Hall and Oates had more number one hits than any other band in the 80s.

I stayed up way too late last night, and got up way too early this morning.
After getting the kids to school, I decided to go back to bed, and just sleep until I wasn’t tired any more.
That was two hours ago. I haven’t closed my eyes once, because I’ve been watching Free Enterprise.
Man, I know these guys. I am these guys. Every single one of them.
And William Shatner is my Hero.

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  1. HAHA… I LOVE Free Enterprise. It’s a great movie for any geek! Everyone should see this one! Everyone I’ve shown it to has loved it!

  2. Does the Wheaton family have TiVo? Because if you do, and “Free Enterprise” never got recorded for you before, then I’ve lost all faith in those machines.

  3. Ummmm… why have I never heard of “Free Enterprise”? I’m losing site of the geek life… I wonder if Blockbuster will have this… hmmm…

  4. Two confused film makers approaching 30, who also happen to be sci-fi buffs and STAR TREK fanatics, seek out William Shatner in hopes that he can give them the sort of life guidance they imagine the man who played Kirk would be able to give. What they find is a washed up actor in a one-man production of JULIUS CAESAR. This unique indie comedy features a fantastic performance by Shatner, playing an alternate-universe version of himself with great aplomb, and numerous inside jokes for hardcore TREK heads.

  5. Amen to that. I’ve often told people that I didn’t have a father, I had Star Trek Re-runs. So, technically, I’m saying William Shatner is my dad.

  6. I really need to see the rest of that movie sometime. I have only seen a couple of bits and pieces, and I thought they were funny. Maybe I’ll use next month’s blockbuster coupon on that.

  7. “Free Enterprise” kicks ass!
    “Hey kid…ever seen Logan’s Run?”
    “Nah…It’s probably some dumb sports movie!”
    “SPORTS MOVIE?!?!?”
    …maybe I’ll watch that later after I’m done mourning for Mr. Rogers…:( …sad, sad day in the neighborhood.

  8. If a DVD could get worn out, my Free Enterprise disc would be toast by now. It’s creepy how everyone I loan it to ends up buying a copy of it themselves.

  9. Bill Shatner is my hero as well Wil. I talk to him about once a week or so via Williamshatner.com, and he is always busy with some new project. I have yet to see Free Enterprise, but have heard nothing but good stuff about it.
    Best to you and your family Wil,

  10. Where Free Enterprise fails is that it points out too many of it’s references.
    When they’re breaking up and he walks away and she says “Where are you going?”
    He says “Looks like I’m going nowhere!”
    That was great and it should have ENDED there. But then they felt the need to POINT OUT it was a Star Wars reference.
    Ruined it for me. But still great if only because now I know how to pronouce “Xixor!”

  11. Well I am glad I am not the only person who hasn’t seen this movie. Now I will have to get it. Blah..
    Don’t you hate when you think you are going to go back to bed and NEVER do.. To many days I have gone through with only 3 hours of sleep because “I’m going back to bed as soon as I finish reading this.” 9-hours later…ack! “I really was gonna go back to bed!”

  12. Gotta love VH! Behind The Music. The Hall and Oates one… wow. How many times have I seen that one this week?

  13. Free Enterprise…..hilarious movie. It was fun to see Eric McCormick in a role pre-“Will & Grace.”
    And I agree…”I would never live in the 24th century. I fucking hate the Next Generation” best line in the movie (not because I agree with it for TNG is the only Trek incarnation that I’ve ever liked, but because I just appreciated it for the comedic value).

  14. I hope ‘Free Enterprise’ is better than Dr. Strangelove. We finished it in class today and I have got to say that was about the worst thing I have seen since Blair Witch Project. Now I have to write a paper on it. ACK! I still love ya though!

  15. i heart bill shatner,
    especially when he sings ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’
    but i love hall and oates too…
    and i am actually going to see them live for the first time in 21 years saturday night.
    and i will sing along to all those number one hits..except maybe Maneater.
    and Free Enterprise rocks my socks off.

  16. … and if you’ve never watched the credits to Free Enterprise, DO SO! There are as many in-jokes there as there were in the rest of the movie.
    My friends don’t ‘get’ this movie. What ya gonna do, eh?

  17. Jenne, I see you up there.
    I prefer WFS’ version of “Mr. Tambourine Man” better than his “Lucy.” MISTER TAMBOURINE MAN!!! MISSSSTTTTER TAMBOURINNNNNEEEE MANNNNNNN!!
    Word up to Hall & Oates, but that fact SCARES me.

  18. Jeez….Get the fuck outta bed and take you dog for a walk or something.
    80’s music is by far the best decade for music. No question. From Motley Crue to Duran Duran. Can’t beat it.
    Why have they not done a Star Trek: Fear Factor yet???

  19. Pri i vate Eyes
    are watching you.
    {clap clap]
    They see your every move.
    And IMHO, Dr. Strangelove rocks. Peter Sellers plays, like 5 or 6 roles in that movie. Peace On Earth = Purity Of Essence. Ewwwww.
    You know, fluoridated water is a commie plot.
    And you are my friend you are special
    you are my friend you’re special to me.

  20. WFS: I think I’d like to do a one man production of Julius Caesar
    Geeks from the movie: Wouldn’t that mean you’d have to stab yourself in the back?
    WFS: I’ve done it before!
    That and Dr. Strangelove Kicks ass!

  21. First, Hall and Oates are on my new 80s compilation. Next, I see them performing on some talk show. Now, Wil Wheaton makes them the subject of his latest blog entry… I can only assume that the cosmos is paving the way for an H&O comeback…and I’m simply not prepared!

  22. This is my wishlist for life. Everyone should make one, and check it from time to time, and see if you’re living your life, or just existing.
    Climb a tall mountain

  23. I’m blue. Wish I had a job. I’ve lowered my sights from decent job to just any freaking job. NYC is starting to suck.
    Oh, I heard Shatner is a prick irl, but then again, I don’t really believe stuff I hear second-hand.

  24. Hey was the art directed Free Enterprise one of the coolest films i worked on, yes almost every one there was a geek one way or another, glad you liked the film Wil

  25. One of my favorite “Goofy/Cult Movie Night” lineups, must be shown in order:
    Logan’s Run
    Free Enterprise
    Galaxy Quest
    By the end you’ve either laughed yourself silly or you’re just not in touch with your Inner Star Trek Nurd.
    [I love that the Free Enterprise DVD has a subtitle track of nothing but explainations of all the SF in-jokes.]

  26. Free Enterprise…
    It’s like…is that what we look like?
    If so we need to work harder.
    Those Geeks are amateurs in comparison.
    But soon I will have a formula for some kind of super Geek, nay, An UberGeek!!!!
    *Music plays*
    *those who know the joke cheer. Those who dont grin in confusion….or dont grin at all*

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