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  1. Hell Wil, this piccy is 288 KB !!! Whoever is paying the webhost bill is in for one hell of a shock if you get too many visitors.
    Anyway isn’t it supposed to have WWDN or 50,000 monkeys, or somethin’ on there too ?
    OK – you sold me…. how much ? Unless of course you’re gonna visit EBay again :-)
    It would sure look better wih beer in it though.

  2. No No No, Mark…
    You don’t put skunk squeezin’s in a monkey glass…
    You put banana juice in a Monkey glass…
    (Someone, plese, save me from the gutter, for the current is strong.)

  3. Actually, the image is from the ebay page, so it won’t matter how big it is. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
    Okay, I’ll stop now.
    Cool glass though. I wish I could bid on ’em!

  4. wow number 6! im in the front thats soo cool Wilio man!
    im luvin that cup up there lol.
    exactly a month since River Phoenix’s birthday

  5. I have that exact same glass! You can buy them at Cost Plus for two bucks, and I love them. It kind of disturbs me that the moneky is oddly sheep-like, though.

  6. Heh! GIMPped it smaller, resaved, now it’s just 96K.
    Yep, I got them at Cost Plus. The image links to an auction for an autographed version =]

  7. That really does look like a sheep. A brown sheep. I can’t really explain why, but I think it is really fun that Wil found some glasses he likes, bought some extra for people that would also like them, and is selling them on ebay. Its such a simple little thing that would have been impossible 10 years ago. It made me smile.

  8. 50,000 monkey’s my butt…there’s really been only one monkey all along…and he’s not even at the typewriter!…bet he’s plastered now that he’s sucked all the gin outta that glass!

  9. “I can’t really explain why, but I think it is really fun that Wil found some glasses he likes, bought some extra for people that would also like them, and is selling them on ebay. Its such a simple little thing that would have been impossible 10 years ago. It made me smile”
    *big grin*
    exactly =]

  10. somebody better buy wil’s damn glasses or he’s never gonna get off this monkey thing!…let alone post anything new!…buy the glasses!…they make a perfect gift for all occasions!…and they’re easy to use to…just fill ’em and drain ’em!

  11. It’s already at $76.00 at eBay.
    I sell Pint Glasses all over the place at UE for like $10 and you think people get all excited? Noooooo.
    Stupid Wheaton and his Stupid Monkeys.

  12. Just cleaning out the garage and found some old glasses and put them up for auction. Good for you! Wil, your making all of the fans here -excited-! We were cleaning at my house too, is it hard to set up an E-bay account? We are gonna sell some of our junk. Right now I am watching TNG on TNN! Wil was (is still) so CUTE!

  13. Although this monkey may look like a sheep do not be fooled. Afterall the catarrhine nose (characteristic of old world monkeys) is clearly visable, the eyes are towards the front of the head and the skull is in the shape of a dome. Unlike the sheep which is a prey animal therefor having the eyes more towards the sides of the head. But I don’t know what the hell is going on with those mickey mouse ears. Obviously the artist did not consult the zoo on this piece.

  14. Wil,
    That was amazing!
    As obvious as it should already be to us, if there is one life lesson I’ll take from wilwheaton.net (And I will) it’s that celebrities are human. Man, did that story ever bring me back. You always assume that celebs are these invincible amazing people who do EVERYTHING you’ve always wanted to do. I guess it takes stories like this to realize that celebs still have feelings and aren’t made of stone.
    I think you’ve taken us all in that time machine with you, though we’re all getting off at different stops.

  15. I often wonder why people play money for an autograph.
    I mean, what is it you’re getting.
    A signature.
    Go work retail, accept credit cards, get tons of signatures.
    What makes celebrities signatures so important?
    When they write “To my friend Dave, have a great life, hugs and kisses, etc etc” do they mean it? Or are they thinking “Geez Dave, if this’ll get you off my back…(sigh)”
    Then you think of the price.
    over $100 for a glass with a signature on it. When you think about it, the only thing, other than the $2 cost of the glass, that wil invested in it is time.
    I’m glad wil can put a price on his time, I can’t. I have a real hard time doing it.
    Then again, i’m rather whacked. =D

  16. that monkey does look like a sheep.
    maybe it’s a monkey-sheep hybrid called meep or shonkey or shmonkey or shmeep or something… 😀

  17. Or maybe it’s just feeling sheepish cause of being
    sold on Ebay pretending to be a monkey?!
    no this does not make any sense ..its too damn early.

  18. I just checked the latest bid for the glasses on ebay, and the bid is up to $112.50 made by stargazer7of9…hrm…sounds familiar… 😉
    The “shmonkey” (as per suzy), looks like it needs more to it. Wil’s autograph would fill up the empty space around the glass, but we need some nice, relaxing beverage to fill up the inside. :)

  19. Wil,
    You are right to call your readers monkeys. Whatever you write or say or sell, is automatically touted “the coolest thing ever!” All the monkeys are always so far up your ass cuz they all want to be your bestest friend… you must be making a killing off these idiot sycophants. You should try auctioning off a piece of your own shit- you’d still probably get a $100 bucks for it.
    ha ha good luck!

  20. Well, the glasses finally sold for $177.50. Congrats to the lucky winner. Wil, you should send the person a photo of yourself drinking out of your own monkey glass.

  21. I just wanted to say that Jake of 8bit Joystick.com is a proud supporter of Evil Ninja.net’s
    Buy Bush a PlayStation 2 Campaign
    Quoth the site.
    Simply put, BBPS2 is a protest fund-raiser. The object is to raise enough money to buy President George W. Bush a PlayStation 2 and a copy of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, in the hopes that he uses it

  22. oh to be just an ordinary guy huh!
    but the fans just won’t let go wil they lol
    instead of quasimodo saying “the bells, the bells”
    there are famous people (what does that mean anyway “famous”)out there saying “the fans, the fans”.
    keep it up wil, just an ordinary “famous” guy.
    nice to know Mr stewart was truthfull about your acting ability, and obviously had a great deal of respect for you also! another ordinary “famous” guy? (ref: your faq)
    regards to you and yours
    reb and mine

  23. Holy shit, wheaton, you are the devil. $177.50 for two goddamn monkey glasses? Your fans are fucked in the head.
    There is no god.
    I think I’ll get drunk and try to forget you exist.

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