I was reading my pal Tom Tomorrow’s weblog this morning, and came across this:

“So Andrew Sullivan spent a week or so rattling the tip jar on his blog and apparently fattened his bank account by some eighty or ninety thousand dollars.
“And it kind of makes you do a double take, if you’re keeping a blog, especially a blog with a substantial readership. Hey, you think, maybe I should start rattling the tip jar. Hell, why shouldn’t I try to get paid for my work? (And, to be honest, you think: eighty thousand f**king dollars? Jesus F**king Christ on a crutch!)”
“So what if we take that impulse and channel it in such a way that we can actually make some small specific difference in the world? Something more important than fattening an online yuppie pundit’s wallet?
“Specifically: there’s a non-profit here in Brooklyn called Hearts & Homes for Homeless Dogs, which, as you might surmise, cares for and finds homes for abandoned and abused dogs. (Brooklynites have probably seen them out finding homes for their charges at Seventh Ave and First Street on the weekends, or at Court and Montague all week long.) If you’ve been reading this website regularly, you might already be familiar with the story of my own dog, the happy fellow in the photo below, who was abandoned as a puppy with scabies, and is alive today only by the grace of someone who cared enough to take him in and nurse him back to health. So the work they do at Hearts & Homes strikes a personal chord with me.
“Of course, since this is the internet, I’m sure I’ll get email from someone saying, why a dog charity, when there are so many other problems in the world? Well, I’m starting with this particular charity–and I hope this is only a beginning–because I support the work they do, and more importantly, because they are facing an emergency situation, and they need help, right now:

‘Unforeseeably, the shelter/home where Hearts and Home Inc. has worked from for the past 7 years has recently been sold. And now, they have only 2 short months to find adequate and affordable space

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  1. Tom Tomorrow rules! I use him (and Michael Moore) as barometers on American Culture and Politics (I am not American myself). Two fine minds (and sharp satirists) if you ask me.

  2. Hey Wil!!! I hope to become a regular here on your site. Hey if your donating proceeds of selling pic of yourself I am interested in buying one if it helps someone else. Lets call it one of my selfless acts this year. I’m not sure how my husband will take having a pic of you on our ceiling about the bed (joking), but he will have to deal with it. Let me know where I can get a pic.

  3. 350 bucks may seem like a good bit to help an animal shelter…until you end up buying an English Bulldog for a thousand, and then another 600 on vet bills. So what’s the lesson here? Let Bulldogs go extinct, and save the rest of the canine population.

  4. Personally, I admire Tom Tommorrow very much, and see nothing at all wrong with helping homeless dogs. But let me play devil’s advocate for a moment –or just draw out the implications of your post: does this mean part (or all) of our donations to the soapbox “tip jar” should go to a similar cause? Just a thought…

  5. hey wil! i just recently became a wwdn fan. i would absolutely love to help out with donations, so that is my next stop.

  6. tom tomorrow is a communist, america-hating wimp. just like you wilwheaton. our young people will soon be fighting to protect the usa. and what will sean penn,tom tomorrow and wilwheaton be doing? sitting around, undermining the usa. you hollywood cowards have NO answers. you want hold hands and sing for peace, while people are trying to kill us. you’re liberal slime.
    Thank you for providing this website, you commie bastard. Being able to post things like this behind the anonymous safety of the Internet makes me feel powerful and important.

  7. I usually wander around my little life, muttering about how much I really don’t like people lately. How I wish sometimes that some extinction level event would just wipe out human life on the planet. Let the animals have it, I say. Then I read stuff like this, and I just say “Awwww…ok, fine. Humans aren’t all THAT bad.”

  8. This “liberal slime” digs the Hearts and Homes idea. How dare you, wilwheaton, have a mind of your own? MY GOD THINK OF THE CHILDREN… πŸ˜‰

  9. Hey Comrade “Hollywood” WilWheaton (your names have been combined for the purposes of the advancement of Communism),
    I would donate if I was able. I wish I could. I love dogs sooooo much. For everyone who donates, thank you.
    Solidarity, Comrades!

  10. I thought that log title seemed familiar. I guess there aren’t enough 30somethings around here to pick up on it.

  11. I bought an 8×10 shortly before xmas..if you want, add it to the donations. I have 4 cats, 3 dogs and 16(yes 16) rats..all of them rescues. (i think the humane society secretly injected some sort of sucker chip under my skin that triggers an alarm whenever I am near them..and it hypnotizes me into going in..well, that’s my story and im stickin to it)
    Anyway, I think its a great idea.

  12. Ugh.
    As soon as I went to his blog my computer crashed. Fatal error, blue screen, then black. The whole pretty process. That’s f*cked up. I’m afraid to go back to that site because unlike Bart, I know not to touch something after it’s given me an electric shock.
    Anyhow, I’d love to help the doggies in Brooklyn but won’t donate to U.S. causes anymore (the exchange rate isn’t attractive and my chocolate-auctioning experiment failed).
    If I had unlimited funds I would be donating to my local humane society.
    I’ll try to remember to spread the word about this fund drive.

  13. wil, i enjoyed the story of how anne saved ferris long ago, when it was originally written, and it was great again just now.

  14. a worthy cause, and a great idea wil.
    and for what it’s worth, morons like ‘joe public’ are just insecure men with no mind of their own…..it’s sad really..something should be done for them.
    how about sending a small portion of the 8×10 money to the ‘i believe everything i see on CNN and have my opinions given to me by republican spin-meisters’ foundation.
    actually, scratch that….
    just send it all to Hearts & Homes for Homeless Dogs
    it’s a good cause, and they deserve all the help we can give them.

  15. Wil,
    Our contributions will never be enough but it is better than not to give at all. Dude, what is a pimpf? We never get the whole story. Somethings never change. Great cause.

  16. “Pimp F” would be a great show.
    In the not too distant future… say… 1993… the Brazilian government creates a race of genetically engineered pimps. Pimps A through F. Pimp F is the best pimp of all. He can scale buildings and has an acute sense of smell. He also has a bionic hand.
    Pimps A through E ex-scape the lab and travel to Galveston. But Pimp F tracks them down. He has to team up with a rookie Interpol agent who is female.
    And Asian.
    And Irish.
    She’s ex-IRA.
    And she has a wooden leg.
    Which allows her to fly.
    Because it is rocket-powered.
    Pimp F works his way through A through E before confronting Pimp G (WHAT?!). Who is even more advanced than Pimp F.
    They fight.
    And Pimp F gets blinded.
    So the Interpol chick with the wooden leg guides him through a maze.
    Made out of mirrors.
    The mirrors represent all of the levels of his pimp psyche.
    Or something.
    At some point, J. Edgar Hoover is reanimated as a centaur and the three fight it out on the St. Louis arch…
    Pimp F, Centaur J. Edgar Hoover, Pimp G, and the Interpol chick.
    Whose name is Renee.
    Pimp F wins and he leads a march of 10,000 pimps into the heart of DC where the president greets them and declares every first Monday and Thursday of each month as Pimp Day I and Pimp Day II.
    I suppose Aerosmith should make an appearance at some point.
    On the other side of the nation in Denver, Jared from the Subway commercials is killed in an auto accident. The paramedic says: “Jared is dead. Some lucky people are going to get his parts because it says here on his driver’s license that he is a donor.”
    So, at that exact moment the other paramedic hears the president giving Pimp F his award on the radio and the president comments on how it is such a tragedy that Pimp F has everything a man could hope for except the gift of sight. The paramedic uses a ballpoint pen to dig the eyes out of the still quivering skull of Jared and hails a cab (Incidentally, the other paramedic says to the departing paramedic: “Wait! Jared’s not dead after all! Bring back his eyes!” But the other paramedic doesn’t hear him as he speeds away. This will factor into the plot arch (foreshadowing St. Louis I am) of Season 2 of “Pimp F” in which Jared comes looking for his pilfered eyes, but I digress).
    Four days later he arrives in DC.
    The president tells the paramedic he doesn’t know where Pimp F is staying, but he has a pager number. So the paramedic calls the pager number and leaves this message…
    “Pimp F. Stop. Have just arrived from Denver. Stop. I have Jared’s eyes. Stop. President said you might need them. Stop. Please meet me at the Subway on 43rd and Grand between 4:00 and 5:00 today if you still want the eyes. Stop. I will be wearing a red jacket, a fire helmet, and will be holding two human eyes in a Snapple bottle. Stop. Sincerely, the paramedic.”
    Pimp F meets the paramedic and the procedure is completed on the spot (this is the future… 1993. Stuff like that is easy).
    Pimp F marries Renee and the two retire to San Diego.
    On a boat.

  17. My god! $35 for a Wil photo seems excessive. How about a buck and two quarters?
    Just kidding, Wil! You know I love you homie! You go Wil!

  18. Spudnets iz a looser.
    But, I think TVsWW would be better off playing the role of Young Quincy–the old doctor show that starred Jack Klugman.
    May Pets Prevail on Earth.

  19. Awww…! Well, I dropped in a buck to the cause, a minute ago. And when I can afford it in a week or so, I’ll buy a picture. Hey, it’s for charity. That works…. I give a little to charity causes every month. It’s worth the price, if you ask me.

  20. Roughy said:
    >> Spudnets iz a looser.
    Why am I a looser?
    Because I have a soft spot for dogs from Bucktown or because I insist upon the clarity, fidelity, and storage convenience of the popular digital video disc format for all of my spankutastic viewing pleasures?
    That don’t make me a bad person.
    Are you anti-dog, anti-DVD, or anti-Brooklyn? Because answering yes to any one of those questions could mean you are anti-American and that means your narrow ass gets deported to a refrigerator box on Gitmo, Trotsky.

  21. Wil,
    Thank you for doing this. I am not really into autographed photos, but because you are giving the money to a charity, I will order one.
    I have always loved animals.
    It’s hard to hear about animal cruelty and not being able to do anything. Dogs, yes we can rescue them from the pound. I have done that several times.
    I would like to help other animals as well.
    The other day, I went to the Santa Anita Park in Arcadia. It was my first time being at a racetrack, even though I live closeby. I was having fun for awhile. Then, at the second to the last race, there was an awful accident (right in front of the crowd). A horse fell and rolled over several times. The jockey walked away. Later saying he just had a headace. No broken bones, nothing. I was glad the jockey was ok, but I did want to know how the horse was. I called the park the next day asking if the horse was ok. The person who answered the phone nicely said “No, the horse is not ok”. Later, I found online that the horse had been euthanized. I also learned over 800 Thoroughbreds are killed in the US each year. There has to be something wrong with this. After the accident I saw, I felt guilty for even being at the track. It is really sad what some folks will do for money.
    I know your message was about dogs, but I thought I’d share my story anyway.
    By the way, your wife sounds awesome! A true animal lover!
    I will send in my order for your photo right away. Thank you!

  22. thank you very much for the link, wil.
    i posted this on my weblog as well – if that’s okay with you… and i donated.
    again… thanks for supplying me with the link – and thank you for helping out some of the other carbon-based lifeforms.
    fargo, nd

  23. Huh? It reads like a pyramid scheme letter. Are they looking for people to buy them a house as well????????????
    REALTORS: If you have or know of an affordable property that is zoned for business and residential, no matter the location, please call Laurie at 917 754-3537

  24. THat’s cool man.
    How many of those other Hollywood types do you see taking the time to make an effort to do something for someone 3000 miles away and doing it strictly out of kindness of heart and not just to “look good”?
    Happy New Year to you and your family Wil. May this next year be filled with many precious memories, happiness, and successes in all of your endeavors.

  25. wilwheaton and clones you are NERDS. you are disgusting, limpdick, spineless geeks.isn’t it true wil that you’ll be on the cutting room floor of thr next star trek movie? can’t wait to not see you!! i hear “The Corey’s” are starting to get more work in LAmeLAme land.

  26. Worthy cause Wil – I will have to save up my pennies for a pic. Just bought a “Klingon Convention Trauma” baby doll t-shirt in honour of your appearance in “Nemesis, so I’m broke. USD$20 is like, errrrr, CDN$897 or somethin’.
    Spudnuts is cool. I really look forward to seeing his (which side of the chromosomal fence are you on man? XX or XY? – I assume you’re a guy) postings.
    In fact, before I read anything else, I usually scroll trhough everything else first to see if he’s there.

  27. I threw in 5 bucks. Wil and Tom Tomorrow are two voices of reason in the insanity that is today’s world. And, let’s face it. I just wuv da widdle doggums, yesIdo! Who’s a good puppy? Who’s a good puppy!?!

  28. Hmm, lets see. I could donate money to Andrew Sullivan, whose independent reporting and tenacity (along with one other blogger) almost single-handedly brought about the downfall of the scum-sucking-pig-dog Trent Lott, or I can send money to dogs in Brooklyn. I think the choice is obvious.
    Before we go and bash Andrew Sullivan because he is not a “Democrat” take a minute and think about the effect he is having on American society. I think we are all better off without Trent Lott, then with a few more mangy mutts in New York. Yeesh.

  29. Happy New Year to everyone! πŸ˜€
    BTW the communist comments really disturb me. Just because you don’t approve of certain military actions, doesn’t mean you don’t want the best for the country and the people.

  30. Sent ten smackeroos via Paypal. Hope this does some good. Oh, and for all of you negative nancys trolling the box, get lost!!!!! If you don’t like it, don’t read it, you nitwits.

  31. My wife and I are the proud “parents” of two wonderful rescue dogs. (DINK life RULEZ!!!) We support our local no kill shelter and are happy to help another one across the country. However, since my wife thinks I spend to much time reading your website already, I’m going to skip the picture and send my cash directly to them.
    Thanks for the quality site.

  32. Hi Wil!
    Two things I wanted to mention. I just read the story of Save Ferris and I loved it! I adore animals and I think your wife and I would have lots to talk about. Do you think you could post a current picture of Ferris on your site? The story of the kitten on the freeway had me in tears and I’m sitting here manning the reception desk at work. Not good timing!
    The other thing I wanted to mention was what my husband Andy said about you the other day. I’ve been talking you up ever since I discovered your website several months ago (though I’ve always been a fan!) and I’ve gotten Andy to watch you on Tech TV, Arena, etc. and had him read some of your best posts. Last week he said to me that he used to think you were nothing but a Hollywood Brat. However, he said he’s since changed his mind and now has a great deal of respect for you. In fact, he thinks you should co-host Screen Savers regularly. (Though he worries about your friendship with Chris on Call For Help. He thinks Chris is a weirdo.)
    Anyway, just wanted you to know you have a new generation convert in my husband!
    Happy New Year!

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