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  1. AWWWE man atari the good old days. I still have this one called ummm I think its called like koliko vision or something my mom bought it for me long time ago haha well of course it was a long time ago… Anyways that thing was the shit when it came out!!!!!

  2. Far out, Wil! Is that the new self-contained version with the 10 built-in games? I bought myself one for Xmas, from Avon.com (??). Pretty cool retro carpel-tunnel fun, but doesn’t the joystick action seem even jerkier than the old Atari to you? I’m gonna dig mine out of the basement for comparison.
    Deed-lableeb, deed-lableeb, deed-labloop.

  3. Great. We are all turning into our parents and grandparents with all this reminiscing. I can see it now… “Gahh..we did not have any of that video card gee whizz bangery. Pixles, big, fat ass pixels is what we had, on an ole TV set, no flat screen monitors like you whipper-snappers. Optical mouse? Try a track ball. Optical drives. BAH! I had a’ tape recorder to run my copy of “Pyramid of Doom” on my Atari 400. Miliseconds? Try minutes. Cable modem? How ’bout a telephone attached to a plate with suctions cups, so slow you could see the data move through the line. Had to walk to the software store uphill both ways in the snow. And we liked it that way… You punk kids don’t know how good you got it…”

  4. Dude, I still own my atari 2600 and I have around 20 different games (some of them I bought recently at a goodwill store) I love those old games, I used to play them until I was exhausted, lol. I am a total pro at asteriods and defender. Mt feiends laugh at me because sitting on my entertainment center next to my moderm DVD machine and my new playstation 2 sits my proudly preserved atari 2600 in its place of honor, lol. I have all my game cartridges sitting next to my movie DVD collection on my book shelves in my home library

  5. Question: How many feedback posts can a five-word, non-update update generate? Posted by BroiledProvocateur at January 7, 2003 11:17 AM
    one more :)

  6. I hope all of you got Wil’s intent when you read the line….not “Shall we play a game” in your own voice, but
    “SHALL…WE…PLAY…A…GAME?” , in the immortal modem-computer-tin voice of Joshua, from the 80’s movie WAR GAMES.
    Greetings, Professor Falken :)

  7. I forgot to mention a moment ago that when I read the caption for this pic you have up today “shall we play a game” the very first thing that hit my mind was that same line in the movie “war games” when the computer “joshwa” (yes I know I spelled that wrong) says to mathew broadwick after he breaks into the national defense computer control system at norad “shall we play a game” and then (as those who have seen the movie already know) all hell breaks out as the computer tries to start a nuclear world war for real, I doubt anyone else reading this caption you choose thought about that movie, but I am quite a movie buff so don’t feel bad, lol

  8. I recently got myself the DVD of War Games, and it was great listing to the directors comment track, as it was recorded last year or so. They of course had 15 years of history to compare to what was in that movie, stuff like hacking tools that where made up, or real, how old dial-up bbs went to the internet and all that.. and of course lots of talk about the cold war. Very very interesting! When I was 8, I used to be able to recite the entire script of that movie from memory, absolutly loved that film.

  9. The old railroad captain leaned forward slowly, his three flannel shirts bunching up at his waistband like a tidal swell. His eyes narrowed. The young assistant charged with monitoring the Internet for important messages from the goddess Kali quivered as he held the laptop aloft, hiding behind its thick, armored casing in case the old man should spit.
    His eyes took on more and more life, examining the enigmatic message before him – then he froze, and sat back. The look of beatific, almost resigned, decision on his craggy face would have chilled even the fiercest of his opponents, but none were there to see it, save the terrified assistant.
    “Yes, Mister Wheaton,” hisvoice like an antique wicker chair came. “Yes, I believe we shall.”
    Then the laughter, the terrible laughter that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere while the old man’s body quaked and seized.
    The assistant cursed under his breath. He didn’t care what his advisor said – five credits at the community college were not worth this.

  10. I loved my Atari, hours of playing Pac-man and Asteroids and Pitfall. My 13 yr old son doesn’t believe how simplistic the joystick is, he was shocked when he saw it.

  11. The voice of the W.H.O.P.P.E.R. is the only voice my brain can read those words in. Hey, I was 23 and had the hots for both Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. And don’t forget the last thing the W.H.O.P.P.E.R. said about the game of Thermonuclear war, after reeling off thousands of simulations in a couple minutes….”A strange game. The only winning move is not to play….. How about a nice game of chess?”
    Poignant-especially these days

  12. OK, indra & rob, come on, Wil’s a geek, a lot of us are geeks, I’m sure most of us got the reference, and I’m betting it was intended. Geez, give us a little credit. Or am I special that I caught it?
    (not attacking, just being a smart ass) 😉

  13. Oh… My… God!
    I haven’t seen one of THOSE in a LONG time. Especially not in excellent condition!
    All I can think of now is Adventure! YAY!

  14. OK… that joystick totally just took me back to my early childhood… Anyone remember the Atari System with the wood paneling on it? I had that when I was little… there was a game where you were a knight and I could never get far, the dragon always ate me before I got the key, but I didn’t get a game over. Does anyone know the name of my mystery game and how I should’ve gotten past the dragon? Mebbie I’m just on crack…

  15. AHAHAHA!! Thank you Wil! Your timing is absolutely impeccable! LMAO!!!!
    With bad memories always come good memories…
    I remember being particularly fond of a game I had…called “Frogs n Flies”. The concept was absurdly simple, whereas you were a frog, and you jumped from a lily-pad on one side of the screen to one on the other side, attempting to slurp up flies that were unfortunate enough to be flying by. hehehe I would spend hours playing that game. I would often adjust the difficulty setting a bit highr than “novice” just so I could jump my frog into the water and hear that nifty “digital splash” as I called it back then.
    Ah in spite of a few bad experiences, those certainly were the good old days! You rock Wil! :)

  16. I got that 10-in-controller for christmas, I had forgotten just how annoying centipede was on the 2600! I still have my 2600 and 60 or so games, but I haven’t hooked it up in awhile. This new toy is great fun, even if it is frustrating as heck!

  17. would you look at that? you don’t have to say anything at all and the fans will still comment away happily awaiting the next thing you do or don’t say. interesting test wil. excellent. i should be #48 or 49. can’t wait to see how many you get on this.

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