudnuts is not regular), and it applies to one of them.
    Ok, since you asked.
    1. People who admire Wesley Crusher.
    2. People who admire Wil. That includes the homoerotic ones.
    3. Gamer geeks.
    Category three (guilty) also reads Penny Arcade, who now has a theme song. One that includes Wil. Check out this line:
    “They said you’re cheatin,
    but with coins in hand,
    you got more game than Wil Wheaton.”
    Penny Arcade: http://www.penny-arcade.com
    Song: http://artists.iuma.com/site-bin/mp3gen/48221/IUMA/Bands/MC_Frontalot/audio/MC_Frontalot_-_Penny_Arcade_Theme.mp3
    –NT (sniper bitch)

  21. OT-:-Second ever post and about fifth ever visit, what do I do?
    Spell Wil’s name wrong. :(
    Don’t I feel like a muppet.
    Sorry Wil,

  22. Wil,
    you’re honestly the greatest real-life symbol of all things Star Trek.
    You feel like comin to Canada for a (good) beer?

  23. Boy, it turns out that once wasn’t enough for me, so I’m back to remind everyone that I don’t get enough attention in real life.
    It’s sad that I’m such a fucking asshole. I could probably spend my time better, contributing something worthwhile to the universe.
    Oh, and my IP is, which is a .mil address. Aren’t you proud that your tax dollars are paying for me to waste your time and mine spamming a website?
    Why don’t you drop by for a visit? I think I’m a pretty fucking funny guy.

  24. Wil,
    It looks like you had enough caffeine this week. What a busy schedule you maintain. Congrats on your award. It takes a smart busy man to still have time for his wife. I think I’ll
    get back to the linksssss. I’m about half-way done now.

  25. Congrats on the award!
    It must feel good.
    I look forward to seeing Jane White in Toronto some time. We’ve got so many film festivals that it’s bound to qualify for one.

  26. Well I would watch The Screen Savers… however my cable system is lame and won’t gimme TechTV….
    I must go beat them now…

  27. got my tickets for the barney thing already. My money’s on Barney, cause you’re short, Will, but my friend in NJ has made mailed me a fiver to put on you.

  28. Melbourne ROCKS! Best city in the world!
    Congrats Will on the award at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, now you simply HAVE no choice. You must come to Melbourne and hang with all of us who love you Down Under. Make sure you bring a copy of everything you’ve ever been in and we can make a weekend of it!
    Find the next convention playing in Melbourne, and beg to be a part of it!

  29. Fark…
    I just realised that “bring a copy of everything you’ve ever been in and we’ll make a weekend of it…” could sound really… erm… bad! *blush*
    Do be assured that I am sure everything you’ve ever been in would take longer than 48 to view! Considering you were in four years of TNG!
    Um… did I mention I was blonde?
    *slinks out of the room*

  30. Sacramento is th land of Muscle cars, mullets and tank tops? I thought that was reserved for New Jersey??? Oh wait, I traded in my Iroq in 1989.
    Seriously, Chicks In Crisis sounds like a good deal.
    Have a great week Wil!

  31. Wil…congrats on the “Jane” film and the award. I’ll look for you on Tech TV if I’m home, but you coulda bothered to mention that Liz Hurley is going to be on TSS tomorrow night!!! I’m setting up the freakin TIVO for that! The hotest mom on the planet, IMO.

  32. Wil,
    The thought of you swinging away, no, bashing away at Barney has got to be the best thing I have ever heard of. Please do us all a favor and kick the dinosaurs big purple ass.
    Also, congrats on the award, and nice birthday gift your getting yourself. Go ahead and spoil yourself.
    Have a great rest of the week Wil.
    Until your next post……

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