happy halloween!

It’s 82 degrees and gorgeous today, here in sunny Pasadena. When the little ghouls come trick-or-treating tonight, it should be nice and balmy.

I was going to go as a zombie, but in honor of the beautiful day, I’ve decided to go as a Palm Tree.

And after you see that link, you’ll probably understand why the last place in the world I want to be today is inside. One of the benefits of being self-employed is that I can take the afternoon off to walk my dogs and have a cigar on the patio while I catch up with some podcasts, so that’s where I’ll be if anyone is looking for me.

15 thoughts on “happy halloween!”

  1. Glad someones enyoing it. Its dark here, raining and a very warm 53 degrees and the kids at my door dont understand when i reply asking for a “treat”

  2. Wil, This has nothing to do w/your current wonderful post – just wanted to recommend tiki bar tv (podcast) – my fabulous computer geek husband recently found it and it’s too funny. (Example – Episode 6:An intermezzo pleases the monkey.- I immediately thought of WWdN) Wanted to recommend it to you if you don’t already know about it. *** Love your website*** Thanks and Happy Halloween! Mags86

  3. 54 here in NM and not likely to get much warmer. I feel for all the little trick or treaters going out tonight.

  4. Gaw-DAMN, Uncle Willie! I couldn’t tell you apart from an actual palm tree in your costume link! Kudos to whoever your makeup artist for that photo was.
    [unplant tongue from cheek]

  5. Its somewhere around fifty degrees here, with a lovely drizzle that makes any fabric sodden in minutes. Oh and not to forget the bitterly cold breeze to make sure any kid freezes instantly. Ahh Halloween in the northwest. Its always so lovely. Poor kids, at least I’m not going out tonight!

  6. It’s around 86 degrees, sunny and clear here, too, but the similarity in weather may be due to the fact I’m in North Hollywood. I think a palm tree is an excellent idea for a scary costume. My Oregon-born girlfriend is constantly weirded out by the things, and I keep telling her that they are in indeed real trees and not made by a prop department in Burbank.

  7. It was out down here in San diego yesterday as well
    the kids had a blast T or Ting without having to cover up in heavy winter jackets.
    its our first fall in So.CA.
    up in WA ( Seattle ) it was freezing and pouring yesterday’
    I’m so glad we moved

  8. I dont remember what it was in Charlotte NC, not quite 82, but not all that cold.
    Ya know, one day people will stop saying “its awfully warm for this time of year” and just say “its normal”.
    No updates for a week, then I check back 2 days later and I have to scroll to the bottom of the page. LoL

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