Last year, I worked on my friend Damion’s film, Neverland.
I think it’s a fantastic, risky, beautiful, and ultimately engaging film. I think it’s everything independent film was supposed to be, before “Independent Film” was co-opted by Miramax and turned into a marketing buzzword.
Of course, I’m not the most objective person where this film is concerned . . . so why don’t you take a look at the Neverland website, where you can see the trailer, some pictures, and perhaps form an opinion of your own?

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  1. Wil, from your comments it sounds kinda gritty & racy. I’ll see it (or at least rent it) because you’re in it (& I like you), but it’s not the kind of movie I’d normally see.
    BTW, I was #1. Now I’m going to sleep.

  2. If by ‘risky’ you mean ‘risque’, I’m thinking it might be a no. But I may just have to hide the fact that I rented it from hubby, just to see how you do, if it IS risque instead of risky. Otherwise, DEFINATELY! It looks interesting at least. I wouldn’t put you in the part of John, but whatever works. “Slightly nerdy and weird-ish” is kinda your style, I guess. I like it anyways. We’ll see.

  3. I think the trailer Rocks. (I get real descriptive this time o’ night, eh?)
    (Was that you on the carousel?)
    What is the music playing underneath the trailer, is it original, or can I scoop it up somewhere?
    Definitely a film I would see…
    Dang, they haven’t posted the screening info for March yet.

  4. I’ve been intrigued by this one ever since you first mentioned it. Is there any chance it’ll be available to view in the UK in the future?
    Personally I’d love to see it in the Edinburgh International Film Festival but then again, I’m biased that way.

  5. Wil,
    This is definitely the kind of edgy movie that my step-daughter would love to see. And, she’s always turning me on to interesting, unusual, non-mainstream flicks. (her most recent suggestion was Dead Man with Johnny Depp.) Maybe this time, it’ll be my turn to introduce her to something a little different – Neverland.
    I’ll keep checking the site to see if it will screen in the Washington, DC area. Looks like it could be a cult classic in the making.
    Congratulations. Love the hat, too!

  6. Yeah, the hat is awfully cute. Hope the film comes to NY soon, I’d love to see it.

  7. Woo!
    Dark, tortured fillums with silly hats and NHS glasses!!!!
    Who could ask for more?
    Noone apparently.
    Should be good then.
    I give my permission for this film to be released.
    *waves regally*

  8. Wil,
    I really want to know when and where this is coming out. I’m in Wisconsin, with Two and a half theaters that would fit the bill for playing some of this stuff. In the future, or whenever it comes to a head, let us know. I’m quite interested to see it.

  9. Will…
    I’ll be there!
    and what’s this I hear about you hosting something on TNT or TNN
    some STNG GIG? with episodes that are strung
    together making little STNG movies?
    if so? what’s the details??

  10. That looks like a cool movie; I’ll be sure to watch it. :)
    Anything with you in it has to be good.

  11. Please keep us posted on when that is coming out – I’m dying to see it after looking at the website!

  12. “NEVERLAND?”..Michael whats-his-name isn’t in there he?????
    …of cause I will see it anyway..because WIL is
    in it!!

  13. I would love to see this movie, but unfortunately I live in a *bodaciously* small town in East Texas- my only hope of seeing it is when it comes out on video. Be sure to keep us posted, Whil.

  14. Wow. The movie looks phenomenal…I hope it’s released in enough joints that I can catch it in an arthouse over here in Western New York.

  15. Looks cool. Despite living in Kansas City (a city this big should have more than 2 or 3 rep cinemas :/ ), I suppose my main hope of seeing it is when it hits video. Do keep us posted wil.

  16. I am going to be honest, Dark, tragic,(looks like) violent, movies are not really my style, but I will say that the story and approach are very unique and that does interest me. When I watched the trailer it reminded me in a small way of that Remake or Romeo & Juliet with Leonardo DeCaprio. I didn’t like that either.
    Again that is based on just personal taste alone.
    The style and mood to the film is somewhat original and for that reason I would probably take a look at it.

  17. That film looks reallyreally interesting, Wil. I hope I can find it on video at some point; unless somehow the film itself makes it to our unvarietous Wisconsin theatres.
    Also–nice specs. :-)

  18. For those of you who are stuck in dial-up hell (like me), make sure you watch the trailer 2x – I don’t know if it is Flash or what, but the buffering sucked the first time round – but watch it again right away, and the temp file should be fully downloaded and play straight through.
    Wow – just wow! It looks amazing Wil! How cool for you to get to work on such interesting and engaging projects. Keep us posted re: any additional dates/screenings.
    Anxiously awaiting JAG ….

  19. That film looks fascinating. Definitely keep up updated on it because I have a serious hope that it comes out in Indianapolis. *sigh* Somehow I doubtit will though. <grumbles>Stupidbackwardsconservativetown</grumble>

  20. :::fingers crossed for good distribution:::
    I don’t suppose it’ll play at the multiplex by the mall, but even if it hit a small theater in Dayton, I’d go…

  21. Is there any possibility that screenings will creep over to the East coast? Or maybe come out on video? It looks AWESOME! Definitely loved the trailer. :)

  22. Not sure what it is, but you have what appears to be the closing of a comments tag that prints at the top of your individual entries pages.
    Just thought you might like to know.

  23. ahhh Tinkerbell in a way that I can relate to *grin* I am loving the BDSM look to some of the Lost Boy scenes :)
    Do we get to see Unca Willie all tied up too? *evil grin*

  24. looks pretty damn cool to me wil..
    what kind of release is this gonna get? art houses? will i be able to rent it at the local video store?
    just curious..cuz i’d really like to check this out…
    if you could post and let us know how and when to see the movie, i’d appreciate it..
    cheers wil..
    cool hat

  25. Wow Wil, that looks like a great movie, and something I will see as soon as it comes to DC. It’s almost strange…it’s so different from “Book of Days”, but I can see you doing both.

  26. Hmm…looks like something I’m going to have to check out! I love indie films that take chances and actually make GOOD movies!
    Thanks for the plug. I’ll be looking for this…

  27. “Fag Hag” is one of favorite movies…it’s hilarious. I also liked Damion’s follow-up, “the Virgin Larry”. This should be the one that finally puts Damion on the map. It’s just a shame that Saadia Billman is in a smaller role in this one…she’s such a chameleon! Sasha Cardona (her role in “Fag Hag”), Brandy Hu (her role in “Virgin Larry”) and Cinnamon Holiday (her role in “Respect My Ass”…Damion’s short film) are so completely different!
    I’m also glad that we will be seeing Stephanie Orff in a role here as well.
    I have to thank you for introducing me to Damion’s work in a way. It was the fact that you were listed as being in the cast (in “Fag Hag”) that intrigued me enough to go see it at the Gay/Lesbian Film Festival way back in 1998. I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was that it FINALLY came out on video recently (I would have preferred a DVD, but that was Troma’s fault).

  28. I perused the images, and did a double take when I got to you – the top hat n glasses make an especially effective disguise! I haven’t had a chance to watch the trailer yet, but this looks like a potentially fun & interesting take on the Peter Pan trope (look ma – I’m usin’ my vokabewlary on the web again)… I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for it’s release in the Boston / R.I. area…

  29. Wil, how exciting! Peter Pan is one of my childhood heroes. I’ve always loved the story, but more importantly, I’ve always been fascinated with the darker side of the tale. In fact, I even tried my own hand at writing a darker, more “grown up” version of the story once. Never finished it but maybe now I will. This is so cool! I’m so happy that you were involved with this film! Please be sure and let us know on the website the next time there will be a screening. (Any chance it might happen in San Diego sometime?) This looks like an awesome movie! Can’t wait to see it!

  30. Is it going to be released in the UK, as I think it looks like a groovy film. I always go for the out of the ordinary films as i think they make the best films. There is way too much mass produced crap in the world today.

  31. Will-
    I went to the site, saw the trailer, read the production notes, gazed at the images, and I am in love with this film. Peter Pan is one of the defining books of my childhood (big bookworm here), and I adore the concepts this director is trying to convey. Alas, but I live in Savannah, GA, a land where art is for the rich, and no theaters that show independent films for the public exist. If it is in your power to do so, could you please give me some info about how it’s going to be distributed? I would even brave the snobbery at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s film festival to see this film.
    By the way, I love the fact that you played John!

  32. Risky and independent movies are always fun to watch. Sometimes its better then the crap major studios put out. Looking forward to seeing it, and also purchasing the DVD.

  33. Looks interesting….
    Did you know that Jim Steinman (composer of “Bat Out of Hell” and all things Meat Loaf) is writing (has been for 30 years) another alternate Peter Pan story, also called “Neverland”, in the form of a musical? It’s odd that so many artists want to take a second look at the Peter Pan story.

  34. This looks so awesome. This Tink is so awesome!!! I hope this comes out somewhere around where I live (backwards shit town) because i am already super stoked for this movie.

  35. Just thought I’d chime in, here…
    I’ve seen it, and it’s awesome. That’s all. Just awesome.

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