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  1. Yay first comment!
    I want to be an actor. A play wedding sounds like alot more fun than a real one. You just get to wear the dress. :)
    OK the tux in your case

  2. That’s the best kind of wedding (the fake kind!) For my ten year anniversary, I’m going to renew my vows so I can completely enjoy the day instead of making sure everything is perfect.
    BTW – get the autograph! It would be so cool and the worst he can do is say no (obnoxiously, looking down at you) but that won’t happen. Promise!
    Good luck

  3. Let me ask. Why are people so damn happy to get the first comment? Are there any days where the person who posts the first comment DOESN’T remark on it?
    On another, more germane note, I am looking forward to this movie. It will show my nay-saying friends that Wil Wheaton has talent and is someone to be reckoned with.
    Keep kickin’ ass, Will, my man.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Wil! And they said it wouldn’t last! I hope you and Anne have something wonderful planned. Say, are they still calling your movie Boise? I still think that’s a title that rocks!
    Enjoy your day!

  5. get his autograph. i recently sent an email to matt good from the matthew good band just to tell him i loved his new video, and he wrote back to me the next day! very cool. and i was glad that i didn’t chicken out of clicking “send”. πŸ˜€

  6. It’s after midnight here on the East Coast, so Happy Anniversary to you and Anne. Here’s wishing the both of you many more to come.
    You should get the autograph. You won’t regret it. I certainly have never regretted getting yours, or having my picture taken with you. :)

  7. Have him sign, even if you have to say your wife is the one who wants it. To remember your wedding song of course. You might never see him again. Be not afraid.

  8. You do realize you probably just gave away a good portion of the movie.
    Thanks a lot wil πŸ˜‰

  9. Wil,
    You have worked with this man. He has given you alot. You all worked hard in this project. So cool.

  10. Just do it you silly boy!
    Actually, I know what you mean. I’m not a big fan of asking for autographs. Partly because if I think they will be annoyed by it. But if people wanted my autograph(that would be an odd person…) I wouldn’t hesitate or be annoyed at all.
    So ask him.
    And sign MY guestbook you bastard!!
    Have fun.

  11. Happy 3rd anniversary from another East Coaster – it’s now 1am here.
    Get the autograph. Hey, he might ask for yours. He loved you on Star Trek, right? Maybe you can sign and exchange script pages if you don’t want to get personal, but I’d get personal myself. Life’s too short for regrets.
    If you are really going to chicken out on the autograph, I hope you at least get a personal photo with him.

  12. Wil,
    Congratulations to you and Anne on your wedding anniversary… and for goodness sakes man, it’s Isaac Hayes. Shaft, The Chef! Get the autograph.
    Just don’t ask him to sign anything with salty balls or anything like that.
    Ya damn right.

  13. Maybe they scheduled the fun wedding scene the day after the hard cry day and in the middle of the hard shooting schedule on purpose.
    Do they do considerate things like that in the movie business?
    Happy Anniversary!

  14. Happy anniversary, Wil!! Continue to have a wonderful and happy marrige. =o)

  15. Happy anniversary, Wil & Anne. Keep it up you two, you seem great for each other (well, going on what Wil has shared you are).
    Meanwhile, get the autograph. If you’re regretting it this much today, with the chance to still get one tomorrow, imagine how down you’re going to be if you miss your last actual chance. After you’ve gotten the autograph, scan it and post it here. Then we can all marvel over just how much cooler said autograph has made you.

  16. ahem… we expect you to post a scan of Chef’s autograph tomorrow. If not, we’ll tell everyone what a chicken you really are.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  17. Told you yesterday you’d regret not getting that autograph. Fortunately for you, the gods are smiling upon you yet again and are giving you a second chance. Don’t blow it!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Anne. May you have many more.

  18. Hey Wil-
    Get the autograph! Someone who wrote before me was right- you regret not doing it before, and you’ve got another chance now. Don’t blow it- get the autograph!! I once e-mailed J. Mark McVey, who plays Jean Valjean in Les Miserables on Broadway. I told him how his performance really affected me, and he e-mailed me back. We ended up being e-mail buddies, and it ended up with myself and some family and friends getting a tour of the stage and a nice talk with Mark. See the photos at http://www.thewagband.com/les_miserables.htm I’ve never regretted e-mailing him, especially seeing what I got out of it. So go for it, dude!
    And also, have a great anniversary. πŸ˜€
    Love, Alicia

  19. Wil,
    The weirdest thing is, Isaac Hayes might well read yur page someday soon, and think… hey, the kid wanted my autograph… How Cool!
    And then wonder why you bottled it.
    Fer Goddsake Man! Get the autograph!

  20. Awww Mr Wheaton you’re so sensitive. I am dead inside so if i could feel anything id be envious at your emotional articulation
    But i cant.
    So im not.
    Get the Autograph! Release the Fan-Boy inside!
    You Know you want to.

  21. Wil,
    I say: GET THE AUTOGRAPH!!!! :) To commemorate the movie, and the “behind the scenes” 1:1 with Chef. >P

  22. Yea get the autograph.A chance like this dosent come along all the time..
    And congrads on the wedding anniversary.
    Great site to..
    So is that enough ass kissing now.lol
    Catch ya on the flip side all.

  23. Wil, Wil, Wil…
    Playing a part of a groom, and having a wedding anniversary the next day isn’t irony. It is a strange happening, bordering on the freakish, but it isn’t irony. Irony is a literary device where the intended meaning of the sentence is the opposite of what is written (like Frost’s famous “Mending Wall” poem quote: “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.” He didn’t mean that at all, he was being ironic, with a hint of sarcasm). Additionally, irony is when an the outcome of an event is the opposite of what is expected (it is particularly ironic if they were working hard to make it happen. Like the Dems campaigning to have a landslide in the election, and historically they should have. It was expected. Ironically, the god-awful Republicans took it. It was the opposite of what they expected. Or maybe you stayed up late to memorize all your lines, but since you didn’t get any sleep, you were too tired to remember them clearly during the shoot. That would be ironic. The exact opposite happened of what you expected the outcome to be).
    Anyway, this quick synopsis of irony is my anniversary gift to you. Happy anniversary! :-)
    -Sam the nitpicker.

  24. I once emailed a famous actor too and asked him to sign my guestbook. Not for a million years would I have believed he would. But, he did. And now I have bragging writes. Get the autograph man. Maybe he feels bad about not asking you and is going to do the same thing when next you meet.
    btw, that famous actor’s was you.

  25. Well you could send him a package that has to be signed for and then keep the certified receipt…
    I’m just kidding… now don’t be a chicken and ask – maybe he’s got a website *cough* http://www.isaachayes.com/ *cough* you can plug as a return favor.

  26. I adore this website! Wil i absolutely love reading your lil tidbits!! You’r writing is so very profound! It moves me very much!
    Now OK my address for the message boards so i can play with Uncle Wil πŸ˜›

  27. Happy 3rd Anniversary! πŸ˜€
    Your anniversary is very close to my dad and step-mom’s anniversary. It will also be their 3rd anniversary on the 13th.
    P.S. Get the autograph! :)

  28. Do you think that asking for autographs is any easier for us non-celebrity folks? No it’s not. I met the man I admire the most last summer: Bob Geldof. It took me a good 15 minutes to gather the courage to ask for an autograph. For some stupid reason I thought he would turn me down, or I would make a fool of myself. Of course, nothing like that happened.
    You have the advantage of knowing the guy, and with your sense of humour, you can turn any ackward moment into comedy, I’m sure.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your wife! It’s my 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow 😎

  29. Come on!!! get the damn thing! I’m sure he’ll be fine with it. If not, it’s not like you’ll be seeing him anytime soon.

  30. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!
    And get the autograph! This is Isaac Hayes. Besides anyone willing to do South Park has got to be nice (read cool) enough to give an autograph. Don’t give up this second chance!!!!

  31. Get the autograph, Wil! Do it for your boys. They won’t get to have the memories of hanging out with Isaac, but they might eventually inherit your keepsake.

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