Libros Muchos

I spent almost six hours on the phone with my editor, going over the entire 2.0 draft of my book. I was up until just past 2 a.m., and I am dazed this morning.
But I am so happy! For the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering if it was any good, and felt that there were many places that needed lots of work. Being able to talk with him as we went through it page by page made all the difference: we cut several chapters that just didn’t need to be there, generally tightened up the entire thing, and restored my confidence.
Speaking of books, my good friend Cory Doctorow’s book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom has finally been published! Congratulations, Cory! I read his book last summer, and it’s one of the best SF books I’ve ever seen. I’m hoping to write a review of it before the end of next week.
Anne loved writing in the weblog, and appreciated everyone’s comments. We may just have to get her a weblog of her own.
Thought For Today:

“Some people are like big children, harming others without even seeing it. Staying angry with these fools is like being mad at fire because it burns.”

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  1. Wow — first comment! Just wanted to say that I really appreciate that quote, though I don’t think it’s true in the case of the big dumb kids that are sending this country to war for no good reason.
    Lick Bush in 2003.

  2. Cool. Can’t wait until the book is out.
    The thought for the day reminds me of my brother. He’s over 40 and still doesn’t get some thing.

  3. Hey Wil,
    Got my William F#%&ing Shatner Briefcase yesterday!!
    Thanks!! Very cool . Wish the logo was bigger though. I have a place to put your book when it comes out. Next to my Flash book, and Photoshop, and 3Dmax books etc……..
    Hope Anne’s getting better…..Remember, They only have puppy breath when they’re puppies

  4. Hey Wil, why don’t you post the chapter headings for you book? You know, kind of like a trailer, something for us to look forward to.
    And didn’t someone get there eyes pecked out for all eternity over this fire thing?
    If the shoe fits, make sure the other one does too because most people’s feet are different sizes.
    It has been a long hard day at work and it is definitely showing now isn’t it?

  5. It’s like christmas 2!!!
    The anticipation created by your book is quite something if only because i have nothing else to look forward too. *Grins*
    Seriously though, I am assuming it will be available at your shop? This would be most helpful so we in the rest of the world can spread the Gospel according to Unca’ Willie and crush the infidels with our mighty wit and blue haired fury!!!
    Why to i feel guilty when i read the quote?
    Must ask friends about that one…

  6. Would it make me a bad monkey to say after reading this post I was the most excited about the posibility of an Anne (the wife) blog?

  7. Congratulations on the confidence-building book session. It sure is hard to go forward with a piece of writing without the editorial process. :) Have a fabulous day…
    Oh yeah, I loved Anne’s entry! So nice to hear from this wonderful woman you are always letting us know about.

  8. Hi Wil,
    I can tell you a good editor is worth their weight in ink cartridges (much more useful than gold). Glad to hear you’ve got a good one.
    And regarding the quote, will the fools go away like the fire if I pee on them?

  9. With that being the definition of a fool, I’ve qualified at least a couple of times. ;-\
    Pending publisher restrictions, are you nearing the point where you could consider posting some small juicy chapter excerpts to tort^H^H^H^H tantalize us?

  10. Hi Wil,
    Glad to hear the book is coming along so well. I am waiting anxiously for the book party. How many monkeys can fit in one room?! (Sounds like the beginning of a dirty joke, no?)
    Anyway, awesome quote… should it be attributed to you or to someone else?
    Have an awesome day!

  11. Good luck in the final rounds of book editing! I wrote and published a book just a few months ago, and editing it — even with the help of two professional copy editors — nearly drove me insane. Having written, rewritten, and revised/re-revised/re-re-revised the manuscript over about 9-10 months, it got to the point where I felt allergic to looking at the same damn words over and over again. Now that the thing is published, I wish I could have gone back and done even MORE editing — several pages could easily have been trimmed…
    It’s not easy, at times bloody difficult and exhausting. Writing is all the more painful because it is so very confining — unless you’re working with a collaborator — and for every minute you feel you have something good, there are hours and days where you’re convinced it’s a failure…

  12. I am completely stunned!
    I went to high school (S.E.E.D. alternative) with Cory Doctorow and I haven’t heard anything about him in a couple of years.
    It is great to know he is doing so well. Although anyone that new Cory at all back then was sure he would be a great success.
    How is it that our HMIC knows Cory I wonder.?
    I can’t wait to contact some of my old class mates about this. Six degrees of seperation and all that!

  13. Can’t wait for the book man. I am half-way through Magic Kingdom and highly suggest it to anyone out there. Very good read. Publish that book Wil.

  14. Haley Comet wrote, “I went to high school (S.E.E.D. alternative) with Cory Doctorow and I haven’t heard anything about him in a couple of years.” and “How is it that our HMIC knows Cory I wonder.?”
    I think I knew someone at SEED once. Does the fact that I (as a Torontonian) have never heard of Corey mean that I’ve been living in a bubble? And yes, how does Wil know him and does he know him in person?

  15. I’ve already posted, but couldn’t resist replying to one of the later comments:
    Haley Comet,
    Speaking of six degrees, my sister temp’d at SEED a few years ago. Isn’t that odd?

  16. This may have been mentioned before….but are we going to be able to buy your book here on the site? And if so, might they possibly get autographed???
    btw…long time reader, first time commenter.

  17. …and confused? You and Anne should share this site, you writing in black, as always, and Anne is a different color or font. Just a suggestion.

  18. Wil,
    Looking forward to reading your book. You are a terrific writer.
    By the way, it was an interesting quote.
    I agree with others that it would be a great idea for Anne to do a weblog.

  19. Weblog for Anne is a great idea. Definitely be cool. I cannot wait for your book. I’m sure it’s going to be great. corey has a brilliant idea about promotion.

  20. Congrats on how the book is turning out!
    I also like the idea of Anne getting her own weblog. I know I’d visit! :-)

  21. Wow!!
    How cool that others have heard of SEED. It was a great high school and I am glad to hear that it is so well known.
    I left SEED about seven yrs ago but I am curious what your sisters name is Em. It is possible that I have heard of her.
    Delphine… Don’t feel bad that you haven’t heard of Cory. I don’t know how well known he was out side of the SEED circle at the time.
    I can’t wait to check out his new book!!
    And of course yours as well Wil!!!

  22. Perhaps you should let Anne take a crack at that book draft. Thank gawd she cleared up all those questions I had about the “shitty” encounter of the doggie kind by her succinct, clear, intelligent, detailed and non-verbose description of the incident. Don’t feel bad, tho – you’re account was more dramatic with Dick Clark, OJ and the guy on the ventilator. The same incident from two points of view was interesting. Get that lady her own weblog, Wil-ya?
    Good job, Anne – if ya can’t beat’em – join’em. I can see the post from Anne now: “Wil – are you coming to bed or should I just slip the toothbrush under the door?” – posted by the wife at January 9,2003 02:10 AM

  23. just chiming in with the rest of the posse..cant wait for the book either big guy!..seriously looking forward to reading it…
    likewise the down and out in the magic kingdom…i’ve been hearing about that all over the place now, and apparently its one hell of a great read….
    think i’ll be picking it up shortly…
    cheers, and like all the rest, i hope anne is feeling much better and healing fast.
    all the best wil

  24. Go Wil Go Wil Its your birthday its your birthday! I remember when i was younger I always wanted to write a book! When jurassic park came out I loved the movie so much that I wanted to write a book for a part 2. I remember writing a lot of the book but I do not really remember what happened to it after I go so far haha. I even wrote another alice in wonderland I have no idea why though haha. But I hope your book does well wil. Do you know what it is going to be called yet or did you already tell us and I just was not paying attention.

  25. OHHHH YEAHHHH! Anne THANK GOD your ok and doing well happy everything is running smoothly…. smootheee operatorr haha just playin happy healing :-)

  26. Had another flash – OK – the good news is, the book will be a big success and the book tour will start with a Katie Couric interview on “Today”.
    The bad news is, during her introduction of you, she will play the clip from SBM where Gordie says, “Fark writing, I don’t want to be a writer, It’s a stupid waste of time.”
    You gotta watch her, she’s tricky like that!

  27. Yes, Yes, blog for Anne!
    Also, I saw your entry over at wken’s “I Love…” exhibition. Nice to put some faces (or backs of the heads anyway) with the names.

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