Call for help

On Boxing Day, Tech TV ran a Call for Help marathon. Call For Help is hosted by my friend Chris. His wife, Gretchen, asked me if I would call in to the show and be part of the madness.
So I did.

56 thoughts on “Call for help”

  1. Just a quick note to say that I enjoyed hearing your voice, especially after not getting the chance to in “Nemesis”. I’m also thoroughly enjoying keeping up with your website. Thanks so much for letting us drop by and visit with you, Wil!

  2. The Tech TV clip was interesting, even though I have never seen or heard of Tech TV. Anyhow, why are some of you surprised that Wil’s ‘voice was so deep?’ He’s 30 years old. What were you expecting?

  3. I’m still laughing at the TNN promo. George Takei waxing eloquently about the “optimistic future of the human race”, Michael Dorn being all serious about a “wagon train to the stars” and Uncle Willie being attacked by the “five-assed monkey people”. I nearly fell out of the lazy-boy laughing. Guess who wrote their on lines for this one??? WTG Wil – ya got me!

  4. Wil, like JeffNTx, I thought your comments on the TNN promo were hilarious. I was actually surprised they put that comment on. Good for TNN! The contrast between your words and George Takei’s and Michael Dorn’s made it even funnier. They even put up drawings to illustrate the money people (villians of the movies). And, whenever Wil can get in a comment about monkeys…

  5. RJC: We’re surprised about the deep voice because the other times we heard his voice recently (Radio Free Burrito, infomercial, TNN promos etc) it wasn’t so freaking deep. :)

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