I’m putting my time into finishing my book this week, so updates may be infrequent, but I wanted to give up a couple of computer things:

  1. Over at Lockergnome’s Penguin Shell, Tony is running a great week-long tutorial on using procmail to get rid of spam. I’ll be following it all week, moving closer and closer to getting a sendmail server working here at home.
    Yeah, that’s right, sendmail. See, I’ve been having a real good time with computers for about a month now, and I need a reason to hate them again.
  2. Tonight, at 6:20 PM PST, I’ll be a guest on MacRadio. I’ll be talking about my iBook, Linux, my upcoming book, and stuff. It should be a good time, and you can listen in right through your browser.

Finally, my friend sent me this page of really cool fractals he made. I wish you would like it.
Now, I am leaving to go buy the good version of Lord of the Rings, before I park my ass beneath a tree in a park to write.
Life is good.

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  1. I see that red-neck assshoooles have polluted your message boare with their circa McCarthy era brain-dead comments. Don’t let it worry you Wil… They are dinosaurs. They are evidently illiterate, and they are all cowards who need a cause behind which to hide and from which they might exercise their “patridiotic” sociopathy.

  2. these are how wars start. People get all up in other peoples business, when really they should just keep their noses out. Who cares if Wil is a liberal, if you don’t like what he says don’t come here. We may not even all agree with wil, but the truth is we dont come he to be sheep, we like wils writing style and most/some/all of the points he makes. I’m british, so dont even start on me saying i’m a pussy liberal, cos i ‘m not even a yank. I dont like Bush as a president, but i also dont know what goes on behind the goverment scene. I can’t explain nor condemn his actions, because i just dont know. People have their right to an oppinion, the fifth amendment is it? Freedom of speech. Wil can say what he likes, and so can you, but why waste your precious breath on someone who doesnt give a shit about what you say? and also, they way you said it leaves a lot to the imagination. Stop being a redneck, and if you mean what you say, go about it on the right channels and explain to us in a more civilised way.
    (like, longest post, ever!?)

  3. I tried to listen, but nothin was workin on my comp last night. Though I somehow managed to get into the chat room.

  4. Thanks to Wil for being on the show last night, and thanks to you listeners for listening in. (I am the producer of last night.)
    Yes, we are techogeeks – on the other hand, during Mac Help Radio (the name of the show) that IS our jobs, so… we come by it naturally (so to speak.)
    I apologize to Wil about the full Mac ‘Switcher’ label. Eww.. bad word. Anyway, Wil, you are a ‘Switcher’ in the sense that you like and enjoy the Mac and you are glad you are using that instead of MS Windows at this point. I think Mac folks have come to the conclusion that UNIX folks are a good candidate for Macs due to the underlying core of OS X being a *NIX variant.
    Last word on this – many Mac users have mixed computer households, and most Mac users have to use Windows at work. At least two of our show hosts fit that description.
    For those of you trying to get through to MacRadio.com, please be patient. We are experiencing growing pains, which I’m working through at the moment. Our little server is working it’s heart out, litterally. We are also testing new phone equipment later this week, which we hope will resolve the phone quality issues.
    Again, thanks.
    — Robert Aldridge, producer of Mac Help Radio

  5. Ouch,
    Hehe, good luck with Sendmail. I’m sure you could try Qmail, PostFix, etc… But Sendmail really isn’t that hard. If you do it right, it’s just as secure as QMail and just as fast as PostFix.
    However, you may wanna take a look at Webmin which is an awesome system/server administration tool you can use while you’re away from home. :)
    It’s sendmail and qmail admin modules are quite excellent as well.

  6. Actually, it was 2002-11-12. (ISO 8601) I think the periods w/ day before month is Cryllic, or Turkish, or L33tish, or something like that. :) (And come on Wil… your web log already puts the dates on the stories… you’re a writer, come up with a damned title!)

  7. Wil,
    Be careful under that tree because it can be full of discoveries. Everything about it can be distracting. I am sure your book will turn out fine. I can not promise you that I will ever get around to reading it because I have alot of distractions. I read a great long book last week
    and got a slight headacke for my procrastination.
    Finish what you started.

  8. Found your site after clicking on a friends site, from another site… Good to see that you are writing a book, I’m an aspiring writer on the side, hence my blog. Best wishes!

  9. And FG is right; Newton was under that tree writing and discovered gravity. If you aren’t careful you might find someone’s old socks, that would be…. ewwwwww…

  10. Damn, I consider myself a geek, but I’m not having much luck with installing Redhat Linux on a couple of old P200’s I have lying around. Damn, non standard video card can’t be detected and Gnome doesn’t want to start. Maybe I need a more recent version (I have 6.2). ARgh!!!
    Plus, after living in a windows/DOS world it’s challening to figure out new Linux commands. Uh, how do you change directories again. I’m all for alternatives to Windows. Too bad poor old BEos didn’t make it. What a fun, easy to use OS to work with.
    On other fronts…hope your book/talks will be as cool as Bruce Campbell’s. Just saw him in Berkeley on Tuesday. Way “smokingly” cool.

  11. well, no one mentioned exim for sendmail replacement, so I figured I should :-)
    Also, to counteract spam, I am using spamassassin which works really well. I get about 20-30 spam mails a day, and it stops most of them…usually every few days one or two get through (their algorithm is supposively 99.9% effective)
    But you can customize it for your own spam, so people who spam you regularly you can blacklist locally (or white list them if it blocks spam like things that you actually want :-) )

  12. Can’t wait to read the book Wil! I hope I can get it as a Christmas present! Oh, and the better LOTR version is great isn’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I would second the recommendation of exim. It’s an excellent MTA; it’s now Debian GNU/Linux’s default MTA, and we used it extensively at Cambridge while I was a Computer Officer there (of course, the fact that the author worked for us did help.)
    I cannot see any reason to struggle with sendmail in this day and age.

  14. Wasn’t the cast interviews and the commentaries just so hilarious?!?!?! Loved every minute of it! Hey, good luck on the book, Wil…hope to read it one day!

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