Day Eight

It happens sooner or later on every shoot.
The long hours, the pressure from production to finish the day and stay on time and on budget…people start to lose their patience, and they get cranky.
It happened today. We’re tired, and, we’re all trying to make a “bigger” movie than the budget will allow, so I think everyone is feeling the pressure, and cracks are beginning to show.
Fortunately, everyone seems to understand that we’re all cranky, and why we’re cranky, and we haven’t turned on each other, yet. It’s the time when “please” and “thank you” go a very long way to keep us all sane, and everyone seems to be aware of that.
It really says a lot about the cool people on this crew and in this cast, that even though we’re wiped out, and the production has set some very tough expectations for us (13 pages today!)we’re all still playing on the same team.
So even though we’re all in danger of reaching Donner Party status, the work hasn’t suffered, and everyone remains supportive of each other, which is cool. We’ve even managed to work some cannibal humor into the day to lighten the mood.
I like feeling like I’m on a team, and that I’m part of something much larger than myself. On days like today, that camaraderie is really tested. Fortunately, as far as I can tell, we’re passing the test.
The scenes today were mostly between me and Maureen, and our long personal history is adding this great extra dimension to our performances. We have this great trust in each other, and we’ve been allowed by the director to improvise a bit within the scenes, so they have this great natural, conversational quality which I hope translates into the final product.
On the way home, I pulled into my neighborhood, which is swarming with children and their parents, trick-or-treating. I drove slowly towards my house, smiling and waving at numerous Spider Men, Buzz Light Years, and a few vampires.
When I got to my house, I felt really sad…Nolan and Ryan had already carved their jack o lanterns, and they were out trick-or-treating…but my insanely cool wife hadn’t carved hers, yet…because she was waiting for me. As soon as they get back, the carving will begin.
Happy Halloween, everybody!

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  1. Happy Halloween!
    Well, sorry i’m late, but i hope everyone had one. So was the cannibal humor made because it’s halloween?

  2. Happy Halloween!
    Well, sorry i’m late, but i hope everyone had one. So was the cannibal humor made because it’s halloween?

  3. Happy Halloween!
    Well, sorry i’m late, but i hope everyone had one. So was the cannibal humor made because it’s halloween?

  4. Wil,
    Never posted a note here before, but I wanted to take a couple of seconds to say good luck and that’s awesome that Anne waited for you. Hope your Halloween went well.
    Take care,
    Dustin (reformed ww as wesley basher)

  5. What do you mean feed the troll, DROLL? She has a point, Will should say SOMETHING…I’m not agreeing with her though about Wil thinking that River was that terrible, but stil… They made an awsome movie together.

  6. Ashley/Adi–has it occurred to either of you that the death of a friend is very personal? One of my closest friends died on July 17th. That doesn’t mean I have any obligation to mention it in *my* online journal every year. And I wouldn’t want to. Just because Wil’s a celebrity and River Phoenix was a celebrity doesn’t mean Wil is any more obligated to share his *personal* feelings on the subject than anyone else. People are people, and private is private. If you think someone ought to say something about River Phoenix, say it yourself.

  7. Six more days till Halloween, Halloween….Silver Shamrock.
    This year’s Halloween was pretty cool & there were a lot more trick or treaters than last year.
    Maybe I should have rented out your horror movie the Curse to really give me a sacre. My friend Stevil mentioned you were in a “not one of the better” tales from the Crypt repeat a couple of days ago. Damn, I’m sorry I missed that one.

  8. Clara-
    There is no need to get all excited! Jeez! I’m not saying that Wil should confess how’s he’s feeling, and tell us everything. All i’m saing is that he can just say it’s his 9th Death Anniversary. Period. That is all. I’m not asking for a full-blown party. And i know it’s personal. It’s very personal. Just thought you should hear what i mean before you have a fit.
    p.s i’m truely sorry about your friend

  9. I am feeling that Wil is not obligated to say anything about River or post anything due to the events that occurred nine years ago.I am sure that Wil does not feel as though he was a junkie. Wil gave tribute to River by doing a voice documentary and I believe that was love enough for River..Wil shares alot with us…be happy about that and dont spoil that for everyone.Due to the events of such tragedy and the fact that Wil shares so many other things(that he does not have to do)is more than enough for me! I know there is a such thing as freedom of speech..But there is also a thing called tact and respecting others.So show the man respect or dont post at all! Need I say more?

  10. look people, there is no need to get angry here or start calling people by names (troll?! what are you for christ sake?!!!) i was just saying what i was feeling- and it was not a disrespect ok? i do respect Wil but it hurt me that he didn’t even mention it and like Ashley said he didn’t have to gush here or anything, just bring it up! god knows he talks about stuff way more personal than that!! my comment about what he thinks about River was written due to previous references he made about him! (like why on the “stand by me” DVD special he didn’t talk like everyone else?) which led me to believe he was being cinical about River just like he is about many other things. THATS JUST ME and there is a thing called freedom of speech so you don’t have to get worked up or start talking like uncivilized people ok?! and Wil- thanks a lot for your comment on that one.

  11. Good job at saying that, Adi. And i never said that Wil had to say anything personal about River! Everyone seems to think that it has to be personal! And it doesn’t! That is not went i meant at all. I’m just saying he could of said a little something to show us he still remembers. Hey, maybe Wil doesn’t even remember, who knows. And i am not putting Wil down in anyway! I totally love Wil, okay?! Jeez. Maybe next year, the big TEN years of River’s death will be different.

  12. R.I.P.
    River Phoenix
    August 23rd 1970- October 31st 1993
    *Fallen but never forgotten*
    *only the good die young*
    we miss and love you River we will never forget you!

  13. Hi Adi!
    I read your post and found it absolutely unfair what you said to Wil Wheaton. I am a big admirer of River Phoenix and have been fan of him since over 12 years. I see no necessary and responsibilities for Wil or other celebrities to mention River esp. on his anniversary. They don

  14. Thank you DEB! I agree….geesh..after all that we said you would have thought it would have sunk in that Wil is not obligated to say or do anything…he shares enuff with us already… :) love ya Wil!

  15. I agree with Adi, but i dont think its unfair of Wil if he at least thought of River you know? cause all you fans if you remember from back in January Wil was doing a biography on River and he said he was crying cause he got really upset about River, which shows that Wil still cares and as for you Deb Joaquin probably did say stuff to the public, i mean how would you know did you read every single magazine out there? no. so dont make judgements before you know the facts, thanks.


  17. hey guys…hey Wil…
    I know i’m pretty late on posting this but I think River was a great person and Wil and River had a great friendship when they were young…did you hear the line in Stand By Me *’Friends come in and out of your life like busboys in a restaurant’* well maybe thats the case…i mean like yes they were gonna be friends forever but maybe Wil does not want to bring that up…not out of spite. Wil i think your a great person you have had the best out of your life so far and i hope you enjoy the rest of it! all the best! R.I.P River
    Love and peace

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