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  1. Congratulations Wil. So now that you have that wish fulfilled… are you going to remove it from your wish list — or put it under a “wishes granted” section and add a new one to your wish list? Dream big, Wil!
    Congratulations again…

  2. ‘Every person who has gone there to do that has ended up e-mailing me, saying, “You know what? I went there to laugh at the washed-up child star, and I’m sorry that I ever thought like that. It’s very clear that you’re not like that.”‘
    I never thought that dude. I actually stumbled across your site by accident (gotta love google). Anyway, I thought your character was pretty cool; he was much like me when I was young. He knew many adults and learned many things from them, but he did not have many friends his own age. Fortunatly, those times have passed and I now have many friends my own age (and some older friends too).
    Cool interview dude…. Good luck with the book!

  3. Good interview, Wil. Next stop…Letterman. Glad to see you mentioned Kansas, even if you didn’t go into detail. I’ve always wondered what you thought about living here. I didn’t really know any of the NewTek crowd directly; I was just always under the impression none of them were very happy here.

  4. “you’ve heard about the plane flying around the world with jimi hendrix, jim morrison, howard hughes and elvis…i think that’s the one chunky is on…it’s one big party in the sky.
    Posted by d. burr at November 19, 2002 06:15 PM ”
    Oh yeah…cool. Definately cool. :)

  5. Wil,
    Wow, you did not scamper away from the reporter. This was a good interview. But, for a person who does not like the fame that comes with some types of film acting, you gave some long answers to those questions. Things that make you go huummmmmmmm?

  6. Wil…
    Congratulations… and let me say you’re welcome (I think). I sent the AV Club an email a number of months ago stating that you were interested in being interviewed by them, but I never recieved any response back from them. Not trying to claim credit, just saying that I may have had something to do with it. Anyway, great interview, man…
    ~Scott the dreamweaver

  7. Hey Wil:
    Big Congrats!! :) Sounds like you’ll be
    needing to find a new goal to add to the
    end of that list now.

  8. Hey Wil:
    Big Congrats!! :) Sounds like you’ll be
    needing to find a new goal to add to the
    end of that list now.

  9. Hey Wil:
    Big Congrats!! :) Sounds like you’ll be
    needing to find a new goal to add to the
    end of that list now.

  10. I worked up in Madison while the Onion was there oh so many moons ago. Fun times. The best assignment I ever got was David Chan who gets to film the nekkid chicks for Playboy. Oh, the rough life of a journalist.
    But it’s nothing compared to the uber-coolness of you Wil. The world is a fuzzy ball of happiness with an orgasmic nugat center now that society has that interview of you in its permanent archives. Future sociologists will look to this day as the dawning of a new era of Enlightenment.
    Plus it fits in nicely next to the Pathetic Geek Stories.

  11. I really enjoyed the interview, Its been so long since we got something like that, and the fact that it was for The Onion totally RAWKS!! You said it best…It absolutely, positively, does not get any better than WilWheaton.net! And now you have one more thing to be thankful for!

  12. congratulations.
    my two cents: remember to set a new goal to replace this one. i always try to keep my number of goals standard… it keeps me moving forward…
    otherwise i’d be a worse slacker than i already am…

  13. I’m confused. You got invited to eat at a college fraternity house? Why is this an honor?
    Want to come to Johnstown, PA, to eat at the Delta Chi house? Well, they don’t actually have a place to eat, but they’ll take you to the student union. Well, they’ll direct you to the student union, I mean, they won’t PAY for you or anything

  14. Hey Wil:
    Big Congrats!! :) Sounds like you’ll be
    needing to find a new goal to add to the
    end of that list now.

  15. Hey Wil:
    Big Congrats!! :) Sounds like you’ll be
    needing to find a new goal to add to the
    end of that list now.

  16. Hey Wil:
    Big Congrats!! :) Sounds like you’ll be
    needing to find a new goal to add to the
    end of that list now.

  17. Aaaahhhh! I got my onion list-bot mail this morning, and there you were! Congratulations, Wil. I immediately geeked out and sent a link to all my friends, who up to now keep meaning to visit wwdn, but never somehow seem to do so. Perhaps now they’ll change their evil ways.
    By the way, I liked Wesley _because_ I was a geek, and the number of sympathetic teen geeks on TV was 1, Wesley. I actually stopped watching TNG after you left.

  18. Wil,
    I always was a fan since I was 12 yrs old. I loved the interview and am new to this site. I was very impressed I think you’re greater than ever.

  19. Ah Wil..did not the soapbox start in MARCH..not
    MAY?..picky picky picky!!!

  20. Your right. It doesn’t. The Onion is one of the best websites I’ve ever visited. Also one of my favourites.

  21. Congrats! So, do you add a new wish to the list or are you trying to get to zero? Is that all there is to the interview or do you have a hidden longer one like Joss Whedon?
    And thanks for not telling The AV Club guys how much Topeka really sucks.

  22. OK. What you need to do, Wil, is keep that item on your wishlist but add a big-assed flashy graphical check mark next to it. Or maybe a couple of pictures of hands pointing at that item from multiple angles and a big sign saying, “RIGHT HERE BABY! DID THIS ONE! THAT’S RIGHT, I AM THE MAC DADDY! UNCLE WILLY IS NUMBAH WUHN!!! BOOYAH!
    Not that humility is a “bad thing” exactly…

  23. I think the title of this blog entry should have been “Another wish granted”. Hasn’t the “write a book” wish come true? Or does it not count until you officially publish it?
    What’s your definition of “Great”? I think you inspire a lot of folks here with your words.
    And you certainly have made me think and reflect with your words. So you can cross that off, too.
    Was that all of the interview? It ended rather abruptly.

  24. Wow. Of all the people to be interviewed by they’ve got to be the coolest. I think you’ve reached the pinacle of success….Star Trek Star Smreck….the Onion is where it’s at.
    I used to watch Star Trek with my dad and do my chemistry homework. I called you, “Pajama boy.” It’s fantastic to hear that we both have grown out of our geeky phases.

  25. Dear Wil,
    Isn’t life wonderful, when reality coincides with your dreams. I’m delighted for you. Keep up the GREAT work.

  26. The Video Toaster 4000? You’re scatting me???
    I knew you were a closet Amiga user! Damn, would be cool to hear a bit of the inside scoop on the development of that product. It was KICK ASS at the time it came out. I think they still have it for the MAC/PC? I could be wrong.
    Maybe you should give the old Amiga crowd a boost and show up at their annual Amiwest show in Sacramento.

  27. Wil
    What is it about that Billingly kid from Christmas story that every likes so much. I’ve read many articles about celebs and most go out of their way to mention him and laud him. Is he just a really cool dude?

  28. An excellent interview by both you and the writer.
    Cruise ship stragglers (or is it staggerers?), that was funny! Hey kid, step aboard the Back To The Future machine!How about them first impressions!? *Hic*

  29. Seriously, you know what I would think would actually be cool for you to add to your wishlist?
    To get an “E Hollywood Story: Wil Wheaton” made.
    I, for one, would love to have that honor (although perhaps I could do without some of the tragedy some have to endure to get it).
    At the very least, something like a “Where are they now?” spot…

  30. Hey Wil, I’m a first time visitor here after reading the excellent Onion interview and I’ve read a few entries and I think I’ll be coming back quite a bit!
    Just to say, I watched a lot of Star Trek while growing up and I never hated your character. I remember thinking I wanted to be you, how many kids get to fly a starship??? And I always thought the writers were missing out by not introducing a Troi-Wes love story! haha!

  31. Glad to see it! Seriously it was a great interview, It was interesting to read all that stuff. I started watching Star Trek when I was stressed about exams. My friend lent me a tape of it to help me sleep. All that happened was I ended up totally addicted and didn’t get any sleep anyway. Good thing you left too, even though I had some pretty miserable friends at the time!

  32. Just read the interview, as usual your wit and insight give me hope for humanity in the entertainment business. Way to go, keep it up and hope to see more of you on the small and large screens.

  33. Read the Onion interview, which led me here. I remember Wil from Star Trek, and it was really neat in a VH1 Where Are They Now?esque way to read about a child star who ended up being a really decent sounding guy.

  34. Wow..that was a great reading.And thank you so much for appreciating your biggest fans!I come here sometimes everyday and then I give you a few days to catch up on your writing here..then I am back again..Its addicting…I wanted to say that even after all that you have been through..the fact that you stayed grounded to all that surrounded you is fantastic.

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