Hoo boy!

As if keeping this site updated isn’t enough work, I keep a journal at Slashdot. I wrote in it just now!
I also just found out that those fabulous babes at The Screen Savers, Morgan and Megan, awarded Nemesis the coveted “B-M-W-N-S-B-W-W-W-I-I” (that’s the “Best Movie We’ll Never See Because Wil Wheaton Wasn’t in It”) award.

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  1. My 11 year old daughter (who is a “special needs kid”) wasn`t impressed that Will wasn`t in the movie either…She wanted me to call someone to complain. Wes is her favorite character along with Data.

  2. Wait, I could have sworn I saw Wil in the beginning. He was sitting at the end of the table next to Gates at the wedding reception.
    Or maybe I just imagined it because I wanted him to be there…

  3. I have to say that I broke down and saw the movie. And it was kinda fun jamming my elbow in my hubby’s ribs and pointing “Hey there’s Wil!!!” every small second you had on the screen sitting at the table of the wedding party. I’ll be highly depressed if your speaking roll doesn’t make it in to the DVD!! What was your lines anyways? I mainly broke down and saw the movie cause I have seen every ST movie since Warth of Kahn at the theatre when I was really young and I didn’t want to break that tradition, and the biggest reason is that your fellow actor/friends of ST are cool people who helped you get back into ST and have been roll models to you ….SO for that I went and spent money in honoring them. I wish I could make sure that it was just them that gets my hard earned money instead of Frickin Berman but oh well.

  4. Argh, couldn’t u have put this up about a journal earlier? I spent like two hours last night looking for somewhere that would let me have one without a stupid code from someone who already has one.
    Hehe, congrats on the award. Thanks for the info on Yahoo! also… I hate when they throw those things in.
    And very clever photoshop pic…

  5. Glad people have already pointed out that Wil’s body was in the flick, woo hoo! So the M&M babes just need to modify their awards to the “B-M-W-N-S-B-W-W-D-S-I-I” (that’s the “Best Movie We’ll Never See Because Wil Wheaton Didn’t Speak in It” — or they could just go see the flick, it wasn’t all that bad. End of an era, though.

  6. I really need to check things every now and then…I had no idea you had a blog at Slashdot. Cool…double Wil.

  7. I am now going to use a similar rating system for all movies. “BMINSBWWIIN” Best movie I’ll never see because Wil Wheaton isn’t in it. “WWWLTM” Will Wil Wheaton Like This Movie? “BMMBWWI” Brilliant Movie Must Have Been Wil Wheaton Inspired.

  8. Well I for one was very disappointed that your scene got cut. You played one of my favorite characters from TNG and I was so happy when I found out you were in Nemesis! Then I heard your speaking part was cut and I was upset. But it was nice to see you (even if only for a few seconds) back with the crew. I’m really hoping the scene will be included in the DVD. Can’t wait to see it!

  9. I haven’t seen the movie, nor will I anytime soon. To be honest, Star Trek was never really my thing…it was my brother’s. I remember a few years ago when he would put it on Star Trek: TNG and I’d cry for him to change it to something we both liked. heh
    By the way, my 18th birthday is tomorrow. Just thought I’d share that tidbit.

  10. I just read your entry about your departure from G4, and wanted to take a moment to say “Bravo.”
    Having been in similar situations in the past, I have an idea about what you went through, and I’m sure that the angst and pain this experience (and especially the events leading up to it) caused you was huge.
    Being true to myself is what makes me sleep like a baby at night. May you sleep well.

  11. Go Morgan and and Megan! I adopted the same policy, though I haven’t any such cool name for it, neither have I posted my stance on a website that tons of people view daily…

  12. Sorry to hear you left G4 Wil. Well, not sorry you left, really, just sorry about the circumstances surrounding your leaving.

  13. Wil,
    Even though I saw you, your standards are great. You still made a good guest. May your next part wang your twang. Good luck finding that script.

  14. How’s that for solidarity, Wil? Actually, I have zero deserve to see the movie — but if you had been in it… I would have been at the matinee at least. 😉
    I just re-read your blog post when you were notified that your scenes were cut. Very professional and classy response. To quote you: “I have realized what’s important in my life… ” Congratulations Wil! That’s huge!

  15. zero deserve? Ack. My brain must have been elsewhere when I typed that. Sigh…
    zero deserve should be *zero desire*
    Sigh… must be time for bed or something. 😉

  16. Yikes Wil! 3 posts in one day! I love it! :}
    I recently discovered that my Mother’s Satellite provider does in fact include TechTV. Methinks I’m going to have to start visiting Mom’s house more often! ;}
    Judging by how well liked you apparently are by the TSS folks, I hope that you’ll get the chance to be on again, or at the very least will hear about a re-air of your previous episode, ’cause I have heard nothing but good things about that one and I wanna see it! I admit, that I had never heard of TSS until you were on it, but if you had fun doing it, then I’m sure it is good. :}
    Gah! Okay, I’ll stop sucking up to you now. LOL
    All the best!

  17. Those poor babes were blind.
    How could they miss seeing Wil. (I have a post in the soapbox on this topic) Yes, Wil was in the movie. He doesn’t say much but he is in the opening scene.
    And he is listed in the credits at the end.

  18. Wowsers…you are a busy man. The whole G4 experience sounds horrible. I don’t blame you for getting the hell out of there.
    It’s cool to know I can add you as a Livejournal Friend. Whoo Hoo!

  19. I liked the film – not just because Wil had his face in it! Nice to see you in there will, even if you WERE silenced!
    Thanks also for the Yahoo warning – I’m passing it onto my Yahoo mailing list for info!
    Au Res.,

  20. I, Robot? Wasn’t there an adaptation made of it in the 70’s or is that a different movie? I remember the robot wearing a turtleneck, so there… 😉

  21. Hey…”SOME” of your Monkeys have been saying this SINCE the damn thing came out!!!
    I’m glad the rest of the world finally caught up!
    HOW do you have time to keep a journal also?
    Do you EVER sleep????

  22. w00t! and Mojo on the audition! And commentary added to your journal entry.
    Oh, This year’s “Best Movie We’ll Never See Because Wil Wheaton Wasn’t in It” has to go to “LOTR:*”. :)

  23. Sorry Will,
    I have to give you the famed “IWTBNBWWWIIBILPSTSISIA” award (“I Wanted To Boycott Nemesis Because Wil Wheaton Wasn’t In It But I Like Patrick Stewart Too So I Saw It Anyway” award).
    Well, I’m sorry I did. Nemesis was a real disappointment. I should have just waited for X2 for my Patrick Stewart fix.
    Cheers and beers!

  24. Not in it? Was I hallucinating? I could have sworn that you were, in fact, “in it.” In the credits, too. Any comment?

  25. I can’t read a reference to Slashdot without a memory flooding back (excuse me if I’ve mentioned this before): Malda- THE cmdrtaco himself- sitting in my friend’s living room in a Tilly-style had spouting Ralph Wiggum quotes. That was before he sold Slashdot and got all rich ‘n’ stuff.
    The robot thing in your Slashdot journal made me think of the episodes of Friends in which Joey was cast opposite a robot in “Mac and Cheese”.
    Screensavers is so loyal to you. I can see you taking over one day in that Caroline Rhea-Rosie O’Donnell kind of way. Actually, it won’t be Wil taking over, it will be THE SHIRT.
    Break a leg in the audition.
    (do they say that in film? My background is theatre.)

  26. good luck at the audition wil 😀 we’re all pulling for you.
    when they gave their award to nemesis on TSS yesterday i almost ended up wearing my glass of water 😀 it was funny
    I saw the movie but it was patrick’s fault! i caved and was dissapointed.

  27. That has to be the coolest award around…congrats, Wil. I still don’t know if I will go to the film, but now that I know you are in the wedding scene, well, maybe. It was interesting to re-read the link about your conversation with Berman. You truly are gracious in the face of disappointment – good lesson for me to remember. Would be great to visit California so I could see your live shows. (Maybe this summer…am in Winnipeg with -37 windchill, so I can dream!)

  28. Megan and Morgan are well educated, very intelligent young women and I agree with them 100%! I’m not seeing Nemesis until it comes out on DVD with your scenes added back in.
    I hope you get the part for I, Robot! If you want it, that is. We all know you’re talented enough to play the part!

  29. RE: Fan/hate mail…
    Now we know what actors have to put up with…its sort of like watching the Imagine/John Lennon movie about him giving back his UK award and ppl sending him hate mail…not to mention his bag and bed-ins…
    Keep up the good work.
    Stiff upper lip, mate. :)

  30. Well I give it… The B.M.I.W.B.T.S.I.T.T.B.T.C.W.W.M.S.B.W.I.P.O.D.T.W.T.B.O.A.O Award!
    The “Best Movie I Won’t Bother To See In The Theatre Because They Cut Wil Wheaton’s Main Scene But Will Inevitably Purchase On DVD To Watch The Beginning Over And Over” Award
    Rock On Wil!

  31. Hey, I thought your slashdot journal was just for us slashdotters 😛
    What, a few hundred fans wasn’t enough?
    So, wouldn’t it be funny if all your fans go over to your slashdot journal and slashdot slashdot?

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