i have no mouth and i must scream

It’s so frustrating and annoying that I can’t blog at WWdN, especially since now is the most important time to talk about Do You Want Kids With That? as I get closer to its release.

I have a very finite amount of time and energy right now, and I’d rather invest them in creative areas, rather than the tail-chasing technical bullshit I’ve been working on since Friday.

So I’m going to keep this backup blog to write in until I get the main blog at WWdN finished.

Welcome to WWdN in exile!

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  1. Sorry to hear that things are so hosed up at “home”. At least you have found a temporary shelter for the blog. Hopefully it will be more hospitable than the Superdome was for the Katrina victims.
    Best of luck with the repairs!

  2. Sorry things atre so frustrating. I hate when that happens, just when you need something to work it breaks. But I like the temporary home for WWdN. Lets call it…retro chique. Good luck with the repairs and hang in there. You’ll get it fixed soon!

  3. I love the picture!! So cute! I’m sorry your technical world is so frustrating right now. Hopefully The Writer, The Actor, The Husband, and The Father are having a better time of things. I’m sending you peaceful thoughts. Take care!

  4. Good luck with your techie stuff. I dont envy the work you have in store.
    I hope “Do You Want Kids With That?” is coming along nicely. :) Cant wait for its release.
    Dont think of this as exile…think of it as camping for WWDN. :)

  5. “We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by”
    grrr that really bites.
    I hope you get the main site fixed soon.
    oh and btw.. the link on the main blog is missing the www and does not come here..
    lol like you needed to hear that right? πŸ˜‰

  6. My blog crashed about two months ago, so I know how frustrating it can be. I for one would be more than happy to lend any help that I can and I’m sure others feel the same way.

  7. Sorry to hear about the troubles. I’d be tempted to offer assistance, being a well-worn MT user myself, but if you’ve had Jay Allen and staff helping you then there’s certainly nothing I can do. :) For what it’s worth, I use Bloglines to keep up with WWdN and the RSS feed seems to be working great.

  8. Hey Wil… Sorry about all the techie crap. I wish I could offer some advice, but I’m totally clueless about most of that stuff. The temporary home is just fine with me. Best of luck getting everything sorted out! :o)

  9. Do you stil have that ventriliquist doll? Or did you trash it on the 5/8th garage day? That might make a good sketch comedy if you could add some additional scenes. Good Luck can’t wait for the release of DYWKWT and blog you fat heart out

  10. Wil-
    I’m a blog specialist techie with a suggestion for ya. You’ll either love it or hate it.
    ** Switch to Drupal **
    (http://www.drupal.org). It’s OpenSource, of course, and its much more robust than Movable Type. Seriously. I’ve just spent the last few months working with it, and can tell you that it makes Movable Type look like a kindergardener in a quantum physics class.
    There’s a great community that can help with install, troubleshooting, etc. at http://www.drupaled.com
    It’s a great blog, but it’s got the capabilities of a Content Management System.
    Yes, a new learning curve. But, you’re a geek, right?? We love that shit.

  11. This is totaly surreal. I was watching a rerun of NGen and was thinking to myself ‘I wonder what that guy who played Wesley is doing now?’ (I know, I need a life 0_0;) and I find this site. self designed page, Wife,road trips, opinions, books…you are in fact a real person. I cant really put into words the wierd feeling that came over me. Good wierd, but totaly unexpected of a celebrity. its so personal and just makes your readers think they can understand you a little. so anywho, keep it up! your fans are still loving your work!

  12. hey good luck with the site there Wil! and with Do You Want Kids With That as well (great name!). :)
    love the picture, the doll creeps me out. reminds me of that story i read in this one horror short-story book…brrr πŸ˜€

  13. You could always resurrect the Burrito ™…no?
    Or am I a heartless bastard (also ™) for even suggesting it?
    Or am I just a heartless bastard regardless….
    “Dr.” JSc

  14. Ok, I know everyone loves the pic. I have to dissent. That’s just freakin’ scary. Isn’t your hand supposed to be up his BACK? Gadzooks, man.
    Hey, you know TypePad can replicate your existing site pretty damn well. Why not just migrate it here?
    I run my own servers, too, but I keep my blog on TypePad because (a) Shane paid for it πŸ˜‰ and (b) it’s easy.

  15. Wil,
    you may have heard this before: what makes you stick to MT? The Spam situation made me move to WordPress a long time ago, and I have never looked back. Migration is a 10 minute job…
    Cheers from germany!

  16. I’m rather partial to the Burrito idea proposed by JSc…
    …but good luck with your tech problems anyway. As long as you’re still Wil Wheaton (…ok, good, you are), you can fix it.

  17. I’ll join the multitudes in wishing you good luck with the database troubles. I’ll also throw in a kudos to WordPress, as that it also what I use.
    I’ll also throw in a kudos for the Harlan Ellison reference.
    G’luck man!

  18. I hadn’t read the main blog in a while, so there I was reading along and catching up, and then I get to the last entry and it sez, ‘this blog is all f*cked up’ (or words to that effect.)
    That’s one of (many) annoying things with software. It goes sideways on you without any warning, and with no easy way to stop the tilt.
    I’ve been blogging on my hipster blog (a stack of 3×5 cards), and while it doesn’t have the reach of WWdN, it doesn’t come with half the headache.
    On an unrelated note, I saw a part of a Next Generation episode the other day. I’d never watched much of this show when it was originally broadcast (mebbe 2 or 3 eps), so I never noticed that the guy who plays the second-in-command (Piker?) always walks around with his head oddly tilted.
    Was that by design? Or is that just one of his idiosyncracies?

  19. Haven’t read you for about a week, way behind in things,
    Oh, and I may have hit “Post” on “the other site” more than once. You can kick my ass next time you see me.

  20. I can *so* relate on the no time thing. This is my first chance to get caught up reading everyone in weeks, let alone writing, let alone alone fixing tech stuff. Good luck with it. I hope it comes back together ok.
    If you have a backup from pre-upgrade, you could always revert to that in the meantime.

  21. Oh my God, you had a Charlie McCarthy dummy. And you’re so cute it makes my teeth hurt. Sorry couldn’t resist that. Sorry about your tech problems, but this Wil do for now. :) Looking forward to the book. Stay on that.

  22. Hey instead of using typepad, I’m sure Matt over at WordPress.com would be glad to send you a Golden Ticket, to WordPress’s centrally hosted blogs, just to give the new WordPress a try

  23. Hi Wil,
    I totally feel your pain here. I run Movable Type on my own webserver, (really just a decent pc with Linux/Apache installed), and had the main hard drive on it die….before I had gotten round to taking a backup….
    nnnngggghhhhh…goddamn it!!
    So I’m back to square one, re-writing the templates, (I didn’t like my old ones anyway), and only having the individual php pages for my old entries.
    This kind of technical bullshit keeps me employed but I damn well hate it when it happens to me at home.
    Good luck in getting WWdN back up and running again.

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