Bark at the moon

It’s Sunday, and that means that it’s time for a few links.
The best thing about today? It’s just 3 days until Two Towers comes out. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I started my countdown to Wednesday (well, midnight Tuesday, really) when the credits for Fellowship of the Ring were about half over. The Chicago Sun Times has a really nifty article about the making of TT, along with a swell synopsis of the story so far.
There’s also a very interesting article in Time called “The Business of Star Trek,” which may be of interest to WWDN readers.
This made me laugh really, really hard. I wish you would enjoy it.
If you want to see the blue hair, my lawn, and my dog, look here, but only for a few hours. Those pictures really suck up the bwf.
And now a couple of announcements:
I have completely run out of 8×10’s (!) and there are about 30 requests that are officially “back ordered.” What this means is, on Wednesday, I will pay the “please rush this so my orders can arrive in time for Xmas” fees at the lab, and fill those orders by Wednesday night. Back orders will go out by the end of the week, and should arrive in time for Christmas. This has been a great learning experience for me, and when my books are available, the process of filling those orders will be very easy. GNUCash is a GREAT tool for handling the bookkeeping involved with this silly little operation I’ve got going here. :)
Tomorrow, Anne and I are heading up to San Francisco, because I’m hosting The Screen Savers on TechTV on Tuesday. Guess what? I get to interview one of my biggest heroes, Michio Kaku, author of “Hyperspace,” and “Visions,” two books which profoundly changed the way I view the universe around us.
Happy Festivus, everyone.

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  1. Hehehe! I’m the first one to comment for once! Have you seen the the interview with the cast of “Lord of the Rings” on MTV with Good Charlotte? You should. It’s pretty funny! =P

  2. Got my San Fran tix for the midnight Tuesday showing at the Metreon, so I am set… BTW, caught Nemesis yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to see you weren’t completely cut out of it…

  3. Yo Wil,
    Any official comment on your screen time in Nemesis? My friends and I were shocked when we saw you there on the side of the screen during the wedding scene. From the posts you had made, we’d thought you were totally cut out of the movie. Did you expect that you’d still be in this scene? Your name was even in the credits. Damn, yo!

    oh well.. got to see a few shots before i got the error…
    Good to see you didn’t go with “bleach the hell out of it and then dye it blue”
    Happy Holidays

  5. Just when I thought I was about to catch up with my reading :-)
    Does sound like an excelent book, good call there chap.

  6. Dude, you missed Michio Kaku’s “Beyond Einstein”
    That book was what got me started in string theory oh so many years ago.
    The other extremely cool thing about Kaku is that he answers email in a helpful manner (nothing terse or forced).
    Very cool guy!

  7. Heya,
    well, I hope you’ll enjoy TTT, and with “you” I mea you, Wil, and every other person living in a civilized Country, and not in some damn 6th world Country like me, who’ll have to wait till Jan, 16th to see TTT. Bwaaaaaahh :(
    Ok, anyway, I reiterate, enjoy it, and if possible, watch it for me, too 😉

  8. I, too, can’t wait for Lord of the Rings. I esp. wanna see what they’ve cut out from the book. You know you’re obsessed when you find flaws in people’s articles about the movie! I haven’t read that article yet but in a different one, I think, the reporter called the Uruk-hai, orcs. Oh well.
    I like what you have under watch! *plug plug* Fantastic job in that by the way. two thumbs up.
    love the blue hair

  9. Blue hair lookin’ good!
    And I am also very excited about the fact that you *are* in the Star Trek movie. Now I HAVE to go see it! Whee!

  10. Love the blue hair!
    Love the screeen time in Nemesis!
    Love the fact that your featured prominently on the ST website (link to Nemesis info).

  11. Some nice pics of your blue hair, your green lawn and your brown & black dog Ferris.
    Have fun in the city by the Bay.
    Ponders why Screen Savers doesn’t have a studio audience? Or does it? Hrm…must snoop around more on the site.

  12. I can’t wait for the Two Towers to come out either! You aren’t the only one that has been counting down the days. Did you see the interview with the cast of Lord of the Rings and Good Charlotte on MTV. That was really funny! Oh by the way, love the lawn, the dog, and especially the hair!

  13. That blue color looks great! Blue is really one of the hardest hair colors to pull off and you do it admirably. :)
    I’m looking forward to The Two Towers as well… already have tickets purchased for Wed. night.

  14. I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Agnostica. I don’t like to leave anyone out you see. It means celebrate whatever, or not.

  15. Hey, the blue hair looks great. And have fun at TTT. I’ve been counting down all year, but I won’t have time to see it until after Christmas. How will I stand it? *wail*

  16. What up i gotta say i love reading your website daily dude, its frickin great. Maybe ill check out that comedy club sometime. Good luck with everything man.

  17. I have been counting down for two weeks.
    Anticipation much?
    The blue hair rocks and i have tried very hard not to copy it, but as my hair is blond i would probably look like some greasy mess….more so than usual that is.
    Wil Has Nemesis screen time!!!
    *dances on the ceiling*
    To the Extra-reason-to-see-the-film mobile! Away!

  18. I’d expected some hideous colour when I saw the “blue hair” comment. Not bad, actually. Ferris looks like trouble though, in a fun way, of course =)

  19. Ferris is so cute, and oh yeah, you’re OK too Wil!
    BTW, when are we going to hear more details on your experience shooting Nemesis? I’m still psyched from seeing the movie, and it was really cool to see you at the “grown-ups” table at the wedding reception.

  20. Love the pics you posted. After reading your last entry I couldn’t believe that you mentioned my professor I recently had at college. I had him during my senior year. I was required to ready Hyperspace for the class. He is an amazing professor. He knows how to make a class interesting.

  21. Having recently found the site, and therefore recently reading the archives, I knew that Wil had screen time – I remember his conversation with Rick Facking Berman as being about cutting his lines but not his appearance.

  22. Wow! Love tha pics…..Ferris is just the cutest.The blue hair though is kinda scary….The lawn is beautiful.

  23. okay okay, stop it, havent laughed so hard as loking at them pics in a long time! WTF! A 30 year old with BLUE hair! Mind you i have had a few bottles of wine befire viewing them. Can still type straight too which is a wonder! Wil, in case you don’t know, I’m gonna tell you:
    1: Many of us come here EVERY DAY to see if you have posted.
    2: Most of the girls who come here (maybe not the lesbians (but even some of those) would love to marry you because you take your wife for what and who she is and nothing else)
    3: Are intelligent and think of more than cars and sex and sex again…
    Blame the Asti Wil, blame the Asti…
    That damn alcohol… Brings out the truth in all of us…

  24. 30 year old with blue hair..just proves the old addage “I may grow older, but I’ll NEVER grow up!” :)
    Nice shoes, there, WFW.

  25. It sounds like there are a lot of people who would like to see Wesley on Star Trek again. Since we, the audience, ultimately pay the bills for Star Trek there is no reason why we shouldn’t demand Wesley Crusher as a regular character in the next series (which is rumored to have some of TNG cast members). If you would like to add your support, follow these instructions:
    Write a letter. Keep it short. State that you would like to see Wesley crushers as a regular character in the next Star Trek series. Give your favorite reason why you would want this (Keep it short). Above all, do not say anything negative — you do not want to associate any bad feelings with this request. Mail the letter to:
    Rick Berman, Producer
    Paramount Pictures, Inc
    5555 Melrose Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90038-3197
    I’ve read that if your letter does not say Star Trek on the outside then it is more likely to be read. I don’t know if this is true. I have also heard that handwritten letters tend to carry more impact than typed letters these days.
    If someone wants to spearhead the effort and make a web page or something, please do so. I don’t really have time to do any more than this post.

  26. I *really* love the hair! I tried to go red last year, only I left the colour in too long and it turned out rather orange. Pumpkin head was the standard name for a while.
    I just got back from Nemesis. I must say it exceeded my impressions. Of course, as a Crusher family fan, I was somewhat cynical after seeing how Gates was gypped on her parts, and then to hear you got cut… well… meh. But you look good! Better with the blue hair.
    And very interesting article on Star Trek making money. Most of all, the sentence “Star Trek, it seems, will now hang its future on a reliable formula: explosions and breasts.”
    Unfortunately, I do not see a place for a cute yet self-proclaimed nerd on the show. But I’d love to write in if someone starts that campaign!
    BTW: Does someone want to tell Berman that Enterprise is probably not successful because it’s stupid?

  27. hey, i am really diggin’ your blue hair dude!!! i love it! also, i think your lawn looks gorgeous, and heres to many a wonderful day/night playing on it!!! yey!
    love rach

  28. oh poo, forgot to say to everyone, Happy Christmas, or whatever it is you may or may not celebrate at this time of year!
    love rach

  29. Fred…no.
    Went and stood in line at the theatre today and purchased 2 tickets to the afternoon showing of Nemisis, 2 tickets to WWE Armageddon, and 2 tickets to Thursday showing of Two Towers (I thought it opened on the weekend and promised to amuse my mother on Wednesday).
    Anyway, Wil, I wore my posse shirt and gave an exciting yell when you popped up on the screen. My husband and I then waited around for the credits and clapped when we saw your name…
    Hubby said it was nice to see that you beat out Majel for the computer voice…

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