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In response to several requests, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday reworking the CSS for my site, so I could get rid of the ugly H3 tags that used to contain my entry titles. I did this primarily as a courtesy to the people who synidcate this site . . . it’s really spiffy that anyone thinks this site is worth synidcating. :)
I’m pretty happy with the way things look now, and I have a much better understanding of how stylesheets work. It’s pretty cool. I ran my index.php through a validator, and got 32 errors out of 540-something lines . . . not too bad. Same for the stylesheet.
Flush with the success, I felt lucky and upgraded MT to 2.63. Yeah! I didn’t break anything.
Earlier, I was goofing off when I should have been working, and I took this Star Trek personality test, at the suggestion of a WWDN reader. You can get my results by clicking “More . . . ”


Myers-Briggs would say that you are an INFP (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Garak and Kes.
People like you are generally nonconforming, deeply passionate, and highly dedicated to your personal values. You’re reserved, which covers a sensitive spirit easily hurt. You’re highly imaginative and creative. You’re curious and often study others quietly. You’re flexible in small matters. You don’t dance to other people’s tunes, but you can pretend you do. You get what you want by talking, not screaming.
You’re loving and dedicated to people you care about, but you do not compromise your principles for them. Your sense of what is right comes first, even before yourself. You respond best to people who respect your privacy until you let them in, then provide you with emotional intimacy.
You’re not the world’s most tidy person.
Your primary goal in life is to be true to your deeply held beliefs and to live in harmony with your values. Your reward is to have your ideas benefit others.
Good careers for your type include being a psychologist, human resources professional, Cardassian spy, physical therapist, translator/interpreter, legal mediator, college professor of humanities, and art director.

I was pretty stunned when I got the results. I think it’s about 98% correct. Spooky.

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  1. How bizarre. I’m Wesley! Seriously, it said I was an ISFP. I’ve taken the actual Meyers Briggs before, with the exact same results. Go figure, it says a good career for me is a computer programmer, which is exactly what I do! Pretty acurate!

  2. I got ISFP. These tests are pretty good, but they always mess up the career choices thingie.

  3. Hey Wil,
    Thanks for the link to the test. My girlfriend is jealous that I’m Captain Janeway and Tom Paris, but I pointed out that she likes those characters so it makes sense.
    Are you sad, pleased, or amused that you’re not Wesley?

  4. I got the same thing…Myers/Briggs. Kept getting over 10. I don’t really know who Myers or Briggs are, but the discription seems pretty accurate.

  5. Am I the only one who got crazy results? I usually get INFJ but this time I scored as an ESTP. Maybe its the mood I’m in.
    Although….Scotty and Geordi have always been favorites of mine. (After Wesley, of course.)

  6. Now it makes even more sense having done the test… that one comes out as INFJ for me, and looking back on it I see my original one for Uni was a 50-50 split between INFJ and INFP, so that would explain why both descriptions apply almost perfectly. Which makes me more like Seven of Nine and Jean-Luc Picard! Woohoo! Two of the most sensible characters who ever walked the corridors of a Starfleet vessel.
    Reassuringly, it says I’m likely to be good at software development. Nice to know that now I’m about to graduate with a BSc in Computer Science…

  7. Did no one-else get Harry Kim, because thats who i’m like according to the test and it’s pretty accurate!

  8. I tried to post this last night, but once again, I couldn’t because the AOL IP number is blocked. Anyway:
    Holy cow!! The results of my test were dead-on! One of the careers it suggested would be right for me was an elementary teacher, which I am!! Ha!

  9. I’ve taken it before, long ago, but forgot the results so I took it again.
    “Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ESTP (Extrovert, Sensor, Thinker, Perceiver). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Geordi La Forge, Montgomery Scott, and Tasha Yar”
    I can see a strong similarity to Scotty and Geordi. Seeing as how Tasha got eaten halfway through the first season, I can’t opine about her. :)
    I said it was 99% dead on. There were a couple questions that I really wished for a third option, but generally I found that all the other answers on the page made the one question’s answers irrelevant, as either answer would still make me over or under 10.
    I’ll admit, it would have been funny to see Wil come out to be most like Wes. 😉

  10. I thought the test was fun – in a Trekky sort of way. But to be honest, it kindof freaked me out that it was so dead on. Well, that and the fact it said I was most like The Doctor. I mean who wants to be a hologram?
    And I’m glad Wil didn’t turn out to be Wes. Don’t get me wrong I liked Wes, but he was a momma’s boy. Is Wil? :-)

  11. Shit. I’m the only ENTP that’s posted a comment so far. Btw, that’s exactly the same thing I tested as on the one I did at work. That turns out to be Ensign Kim…go figure!

  12. It’s funny Wil. I took that little test, and had the exact same results as you! I mean the EXACT same results! So, does that mean I am just like you, or you are just like me?
    Hmm…I guess I would have to be just like you, since you are a bit older than me…
    Imagine that. I’m part Cardassian, part Ocompan. And all this time I thought I was more like Captain Farking Kirk…

  13. I’m an INFP too, Wil … we’re a rare breed, nice to know I share that characteristic with ya.
    Not a Wesley but a Wil fan, from Edmonton, AB

  14. Hey Ruger, you’re not the first ENTP. Kordith actually has a post before you. I’m the one after you 😉
    In high school I tested as an INTP (10 years ago!), and then when I went to college, I became an ENTP and have remained as such. As for myself, I’ve always identified with Harry Kim, though I wouldn’t say he’s my favorite character.
    Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ENTP (Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Harry Kim…
    Good careers for your type include being an entrepreneur, investment banker, Voyager’s operations officer, marketing consultant, radio/TV talk show host, strategic planner, motivational speaker and advertising creative director.
    Currently an entrepenuer, have plenty of marketing experience to consult, use the strategic planning for games like Command & Conquer, Warcraft, Starcraft, and I’m actually working on becoming an investment banker of sorts (real estate redevelopment, but still lots investing).
    Oh, and for the earlier post by ember, I actaully made a 3D pyramid for the game Half-Life and was working on a character akin to the sun-god :-) I didn’t have to worry about making any naked women models, there’s already several out there (why would you want to run around in a game as a naked woman or shooting naked women is beyond me – however if they were waving little pickles, that might be okay).

  15. INTJ, that is me. I do not think the description is particularly nice, just accurate. A previous commenter said this was like a horiscope but it is not. Take a look at some other myers briggs personality websites and you will see that they try hard to be as accurate as they can given the things they are studying are humans.

  16. I think we tend to agree with the results of the M-B because it’s basically a self-assessment…it’s easy to answer many of the questions in wishful-thinking mode w/o realizing, i.e., “Why yes, that IS what I would do! Because I am basically [quality you value].”
    But it’s useful to think about how you see yourself or what kind of person you’d like to be.
    *to the poster who didn’t like the pop-up ads: try Phoenix–free open-source tab-based browser for Win & Linux
    –it has stopped pop-ups for me.

  17. Someone above named David K. M. Klaus wonders why I wondered why Wil didn’t score as himself, Wil.
    Could it be that Tom is (gasp) *joking*?
    I won’t add a sheesh.

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  19. Oddly enough, I received the same rating (INFP). Either we are kin, wil, or the test is not varied enough to produce valid results.
    Still, it was accurate enough and entertaining. Although, I found myself wanting both answers in about 20% of the questions.

  20. Star Trek personality test

    Wil pointed to a Star Trek Personality Test based on the Myers-Briggs system. I wasn’t sure what to expect for an answer, but apparently the author did a surprisingly good job of translating the Myers-Briggs questions to a Star Trek format, as I ended …

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