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On Boxing Day, Tech TV ran a Call for Help marathon. Call For Help is hosted by my friend Chris. His wife, Gretchen, asked me if I would call in to the show and be part of the madness.
So I did.

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  1. Leave it to TechTV to encode it in totally incompatable with anything .wmv so people can actually see it… *grumble*
    Anyway cool.

  2. Wil, thanks so much for doing it. Chris practically floated home, he was so happy about how it turned out. :) Now I think that it’s me who owes YOU a beer! Thanks again, and keep fighting the good skunk fight…

  3. Woah, if you hadn’t started talking about your yard, I would not have believed that was you!
    so have you tried the sonic repellers yet?

  4. Those .wmv files work with windows media player for Windows and Mac.
    If you’re a Linux user, they are viewable in the latest version of Xine, and Mplayer.

  5. Wil, it’s really cool. It’s also a shame they spelt your name wrong in the link. Better luck next time i guess. It was still great anyway.

  6. LOL
    That was great!
    Talking about the sod and skunks… really.
    You’re funny.
    My dad swears that the sonic repellers work against mice but I think that he used them before he had his current dog. I would assume that the noise from those things would bother Ferris.
    (psst Gretchen: Your husband’s a cutie. One day I want an attractive computer gee^H^H^H guy of my very own. Another one that is, since I had one once…)

  7. Very cool… did you ever find your DVD remote? Are you going to try those sonic things instead of the red pepper?
    Are they going to learn how to spell “Wheaton?”

  8. I have no idea what this is but i’m sure Mr Wheaton did good.

  9. Ok Wil… when will you be hosting a show (or the show *TSS*) on TechTV? No guest hosting but hosting? I know it might affect living arrangements but it is a perfect fit (much better than G4) and only a matter of time…

  10. The Sonic repellers work great. We use them at the boat house to keep out racoon’s. Stopped them right away. Have not noticed any effect on the cat or the dog, but it is 100 yards away from the house.

  11. For whatever reason, the video part didn’t work, but it sounded neat-o. :o) Way to do your part, Wil. Hope the burning’s let up in the last couple of days.

  12. I’m with Clay on this one… man, your voice sounded deep. You could have competed with James Earl Jones there. :)
    So can someone explain to those of us who don’t get this techtv thing, what is the concept of the Call for Help show? The website tells you everything except that. Should I call in for help on this? 😉

  13. I enjoyed the clip, thanks Wil for the link.
    Your cold has given you a deeper sexy Wil voice.
    I kept saying to my husband that it certainly
    didn’t sound like the “Boy”.
    The Sonic device didn’t work on our mice,
    and did not bother the dog at all. We tried it
    for quite a long time and had no success.
    Good luck if you decide to use it.

  14. I was wondering the same thing as ionicus. I envisioned movers walking past you with boxes while you were on the phone.

  15. ha ha Jocelyn I hadn’t even noticed they spelled his last name wrong til you said something. oh well, at least they got it right on the tv.

  16. Wil,
    Your voice shocked me so because I hadnt heard you talk in years and you sounded so grown up. DUH YOU ARE!! I hope you get rid of the skunks if it were me I would shoot the fuckers. Best to you and yours, Have a great New Year……

  17. WW, you gotta make a sound file available for download with you saying “This is CNN”
    You were very good…
    And by the way, I was watching TV today and I saw you as a priest on some show. When did you do that and what was it? If you’ve got the time to answer, I’d like to know.

  18. Holy…. WHOA. Total freak-out there, man!!! Your voice was so deep, I had to listen to the clip twice, before I could believe it. Gotta ask though… are you ever going to have the time to broadcast the Burrito again? I miss all the cool music and anecdotes from you, over my computer speakers. I used to like, make lunch while listening, and it was always a challenge whether I could do that without laughing my @$$ off!
    P.S.: My sympathies about the cayenne pepper on your pecker, dude. That’s just… OUCH!

  19. Wil,
    Was that just the effect from the phone or did you lose like eight octaves over the past five years. WOW!

  20. Wil – long time listener, first time caller here.
    LOVED your sexy call-in-TV-show voice. Thanks for the clip.

  21. Television Without Pity ( has a quick poll on page 3 of their review of ST:X that asks: Who (of the TNG cast) is aging the worst?
    Wil, I am happy to say you are not winning that particular poll. I still think you’re cute as buttons… 😉

  22. And then I read the rest of the review and they said some not so nice things. Sorry I posted and brought that to everyone’s attention. I’m an ass…

  23. LOL- did anyone else notice they couldn’t get their act together on the city?? :) One minute it had “Arcadia CA” or something, then it switched to Pasadena. Is Anaheim next? Must be something to do with the witness protection program. Keep us on our toes.

  24. Hey, did I miss something? The site is different now. It used to be that when I clicked on the time next to the Comments link, I’d get a page with Wil’s blog entry and all the comments. But there was no frame around the outside, just the blog and comments. Now when I click on the time (because I like to see the blog along with the comments), I get a frame around the blog and comments like the home page. Except there’s a purple Wil at the top, the heading says Weblog Archives and the links in the frame are in a different size font and are gold instead of blue. When did this happen? Clicking on Comments still opens up a separate little window with just the comments. Preview the post still looks the same, too.
    I swear I was reading this site yesterday and it wasn’t like this. Or have I lost it?

  25. Hey, lori?
    You’re not fucking funny. You think disrespecting my wife is funny, you pile of fucking shit? It’s not.
    So knock it the fuck off, asshole.
    Got it?

  26. Erk. Uh… whoa. Wil, man… calm down! Uh… I hate to see you get upset. Dunno what it was she said, and it’s probably none of my business. But it’s not worth swearing over. Just… not everybody in the world is nice, and I know it hurts to read someone disrespecting someone you love. But that’s all it is, Wil. Words. Hot air, from an airhead. And you can bloody quote me on that.
    Take care.

  27. Heya Wil!
    Always cool to catch even just a few grains of Wheat-on thanks for the tipoff to it. Sadly, I only have cable so I don’t get TechTV. If only I could hack into one of those low Earth orbiting satellites….
    Can ya help me? No? no okay, I understand it’s not so very legal and all. Glad to hear you’ve managed to get one up on the skunk brigade even if it has cost you the loss of some peace in mind & body.
    As for that person who obviously ticked you off, I hope you don’t let it get to you too much. Some people have little to no life at all and any attention they can get they get off on. You know what’s real about your wife and she does as well. Let the fools fark the hell off.

  28. Wil: You were great, I thought that geeky kid was really impressed that you called. I can relate to the cyan pepper event, I had a similiar experience down in Lousiana when my brother-in-law over seasoned the crawfish. OUCH!

  29. I watched the rest of the clips.
    None were as funny as Uncle Willie- well, except maybe Weird Al but that was mostly because of Chris’s reaction. He looked like he’d pee in his pants out of excitement.
    Imagine the stories that Chris and Gretchen will be telling their children about the day Daddy spoke to Al (’cause the first adjective isn’t required when you know him) and Wil (“Wil who?”).
    I wish I had regular access to Tech TV.

  30. Hey Wil,
    Thanks for the Tech TV link, I am glad they put that up there. I now wish that I had watched more than 5 minutes of the show because then I might I have gotten to see it when it was live.
    As to whatever it was that got you so angry at that Lori person, I am sorry about whatever that was that she said. I didn’t understand it, just a bunch of numbers to me and I have no idea how they would be used. But we all know that your wife is a great person, you wouldn’t have married her if she wasn’t. Also, another way that we know she is a great person is by the stuff that you have already said about her on the web site. I haven’t read much about her because I don’t get online all that often but when I do I check what’s new on your site and anytime you have had something up about her see seems like a really great person.
    Well, enough of my rambling. Hope you had a great Christmas and hope you have a Happy New Year.
    Much Love,

  31. Wil, was that really your voice? It sounded a bit deeper than normal. What was that Lori comment you made back there?

  32. Wow, Wil, you really sound different on the Call for Help site than you do on TNN, which has been running promos all day for their Star Trek movie marathon. Five-assed monkeys? What the heck? I am definitely amused :)
    Kimiye, who normally isn’t home this time of day

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