Attention Holiday Shoppers!

I’ve done some work on the store, redesigning all the images to be much higher resolution.
I’ve also added several new products, including thongs for the ladies, perfect for throwing at me while I’m on stage.
If you’re interested in an autographed picture, check out this page, but act fast. I only have a handful of 8×10’s left.
Happy shopping, everyone.

64 thoughts on “Attention Holiday Shoppers!”

  1. I too have those two ST:TNG pics! Looking at them really sends me back in time. I remember being 12 and having this huge crush on wesley! It totally makes me smile. I love this site. Wil, you’re my hero.

  2. wil: the feature of these thongs that really impresses me is the moisture collecting pad…the only way to make these things better is to make sure they are all the color brown…because sooner or later they will be…but otherwise it’s another great addition to the already impressive array of products and services available from WWDN…forget the mall…it’s holiday central at WWDN!

  3. Hey, thongs are uncomfortable. I wear them from time to time if necessary, but nothing beats the good ‘ole fashion underwear. But, I will still buy a pair. What the hell!

  4. The Elvis shot is rather hot! Wil, I had no idea you could look so pouty. 😉

  5. Thanks for making shopping for my brother easy for Christmas this year..
    Only I can’t read the print on the comic.
    Is there somewhere else on the site I can find it.
    I was able to squint and read all them except for the last one.

  6. Seriously Wil!
    Did you get hacked? I like the Wil Wheaton thong and t and hope to buy them but will they really say the wrong weight and height? I liked it better when it said 5’4″ and 120lbs. Sadly, those are my stats too…
    They may have got you good – look closely at the Wil merchandise.
    Help us Wil!

  7. special extended edition of LOTR=addiction…
    ::meep:: Due to a really heavy and crezzy school schedule I was only able to sit down and watch it in pieces, but, oh, damn, the difference a few added scenes can make.
    Can’t wait to see Two Towers, infact I’ll be going clear across the US, and back to my birth state, to see it. hoo yah!
    A little over 2 weeks and counting….

  8. How about printing this on the backside of the thong. “WWDN up your farking ass!”
    You could get some serious hits on this site if you had your beautiful fans model your ‘wares. It holds true that WWDN fans are more attractive than other humans.
    Especially Alicia…drool…wag…drool

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