The first thought in my head this morning was, “man, I have to pee!”
The second thought was, “where the hell did the year go?”
2002 was an amazing year for me. It was a year of discovery and a year of transformation. I am very grateful that I have been able to share this time with all the WWDN readers. You have all been an integral part of this year. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Happy New Year, everyone. Please be safe tonight. See you in 2003.

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  1. Woooooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
    It’s 2003 here in the UK!!!
    Happy new Year to all the monkeys and to Wil and family.
    May 2003 be full of the peace and happiness we all so deserve.
    Love The One & Only EnglishBen!!!!
    (am drunk)

  2. First off Wil, HAPPY NEW YEAR To the Wheaton Clan.
    Next a HUGE THANK YOU, for you, thanks for bringing laughter and smiles, to my day. Some days are hard, but coming here always makes me laugh, if not at least to think about what was written. I have come to enjoy the community that WWDN has created. Thank You Wil! I don’t think you and your helpers ever get enough credit from the other side. I thought it was time to truly say, thank You!
    May Love, Joy, and Peace be apart of the forthcoming year for you and your family!

  3. Thank you Will, and a Happy New Year to you and yours.
    Thank you also for the good reads throughout the year – and I am looking forward to reading your book in 2003.
    Careful of the skunks.

  4. Hope everyone has a great 2003. I just watched the news showing Colorado Blvd. right now. If I had any thoughts of going anywhere tonight, that killed it. I’m even beginning to have second thoughts about walking up the street to watch the parade tomorrow, not being a big fan of crowds.

  5. Wil, I’m glad to see that you and I have the same first thought when waking up in the morning. My luck, however, usually has one of my roommates in the bathroom already and neither of them get into any kind of a hurry when they are in there!
    I’m watching the ST movie marathon on TNN right now. I have seen you, Wil, in one of the cutscene interview shorts they do between commercials, etc. I’m curious about those “Five-assed monkey people” you mentioned (Hey, that what it sounded like on MY tv!)
    “…live in a world where we can be attacked by the five-assed monkey people and we’re okay with that…” (or something like that LOL)
    I just love those quirky comments that you make Wil! I wish I could get to Cali and see your comedy act! :)
    Happy New Year to you and your family! Have a good one bro!

  6. just want to say Happy New Year to y’all, and may we all have a year filled with clarity, enlightenment and peace.
    have fun tonight and be safe!
    : )
    tllgrrl the lurker

  7. its quite funny, because as i write this, it’s 2003 in my time zone, where as wil and all my other american chums, are stuck in the past of 2002. It’s 3 am here but u al still have 4 hours to go! Its just mind boggling! Al though would love to be there, cos now i could party all over again!

  8. More like where did the WEEK go???! 😀 Im very glad to have found this site, and I dont even have to go though all those thick old periodical books anymore to see what youve been up to all this time. This place is a trillion times better then some fan site with everyone wondering what youre doing. Notice google has alot of references to this place?
    Happy new year, the search(engineering) is over. :)

  9. 2002 rocked me HARD,
    love to everyone in 2003
    my first moments were spent dancing to morrisseys chaffeur.
    shame not the man himself.
    ohhhh drunk, HOORAY, for pokey the penguin, malkmus, and soprano melodicas

  10. Wil, they’re running your promo clip right now on TNN over the STIII credits. I recognized you, of course, but the “five-assed monkey people” line completely convinced me: “Yep, that’s EXACTLY the kind of thing that Wil would say.” (For anybody that doesn’t get it, I think he’s making a South Park reference. You know, to the first-season genetic-engineering episode and the unveiling of the five-assed monkey created by Dr. Mephisto.) Excellent!
    And damn, now they’re playing STV (The Star Trek Movie That Dare Not Speak Its Name). Think I’ll flip around instead and see if they’re running clips of the Times Square ball-drop. Happy New Year, all!

  11. history will remember 2002 for alot of reasons…but i’ll remember it as the year that WWDN thongs were introduced…i mean, what could touch the heart like seeing a cartoon version of wil…staring at ya from a the crotch of a ladies thong…in a sense wil, you have gone, in some cases, where many have come before!

  12. Wil:
    A Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones!
    Just for you:
    Top Ten Reasons 2003 will be better then 2002:
    10. Your Book
    9 . Your Website
    8 . This will be the year a cure for some disease
    will be found by someone once considered a
    7 . People will finally get the idea that firing
    a gun in the air will result in someone
    getting killed or injured.
    6 . Paramount will realize that a Wil-less movie
    will not be as good or as prosperous as one
    which features a well written Wesley!
    5 . There will be less drunk drivers because
    smart people will not let their friends or
    acquaintances kill people with their cars.
    4 . Doppler 7 will get more viewers then Storm
    Watch now that Christopher Nance has been
    sacked for another Paula Madison cheap hire.
    (Los Angeles news viewers inside joke!)
    3. Osama Bin Laden and his fellow murderers
    will be tracked down and brought to justice.
    2. Your Book.
    1. Peace on Earth, whether we want it or not,
    will somehow break out on earth.
    Happy New Year to all!

  13. It’s now 2003 here in the east, and it could not be more perfect. It’s finally raining here after weeks of being dry, and I am at home safe with the two people I care about most in this world-my wonderful husband and daughter. I could not ask for more. 2003 is definitely off to a great start.

  14. Wil,
    getting up only once! in the morning ?
    to pee! what a lucky guy!
    just wait.. in time, once turns in to 3 or 4
    times.. before the sun rises…
    ( the name ofmynew book, I’m working on.)

  15. Woot! Happy New Year!
    Your first thought of the day cracked me up. :-)
    My first thought of the day was “GAh! Loud kitty cat! Get out of my ear!”
    My second thought was “I need to fix the lock on my door so my cat doesn’t bust in here and wake me up whenever she feels like it”
    Hey, something cool about 2003… My grandfather was born in 1903. If he were alive he’d turn 100 this year. Pretty cool eh?
    Give the family big hugs for me.

  16. I must be an aberration; my 2002 didn’t suck much at all. My best friend got called back to active duty, but wangled a duty station only an hour from where we live, so he makes it home regularly to see his family and friends. My company has weathered some tough times, but seems to be doing generally OK now. About the only thing I wish would be better is the ol’ love life . . . but I at least have stopped stressing about it quite as much. Que sera, yadda yadda.
    Best to everyone here in 2003 (except the trolls, on whom I wish much Klez and other suffering). Hook ’em.

  17. Well I had to go to bed early as I’m working New Year’s Day (6am), so this is a little late but…Happy New Year!!
    2002 wasn’t a terrible loss for me. I did changed careers just before the economy fell into the basement so I had to move my family back in with my folks to make ends meet. But I have a Job now and I’m (slowly) saving for a house.
    Honestly, regarless I feel really blessed that I have such great parents, a wonderful wife and great kids that the lack of cash flow and my own home fall far short to the important things in my life…. as the only thing that really matters is the people and relationships in my life, for that is where true wealth lies!!

  18. Happy New Year to all the monkeys and to Wil and his family. Health and happiness to you all.
    Thanks, Erbo, for explaining the South Park five-assed monkey reference. While I love Wil’s writing, I don’t get a lot of his music/tech/South Park in-jokes because those things are outside my radar zone. But I can always count on another monkey to explain it and further my education in these things.
    I already know one of the highlights of 2003. Wil’s book!

  19. Wil,
    Not to dampin spirits but I come from a long line of retired Navy S.E.A.L.s My knees are tore up and my feet are tore up, and now I have a bad back. Please everyone pray that there is no more WAR I know what it can be and it is not pretty or glamorous. It is just people dying for no reason. If another conflict appears I will once again defend my country from enemies foreign and domestic and proudly give my life for the one thing that rings true today…FREEDOM! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. GOD BLESS US AND PROTECT US IN 2003.

  20. You WERE in Nemisis! For about 3 seconds but you were! You got shunned from the premiere and you were actually IN it! Those basturds.
    Gonna go wish a bodily injury on B&B over my sauerkraut and pork.
    all the best wilster.

  21. As one ends another begins, as it should be. This is a shit hot site which does more justice to the Willster than his decidely incomperable work in films and TNG. may you all sow as you wish to reap.
    Good wishes for 2003.

  22. Wil this year really went by fast. I have been going to your site since about last November when i became a really big Stand by me fan. The year went by so fast. I remember that post you put on your site last December about a Christmas Story. Thats probably my favorite post of this year. well actually it was from December 2001. I just can’t believe that was last year. And during December 2001 you answered my e-mail lol. I don’t know what the point of me saying this is besides, time really flys, its been a great year Wil!

  23. Wil, you strike me as the kind of guy that would never say — “Gee, this year really sucked.” — I didn’t get a role in the latest Nemesis flic. Instead it’s “transformative”, a period of “discovery”. Good self-therapy?

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