Attention Holiday Shoppers!

I’ve done some work on the store, redesigning all the images to be much higher resolution.
I’ve also added several new products, including thongs for the ladies, perfect for throwing at me while I’m on stage.
If you’re interested in an autographed picture, check out this page, but act fast. I only have a handful of 8×10’s left.
Happy shopping, everyone.

64 thoughts on “Attention Holiday Shoppers!”

  1. sniffles — some of us can’t even use playpal for payment. Any suggestions? (I’m thinking of getting a photo.)

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to buy an autographed
    picture Wil. The only problem is in Canadian
    Dollars I’d be paying over 55.00 before shipping.
    Well maybe next time (if it ever happens).
    To bad it’s Xmas time and I am way short on cash.
    Thanks for thinking of your fans. You are a swell

  3. Hey, Wil –
    The thongs are nice but how about some cotton breifs for us round-bottomed women out here who are practical and prefer ample buttocks coverage while, at the same time, avoiding the floss effect? I promise I WON’T throw them at you while you are either on stage or any other time when panty-throwing is anticipated.

  4. Wil,
    You better be carefull about what you tell people to throw on stage. You never know what YOU will get. Its not like getting a surprise out of a box of cereal.

  5. Damd! I would love to get a pic and the thongs, those are cool!
    But it seems to be a growing trend around here…I have no money…I knew my lousey soon to be ex husband was good for something, if we were still together I’d get the stuff he had money
    OK I’m gonna go plot a way for me to get some money…nothing illeal…really…

  6. Damn, Damn, DAMN cafepress! I do believe that they are in conspiracy to keep us ladies cold-ass-cheeked for some reason. I say we DEMAND equality and insist that, if they will not provide better buttocks coverage for me and my sisters, that the LEAST they can do is offer male thong/marble sacks so we can all be on equal ground!

  7. Random note to everyone:
    I opted to give up Starbucks for a week to get a picture. If you can’t do that, though, email your most beloved family member the link to the item you want with the subject “Hint Hint”.

  8. There MAY be something stopping them from wearing thong, Wil, but there is still nothing stopping them from throwing said thongs at you! :)

  9. I’m doing the econo-Christmas this year (absolutely NO money) but I’d be buying stuff for myself so is that really a Christmas present? I will definetely be adding a link to my wish list though! Any realtives/friends listening? or perhaps charitable strangers? πŸ˜‰

  10. awwwww wil…..thongs??? really? did you have to go there?
    i can’t believe you sell merch…just another reason this site makes me laugh in a good way…not in an ‘i’m laughing at you” way…
    best wishes~

  11. I must say those are the worse looking boxers shorts I’ve ever seen. Not man enough to stick your cartoon face on the boxers?
    I think a glow in the dark Wil cartoon face on them might sell better.

  12. The question (that I’m surprised no one else has asked) is,
    Do I want Wil Wheaton on my crotch and “Wil Wheaton dot net” on my ass?
    …And WHY would I want Wil Wheaton there?
    “Wil Wheaton: On crotches everywhere.”
    “Wil Wheaton: Coming soon to a crotch near you.”
    (replace “crotch” with other synonymous word if desired.)
    Also, isn’t it a strange coincidence that Wil chose the phrase “Wil has a posse” to put on the front of a THONG? Replace the “o” and “e”…
    “Hi, I’m TV’s Wil Wheaton. I’m not a pussy, I just put my image….”
    I suppose that one of the alternatives is to have him across my chest. Now buying a matching set would be fandom.
    (buying the baby T and the thong, that is. It’d be like Wil getting action without even realizing it. Good thing he’s married.)
    [disclaimer: The above was meant to amuse, not offend. I seriously hope that this disclaimer is unnecessary and that no one is offended.]

  13. oh delphine, you’re killing me! That if farking hilarious. Sounds like we have the start of “The Thong Rebellion” (you know – like The Boxer Rebellion, but for women?)

  14. Small FYI: I don’t think there is anywhere on the PayPal form for a custom message when ordering the autographed 8×10’s. I just got one and didn’t see any place for it anywhere in the order. Could very well be my browser (Mozilla), but I thought you might want to know.

  15. I just wanted to say how extremely cool I think it is that you’re offering these photos at such a low price (even though I can’t afford one). Just one of the many reasons you rule!

  16. Working out the paypal thing right now. In the mean time, just send an extra email to me, with the info.
    delphine: LMAO!
    I’m now officially waiting for “in action” shots of the baby-t and thongs.
    Uh, on a girl, that is. =]

  17. Just a thought, and this is because at heart I’m a bad person… but if they sell regularly for 3-500 on Ebay, wouldn’t it behoove someone to just buy them and then resell them on Ebay for profit?

  18. Although I’m not one of them, I’m pretty sure a lot of your readers would pay some sort of money to have ANY photographed picture of you.
    Why not take some snapshots, get 100 copies made (4×6) and autograph them for $10 a pop?
    Like I said, I’m not one of them (what would I do with it?) but I’m sure a lot of you would buy that, wouldn’t you?
    Wouldn’t YOU!?!

  19. *swoons and glances over at SBM dvd*
    I may have to settle for watching the flick, I can’t seem to justify $35 (at this point in my life) for an 8×10 of you and River as youngsters… good luck though, and I have to say I sincerely appreciate the offer at such reasonable prices in comparison to previous auctioned goods!

  20. So ya gonna start a whole new webpage or website for these pics?? Could get kind of racy.
    :::I’m thinking group grope shot of all the Maquis women decked out in WWDN gear at con next April:::
    >>>>I’m now officially waiting for “in action” shots of the baby-t and thongs.
    Uh, on a girl, that is. =]
    Posted by wil

  21. >>>Combed cotton baby rib with an exclusive high end woven trim makes these panties look and feel like no other.

  22. Yes, delphine, i saw that too. Too good. Even though I don’t think I can afford right now, I do think it is very thoughtful that you are offering your signed likenes to us for such a pittance. Wil, you’re the best!

  23. Oh, yeah…
    Now, if I can only get my GF to wear the thong while I wear my Wil’s Posse softball T-shirt…

  24. Here’s another:
    >”Hey baby, what are you wearing?”
    >”Wil Wheaton and he’s comfy. He doesn’t ride up my ass at all. They look and feel like no other”
    It occurs to me: What would Wil Wheaton underoos look like?

  25. Hey, if anyone can testify about the quality of cafepress stuff, I’d like to hear it.
    I’ve looked at their stuff and created my own little store, but the profit margin is pretty weak, and I’m just not sure about the staying power of some of the dye transfers. I do think that the variety of products they can produce is good (no investment in inventory for Wil or me), and their customer service program is pretty good.
    And what happend to 5’4″ 120 lbs.? Wil, didja get all big suddenly?

  26. I’ve been really happy with CafePress. I have a mug (the convention comic strip one..I know…dorky that I have my own mug) and a pAved earth T-shirt. The T-shirt has lasted for almost 3 years, and still looks good.
    And you’re right about their customer service. They’re really good about taking returns and exchanges.
    The profit margin for me is 5 bucks an item, and I think 1 dollar for stickers, which I think is reasonable for buyers and actually adds up to a nice dinner for my wife, or a new PS2 game for me every month or so…though eveything I earn from the pictures and this month’s CafePress sales is going to pay for new sprinklers and grass seed. Gotta love that burst pipe in the middle of summer.

  27. Re: Cafepress
    I really like them, and I think the quality is almost always fantastic. However, if you’re concerned with how it will look in “real life,” you really want to consider ordering your items yourself. The preview isn’t quite sufficient for me, but then, I’m kind of picky and want to know what I’m selling. :-)
    This is particularly true of photography and other non-line-art. Hint: photos and many paintings don’t work very well on the tote bags, the mousepads are a bit darker than you might expect, and the posters a bit lighter, in my experience.

  28. No way am I buying Wil Wheaton undies.
    But I am heading over to another Star Trek alumnus site (Perhaps from Voyager) to see if there are some there.
    No wait, she is married too and best not reopen that can of worms or Wil will write on my pic “You dirty Bastard, shut the ____ up!”

  29. Yeah, it would be nice to have a more up-to-date pic of you. i have the one of the wedding party from start trek x (so sad you were cut!) and you look really nice in that.

  30. wow, Cafe Press is either down…or they are telling me in a not so subtle way that I wouldn’t look good in a thong.

  31. aww, I hate canadian dollars. I just had my dreams of my best friend opening up a signed 8×10 of wil on star trek shattered by the fact i dont have a credit card, and live in a place where $35 is really closer to $60. I wish people would pay hundreds for a picture of me on ebay

  32. Oh.My.God. So I just came here because I was killing time at Userfriendly, then Slashdot, then here (can you tell I have two essays due on Tuesday?). And then I started clicking all your links. And there’s the picture of you in THAT blue suit. And so began the trip down memory lane …
    When I was in grade 5 my friend Alia went to the States with her family. I was the hugest Star Trek fan and had a crush on you (damn, that sounds really weird to say). Anyhow, the point is she brought me back that picture of you (8×10, no less) with her writing on the back, pretending to be you. She even accidentally spelled your name correctly (she apologized for forgetting the second “l” that’s not supposed to be there anyway) … and, by the way, you do not want to hear what you supposedly said. πŸ˜‰
    Wow. I want the picture from your site. It would go so well with the impostor from Alia . . . unfortunately, as someone already mentioned, in Canadian dollars, that’s an awful lot of money. And, as rent is more important I guess I’ll just live with the memories!
    Thanks for posting the picture. All in all, this was by far the most fun I’ve had not working in quite some time!

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