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  1. It’s raining outside.
    It hasn’t rained very much at all this winter, and listening to the rain is very soothing.
    I need a vacation.

  2. Hey, I didn’t know that it rains in California! *chuckle* I am in NJ where we are going to get punished with more snow. Last week we had approximately 42 inches dumped on us! Lucky us huh?

  3. Now what you really need is a cool nick name…
    Maybe something like
    Wil *Frequent Guest of the Screen Savers* Wheaton!
    Or something like that…
    And Yes, Homestar Runner is a good site if you need a break… no intellectual value, But good humor.

  4. Thanks for posting the laughs!
    You guys haven’t been getting much rain, huh? We haven’t been getting much snow here in Colorado. We’ve finally gotten some over the last week, and I even had to drive home in the middle of a pretty nasty storm tonight.

  5. i love fhgwhgads! I’m fairly sure strongbad/homestar is sweeping the nation. well, at least my dorm.
    everybody to the limit (the cheat is to the limit)

  6. About the only time I’m glad my mom had a metal patio roof installed is when ir rains…I love the sound…
    Also, I don’t have my geek credentials yet–what in the name of pluperfect hell is fhqwhgads?
    Sleep well–my best to you and yours~~~

  7. Well that is just down right funny!
    Nice to have a laugh at 1 am. Esp. when you’re a drunk Australian in Salt Lake City. ( Don’t ask…:-)
    – dM.

  8. Thanks for posting those, Wil. i’m now hooked on Homestar.
    In other words, Good Jorb.
    Er, Jaerb.

  9. Funny you should say that DM. Hubby was in here drunk as a skunk (guinness good) and nearly fell over laughing watching/listening to the fhqwhgads song.
    Wil, while I found those links hilarious, I worry about you some times. πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy that rain.

  10. Alright, so I’m guessing that the reason I can’t get in to see any of those links is because you sent the entire WWDN Posse there to overload Homestar’s servers?

  11. Ohmigawd. I can’t believe that Wil Wheaton has a life! I can’t believe that LiveJournal has this feed!! And, I can’t believe that I might actually VOLUNTEER at Trek Expo!!!
    Keep on hacking!

  12. Christ am I glad I wore depends to work today!
    If you like this, and it was pretty funny, you have got to check out chillybeach.com

  13. For being a farker it took ya long enough to find strongbadia. :)
    Look around for thier system is down message. It is the best one I’ve ever seen.
    The system is down yo.

  14. Ok… I’m gonna be brave a speak up. :)
    Am I the only person in the world that doesn’t see the humor in the homestar stuff?

  15. My wife would really like to thank you for introducing me to the majesty of Strong Bad.
    Every time I look at myself, I can’t believe how awesome I am.

  16. I was laughing so hard I had to wipe tears from my eyes. I just killed the keyboard on my second computer (hey kids, water and keyboards don’t mix!) before visiting your page this morning and I no longer care because I had such a great laugh. (If I start caring again in an hour then I’ll watch these videos again.) Thanks Wil. :) I’m making out with the marzipan!

  17. Homestar, Strong Bad, and The Cheat are wonderful to watch first thing in the morning. Put me in an excellent mood (even though I’d seen the toons before). Thanks, Wil!

  18. Pretty funny. πŸ˜‰ I’ve been reading you ever since my friend Clay showed me this page. Thought I’d actually drop you a note today and let you know how much I enjoy this site. I enjoy it a lot. There, now you know. πŸ˜‰

  19. I have a friend who actually covered fhqwhgads and it sounds quite heavy. AS funny as homestar and the gang are, the Happy Tree Friends are a shade of dementia which siuts me nicely when I need to urinate in my pants!!! Very funny stuff.

  20. Hey man, if you want to keep linking to me, that’s all fine and all, but don’t none of you be talking bad about The Cheat. He’s in the basement now and can’t defend himself.
    Now get lost space boy! Or I’ll give you something to whine about!

  21. Really – I vote for a theme song – it could be a jingle for RFB !!! Maybe the guys at Strong Bad could do something for you ….

  22. burninating the peasants.
    StrongBad owns me.
    i am forever loving Trogdor.
    i’m glad to see so many people appreciate the glorious madness of Homestar Runner.
    peace and cheese.

  23. Yippee Skippy! Now I have something else to entertain myself with during the long days of unemployment! Thanks Wil!
    P.S. Will you be my buddy?

  24. Great clips. We should all get our groove on, do some sercret eating and of course we should all have a theme song, and it should be written by John Williams! or if you cant get him Carlos Santana.
    One more thing. Wil you do not have time to surf the net. We are waiting for your book, so hurry up with it. Leave the surfin to us.

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