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In response to several requests, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday reworking the CSS for my site, so I could get rid of the ugly H3 tags that used to contain my entry titles. I did this primarily as a courtesy to the people who synidcate this site . . . it’s really spiffy that anyone thinks this site is worth synidcating. :)
I’m pretty happy with the way things look now, and I have a much better understanding of how stylesheets work. It’s pretty cool. I ran my index.php through a validator, and got 32 errors out of 540-something lines . . . not too bad. Same for the stylesheet.
Flush with the success, I felt lucky and upgraded MT to 2.63. Yeah! I didn’t break anything.
Earlier, I was goofing off when I should have been working, and I took this Star Trek personality test, at the suggestion of a WWDN reader. You can get my results by clicking “More . . . ”


Myers-Briggs would say that you are an INFP (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Garak and Kes.
People like you are generally nonconforming, deeply passionate, and highly dedicated to your personal values. You’re reserved, which covers a sensitive spirit easily hurt. You’re highly imaginative and creative. You’re curious and often study others quietly. You’re flexible in small matters. You don’t dance to other people’s tunes, but you can pretend you do. You get what you want by talking, not screaming.
You’re loving and dedicated to people you care about, but you do not compromise your principles for them. Your sense of what is right comes first, even before yourself. You respond best to people who respect your privacy until you let them in, then provide you with emotional intimacy.
You’re not the world’s most tidy person.
Your primary goal in life is to be true to your deeply held beliefs and to live in harmony with your values. Your reward is to have your ideas benefit others.
Good careers for your type include being a psychologist, human resources professional, Cardassian spy, physical therapist, translator/interpreter, legal mediator, college professor of humanities, and art director.

I was pretty stunned when I got the results. I think it’s about 98% correct. Spooky.

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  1. Is the text meant to all be super massive and stuff?
    But still, yay for the people who can now see everything properly

  2. Yesterday, I had the text at 12pt. That looked HUGE to me, so I reset it to 10pt.
    It looks fine to me on my 15″(12″?) iBook in Safari and Mozilla, and on my Red Hat machine in Mozilla and Konqueror at 1024×768.

  3. INFPs of the world unite! We’re the coolest.
    Though, what it doesn’t mention? Is that we’re also RABID fans of H3 tags.
    INFP H3 Users Unite!

  4. ..would have been cooler without “pop-up hell.”
    Came up as the same as you..did it do this for

  5. My wife is an ABD psychologist, and she and I are both INFP — which explains why our house is a constant mess and we stay away from parties. And possibly why I’m a web developer and *love* <H3> tags! (Well, any <H*> tag, really… actually, HTML in general… pretty passionate about the subject… Better stop before I get too touchy feely!)

  6. I posted earlier that I’m an INFP… Well, I should know better — Myers-Briggs tests are only accurate when you take them; each trait is on a sliding scale that varies based on where you are in life.
    This time I tested as an ISTP (Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Perceiver). As the site notes:
    “In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Odo and Wesley Crusher.” Hmmm… a fan too long? 😉

  7. Heh. ENFP here. According to the test results, I’m closest to James Kirk and Julian Bashir, and one of the jobs I’m most suited for is starship captain. very cool. just as soon as someone gets around to building one…

  8. I did that personality test and it was right on for me as well. Kind of funny to read about myself like that.
    Star Trek Personality Test — Results
    Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ESTJ (Extrovert, Sensor, Thinker, Judger). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with William Riker and B’Elanna Torres.
    People like you are generally quick decision makers, organized and efficient. Your personality is charismatic, friendly and energetic, but you take life seriously and can be a little opinionated on your own turf. You’re extremely outspoken when you feel you’re in the right. You have great trouble dealing with people who are dishonest and/or disorderly.
    You’re highly productive, realistic and sensible. Somewhat of a traditionalist, you’re distrustful of new and untested ideas, and you’re more than a little blunt telling others how you feel about them, or about whatever other faults you see. When you give a compliment, however, you mean it.
    Your primary goal in life is doing the right thing, and being in charge. Your reward is to be appreciated by others and have your opinion respected. You also enjoy having others willingly follow your orders.
    Good careers for your type include being a command officer, pharmacist, teacher, and personnel manager.
    What is even more amusing to me is that I am a personnel manager (more just manager, but I have to tell the personnel what to do a lot of the time because no one else does and have a large say in what goes on with them)

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    Star Trek Personality Test — Results
    Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ESFP (Extrovert, Sensor, Feeler, Perceiver). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Kathryn Janeway and Tom Paris.
    People like you are warm and social, impulsive, and unpredictable. You have a great zeal for life and are intensely aware of the world around you. You love to play and respond quickly to people who will play with you. You respond well to appeals to common sense and poorly to being judged. Attempts to trap you will make you ready to flee or fight.
    You’re highly curious and talkative, but also gentle, sensitive and caring. You close down when people fail to provide you with input and you’re frustrated with silences. You’re most comfortable taking action, particularly in order to help or enjoy the company of others.
    Your primary goal in life is freedom to be spontaneous and have fun. Your reward is to enjoy the company of others and know that they enjoy and appreciate you.
    Good careers for your type include primary education teacher, starship captain, public relations specialist, tour operator, actor, marine biologist, and starship pilot.

    hehe… pretty darn close.
    cool test.

  10. i though the test was right on the mark. diddn’t see a link for it i would like to take it also. :where might it be: troylaneaskew @ the soapbox.

  11. The new CSS looks good. There’s just one really minor thing: The comment text seems to be 11pt where everything else is 10pt. Maybe the comment-body div feel through the cracks?

  12. Took the test, it was pretty accurate -ISFJ [introvert, sensor, feeler, judger]. It said I share personality traits with Bev Crusher. Hmm, guess that explains why she’s my favorite character. [Chakotay was included in that, too, but I never saw enough of Voyager to know much about that character.]
    By the way, the site looks really good.

  13. Yesterday I noticed that each commenter’s name was hyperlinked to their site. Today it’s not.
    Was that deliberate? I just found your site recently, so I have no idea what it usually looks like.
    ~Tracey Lee

  14. Sweetie, we got EXACTLY THE SAME RESULT. I’m also a ‘INFP’. Freaky or what? And it’s pretty much spot on. Not sure about the Garak angle though. He certainly was funny…

  15. I’m like Beverly Crusher…what does THAT mean?
    Glad you got so much accomplished yesterday. Today I am enjoying the loaf of bread I sucessfully made!

  16. OK, here’s mine….I don’t feel like Jake Sisco (?), but really, it’s close.
    Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ENFJ (Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Deanna Troi and Jake Sisko.
    People like you are generally highly empathic and easily hurt, particularly when people are disrespectful of your opinions. Your best friends are curious about how you feel and what you think. You have a well-structured personal philosophy and enjoy sharing your views and learning from others’. You’re creative and original, and when you have your facts straight you can come easily and quickly to a decision.
    You’re friendly and affectionate, articulate and and outgoing. You’re very tactful, which is good, as you like to ask personal questions.
    You’re organized and responsive. As long as your social needs are met, you’re productive. You dislike messy environments and generally like to keep things in order. You cannot stand unresolved issues in a relationship.
    Your primary goal in life is harmonious relationships with others. Your reward is truly communicating your ideas and seeing your relationships last.
    Good careers for your type include being a therapist, magazine editor, corporate trainer, fund raiser, TV producer, holistic health practitioner, marketing executive, and writer.

  17. As usual, I hit the very middle of the Introvert-Extrovert scale, AND the Sensor-Intuitive scales. So the descriptions aren’t very good. Playing back and forth with those two doesn’t really fix it either. I get sucky career recommendations like medical officer or edjucator, while Wil gets to be a Kardassian Spy. :-(

  18. INFP, although I am probably on the boarderline of INFP and something else. In the first section I scored a 13, then 11 for the rest of the sections.
    Nonetheless, it was accurate enough. These sorts of tests are best, I’ve found, if taken at different times of the day, once every few months. I sometimes end up as a INTJ, depending on my mood and the time I’m taking the test.

  19. Hello
    I read this site a lot, but I’ve never posted. I took the test and the result was nothing like me. I thought maybe it was related to the forer effect (, but I decided to take the test one more time, this time I thought about my answers, and made them as true as I could. I came out INTJ, and it was surprisingly accurate. Hmmm…

  20. long time reader . . . first time commenter (and big fan) . . . i took the test as well, scored the same as you, and i am also mucho impressed at the accuracy! thanks for doing what you do!

  21. INFJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Benjamin Sisko…Good careers for your type include special education teacher, holistic health practitioner, director of religious education, art director, writer, editor, and religious educator.
    Anyone wanna join a cult?
    We can all wear sun-god robes, and stand on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at us!

  22. Wil – I have WWDN fed to my LiveJournal Friends page. Syndication is amazing. I also have Leoville and Arts & Letters Daily. Happy camping. Hope to see you on TechTV again soon.

  23. INTJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger), but I knew that already. Picard and 7 of 9 I didn’t know, but I hoped! Yay for shiny heads!

  24. LOL I’m a combination of Q and Quark…
    “Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ENTJ (Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Q and Quark.”

  25. Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ISTP (Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Perceiver). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Odo and Wesley Crusher.

  26. Cool test. Mostly accurate.Star Trek Personality Test — Results
    Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ISTJ (Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Judger). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Spock and Miles O’Brien.
    People like you are generally logical, honest and upfront. You get impatient with phonies and people who are disorganized, though you keep your reactions to yourself, as you’re usually cautious and quiet, though not timid. Others find you reliable and will count on your being there in times of need. You make a loyal and responsible friend, though only when others remember that you’re conservative in nature.
    You’re literal, realistic, and practical. You’re a hard worker who does very well in highly detailed situations, as you’re careful and precise.
    You are also somewhat resistant to change and comfortable with routine. When change occurs, you’ll be the last one to fit it into your routine, but you’ll become an expert in time. You work much better to adapt to change when you see practical benefits.
    Your primary goal in life is to be of service and do your job well. Your best rewards are to be listened to and to be acknowledged for your hard work.
    Good careers for your type are operations officer, chief information officer, database administrator, police detective, and science officer.

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