Trek XI

Fark had a photoshop contest yesterday. The theme was to make a poster for the next Star Trek movie.
Currently leading the voting is the following poster, brilliantly designed by Reisende. Thanks, man!

72 thoughts on “Trek XI”

  1. OMG, I came back later to check out more posts from you guys..some of you guys crack my shit up. Comedians. Hilarious.
    The French. Bwahaha.

  2. yay cool i wana see it!
    merry christmas everyone!
    and don’t forget 24 hour marathon of a christmas story starts tonight at 7 or 8 on TNT!

  3. To Uncle Willy and to all my dear, long distance friends here at Merry Christmas! :)
    Love Annie xxx

  4. Even better than Farscape, Misskittyfantastico, he’s a closet Red Dwarf fan too!
    “The Enterprise-L (yah, Picard blew up F through K trying to get laid) meets up with a HUGE derelect with only a human, a robot, an evolved cat, and a hologrammatic dead guy on board”
    I can see it now, Picard and Lister playing “guess whose body part is poking through the curtain”, eating curry and annoying Rimmer as much as possible.
    Picard would say to Rimmer (very inebriated), “I’m sorry, there’s just no opening on the Enterprise right now. I know you used to clean out the chicken soup dispensers on Red Dwarf, but I’m afraid on my ship even the replicators outrank you”

  5. Hey Wil, I would love to see that movie! (honest)
    But… I really kind of wonder if there even WILL be a Star Trek 11.. With the way things are going, I don’t think Nemesis is going to go much further past the $30 million mark..

  6. Those are so funny! I like the “all your starbase are belong to us” one myself… but of course all the Wes/Wheaton ones are good too 😉

  7. Clearly after Nemisis the next Trek movie should be the Wesley/Data buddy flick in which Wesley rebuilds Data and of course as in all buddy flicks… hijinx ensue….. or something.
    However, based on this picture is it safe to assume you were uh… assimilated by Ms. 7 of 9? 😉

  8. it sounds good when paramount
    decides that there will be
    a Star Trek XI…but its time
    that they introduce new
    characters…maybe ds9
    ore voyager

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