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  1. Wow.
    I am so glad I am a comic Geek at this time. It’s like having whole new levels of understanding… and stuff.
    I have my evening planned out now.
    You have saved me from boredom and my family from a night of my bitching.
    They thank you.

  2. *pouts*
    It’s funny that I feel like a geek amongst geeks ;o). Yes, in my little mind, that sentence “Who Watches…” was completed with the words “… the Watchers?” An episode of TNG wherein the natives of a planet the federation have been watching find out about the Enterprise and come to believe that Picard is a god.
    But now I wanna know what you’re really talking about!
    Oh and I was checkin’ out the websites of other TNG cast members today… Marina’s isn’t bad, but nothing is nearly as cool as yours, Wil. Excellent job! I really appreciate all the hardwork you put into the site. Kudos to you, Wil. Kudos to you…

  3. Ace comic book, Alan Moore is a legend (and a Brit!!!)
    His Top10 series is good too.
    Plus check out Frank Millers work with any of the established heroes (Spider-Man, Daredevil, Batman)
    And never buy Batman: Year 2. That is awful, it burns all what Batman: Year 1 is about.

  4. Wil,
    I didn’t realize other former TNG cast members (or other former co-stars of yours) had web pages…
    You ought to link to them!

  5. I read it back in the day…what an amazing series. If you haven’t read it, pick it up! I need to go dig through my storage unit and get those out again sometime!

  6. Watchmen rocked ass but if you want Alan Moore’s best then grab his run (and i mean all of it) of Swamp Thing. I still can’t swim in certain lakes because of a vampire related issue.
    That man knows creepy.

  7. A friend of mine, Jess Nevins, is currently working on an annotated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen companion book.
    Having read the Watchmen many, many years ago, I look forward to his companion volume as it will undoubtably help me get up to speed with LoEG. How I missed this series is beyond me.

  8. Hey….I actually have that button. I don’t remember how I got it, since I have tons and tons of comic related merchandise (used to have a store). I was looking at it earlier, since it’s pinned to the bulletin board in my kitchen. You know, for that special pick me up. The Watchmen were definitely all that.

  9. *I* watch the Watchmen! I’d also watch it if it ever hits the “Big Screen,” but how likely is that anymore? It probably wouldn’t have been done justice anyhow. Same goes for a movie version of The Prisoner.
    I fell back out of comics a long time ago, but I still have my copies of The Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, The Killing Joke, and (of course) Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Who would you want to play in a Watchmen movie, Wil?

  10. Like everyone else, I would want to play Rorschach, but I don’t think I’m right for that role.
    I think that I’d have a better chance at Veidt (when I’m in fabulous shape), or the second Night Owl (when I’m a few years older).

  11. Geeez…this entry makes me feel like a deprived child for not knowing anything dealing with that show???? *whimpers*

  12. Yes, but who watches those who watch the watchers?
    And who watches the watchers of those who watch those who watch the watchers?
    And most importantly, who winds the watches of the watchers of those who watch those who watch the watchers?
    Excuse me, I’ve gone cross-eyed.

  13. Gads, between this and the movie rumors, I’m going to have to unearth my trade paperback and re-read this. Nice find!
    [happy wiggle] Well, at least it’ll kill time until June 21 and the next Harry Potter book! [/happy wiggle]

  14. Wil,
    Who Watches the Watchers?? One of my favorite STTNG episodes. By the way I can see alot of you on monday…(this is for all wwdn readers that want to know) Anywho on monday TNN is having a TNG Marathon from 9 am est to 12 midnight est…I am sure there will be alot of good old cadet/ensign Wesley Crusher…..Looking foreward to it. I know, I know, GET A LIFE..

  15. That’s amazing. I just read the Watchmen for the first time last week, under direct orders from a friend. It was profound.
    What made you bring it up here? Some Comedian giving you trouble lately?

  16. I still want that damn button, I have that as my buddy icon on AIM. At some point I want to find someone to make one for me. I’ll get a shit load of em

  17. I think I still HAVE my Watchmen pin somewhere. As well as the “Cui custodio custudies” pin. Don’t recall where I left it, though.

  18. uh…PS:That watchmen smilie reminds me of stuff they did in your own “Boring Adult Conversation” threads.AHchooboobiescoffcoff.

  19. Wil,
    Just because you wrote a book, gives you no reason not to write on your site. Where I come from, you would starve and then get fed liver,if you were lucky,for these kind of jokes. Who taught you the art of letter writing? Your cool, even without the icecream. hahahahahahhaha.

  20. I don’t even have a clue what the Watchman is. What can I say, I know I know I am not cool! And yes I am old enough to know who that should be, haha.

  21. OK, but can you all remember where in the comic that image first appears? Name the correct location where it was first pictured in the comic and i will be impressed! :)

  22. Once again, proof that I am nowhere NEAR the geek I wish I was.
    Wil, you ROCK
    even if I don’t understand half of what you say.
    Maybe BECAUSE I don’t understand half of what you say.

  23. I don’t. I watch Samurai Jack.
    “Got to get back / back to the past / Samurai Jack (Jack, J-Jack, Jack, Jack!)”
    My geekness is of another world. *sigh*

  24. You know, I gave up on telling people how much I loved the Watchmen. It seems to be really in vogue now to knock it, even Alan Moore seems to think it was an amateurish, cliched effort. I think it amazing. I think it is one of the best distilations of personalities I can think of, sort of a Bbreakfast Club for superheroes.

  25. Karina,
    Don’t worry! I thought the same thing! LOL! Yes….geeks among geeks!
    I’m just glad I’m not expected to understand everything about comic book culture to enjoy this site! Fortunately (for us, I guess) the references are few and far. :-)

  26. Mari, I’m fairly sure it’s when that bastard fell out of the window several stories to his death…..course, I forget his name…sheesh..

  27. The smiley reminds me of a friend I had back in high school who was way into comic book drawing. He had created a psychopathic rabbit who carried a chainsaw and went around on a murder spree. He wore a smiley face as a mask.

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